The 2009 Calendar of Fashion Events


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2008 Ends in a couple of days.

Seriously, I keep thinking to myself, “How the heck did that happen?” Even though last year at this time everything seemed so different. I hadn't a clue as to what would unfold this past year.

I posted a how to on planning your editorial calendars. When I wrote it, my calendars were very loose, but as time progressed, I'm all the way up to planning sometimes weeks in advance. I've even heard one blogger say that she has her interviews lined up months in advance. It might be crazy, but upon reflecting how fast this year whizzed by, I have to say that if I had to do it all again, I'd plan more. Or, atleast make myself aware of events and dates. Here's a complied list of all the 2009 fashion and fashion-related events I could think of…


Golden Globes January 11

Sundance Film Festival January 15-29

Milan Men's Fashion Week Janurary 17-21

Obamaa Inaguration January 20

Bread and Butter Janurary 21-23

Paris Mens Fashion Week AW 09/10 January 22-25

Paris Haute Coutre SS09 January 26-28

Amterdam International Fashion Week January 24-Feb 1

Berlin Fashion Week AW09/10 January 28-February 1


Copenhagen Fashion Week AW09/10 February 4-8

The Grammys February 8

Antwerp Fashion Week February 5-9

New York Fashion Week (RTW) February 13-20

Stockholm Fashion Week (week 5.. check site in early Janurary for more info)

London Fashion Week (RTW) February 20-25

The Oscars February 22

Milan Fashion Week (RTW) ???

Buenos Aires Fashion Week February 25-27


Paris Ready To Wear AW09/10 March 5-12

Los Angeles Fashion Week March 13-20

Japan Fashion Week AW09/10 March 23-29

Lakme Fashion Week (Mumbai) March 27-31


Hyeres April 24-27

Australian Fashion Week April 27-May 1


NY Costume Institute Gala May 4 Model as a Muse

Cannes Film Festival May 13-24

Gen Art Styles Fashion & Awards

Fashion in Film Festival London, check back, the festival will be touring New York and Liverpool in 2009.


Venice Bianale June 2-November 22

Art Basel June 10-14

Paris Mens Fashion Week SS10 June 25-28


Woolmark Prize

Paris Haute Coutre July 6-9

Berlin Fashion Week SS10 (TBD)

Bread and Butter (TBD)

Copenhagen Fashion Week (TBD)


The Emmys

Buenos Aires Fashion Week (TBD)


New York Fashion Week (TBD)

London Fashion Week (TBD)

Milan Fashion Week

Green Design Festival Greece

Japan Fashion Week (TBD)

New Zealand Fashoin Week (TBD)

MTV Music Video Awards


Paris Ready to Wear SS10 October 1-8

Andam Award (Announced at PFW)

Frieze Art Fair October 15-18

Mexico City Fashion Week (TBD)

Lakme Fashion Week (Mumbai) (TBD)


British Fashion Awards

Swiss Textiles Award

RE:Fashion Awards

Dutch Fashion Awards

CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award


Art Basel Miami December 3-6

London Fashion Forward Award

it's a pretty comprehensive list, though some of the dates later in the year haven't been announced, so if I'm missing something, don't be afraid to let me know, as you can see there's a lot going on. If that's not enough to keep your editorial calendar full, there is always going to the events which of course, will also give you lots of content.

What are some of your goals for 2009?


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36 Responses

  1. Sweety P

    This is an awesome list! There is also Lakme Fashion Week that covers the best fashion in India in March 27th to March 31st, 2009. There’s the Islands of the World Fashion Week as well that happens in November every year.
    Also, New York Fashion Week begins on Feb 13th, well I think it does.

    For my goals for 2009,
    -to become a student member of FGI
    – to find an internship this summer in fashion editorial
    -go to New York more often
    -Continue to network
    -Continue to keep my gpa up

    If I keep going, the list will go on and on. What are some of your goals for 2009?

  2. Jennine

    Of course Tavi, anything for you!
    ❤ Sweety…oh great catch.. I corrected that. So many things to talk about huh? and great list of goals for this year!

  3. lisa

    This will be a fantastic resource for fashion bloggers out there for months to come. Thank you sooo much for putting together this list, and happy new year to you, Jennine!

  4. Signe

    Thank you SO much for this post, I love the way I always can learn something new when you write a post.
    Happy new years!

    Greetings Signe

  5. Pratishtha

    What an awesome list. Though there are the numerous india Fashion weeks too.
    My new year wish list for myself includes:
    1. More blog posts
    2. A long vacation
    3. Achieving my weight goals
    4. Read more non-fiction
    Well, that’s enough to start with, I guess.

  6. Stevie

    golden globes is next week. that got missed.. though it’s not hard to miss that.. and there are some great events going o there.

  7. songy

    My goals… I would like to at least go to the Australian Fashion Week.
    There’s Hong Kong fashion week middle of this Month as well. Now I will have to give that a miss! 🙂

  8. Amber

    Thanks for this fabulous list! I’d like to add New Zealand Fashion Week to the mix too – September (TBD).

  9. Ed Scissorhands

    Thanks very much for this comprehensive list. You’ve made life so much easier for myself and thousands of bloggers/editors out there! We’ll definitely be back.

  10. Jennine

    thanks so much for your lovely comments… i myself had wondered hwo anybody new this stuff.

    soo… stevie and amber thanks for your input… i’ve added them.

  11. idowu omogbolahan adetola

    i will like to be part of you in june fashion festival pls send me invitation letter

  12. seunlolade

    Dear sir/ma
    I will like to be a parteker in this up coming Exhibition
    and i need an invitation letter from the organisers of
    the programm,i wil want you to get back to me soon


  13. mona

    this is pretty gud list…..thanks !!!i wish i could attend any of the event!!!