Ten Fabulous Prizes for Dress Up Soirée New York City

As we're nearing the date for the Dress Up Soirée, I thought I'd put together a little post to let you know what some of our prizes will be. (The prize list for London's Soirée will be announced next week). First of all I'd like to thank Modepass for helping sponsoring the event and to host the Dress Up Contest we'll be holding at the party.  We couldn't finance some of the event ourselves, and I don't have the tech skills to run the contest, so I'm very grateful. My eternal gratitude goes to Jordana of Clutch22 and Christina of Style Bite, for helping source some of these prizes as well as working behind the scenes to bring IFB to the next level (you'll hear more next Monday). We should all know Jordana, and be seeing more of Christina soon.  I'd also like to Thank Market Publique for being so helpful in making the party fabulous by finding us a DJ and bringing their fabulous models to show off MP's vintage style.

Without further ado.. The Dress Up Contest will be held at the party. We'll have photographers take outfit shots of you, but you are welcome to do your own as long as the shot is taken at the party. We'll then host the contest on Modepass, and for one week we'll leave it open for voting. You might want to set up your Modepass account ahead of time (if you haven't already), so you can submit your photo to the Dress Up group as soon as the photos go up.  The top ten voted Dressed Up Bloggers will win one of these prizes. As fashion bloggers we have both technology and fashion needs, I did my best to get you both.

1. The Vivienne Tam edition HP Mini with matching wireless mouse


It's true. For all of you who were wanting one of these little ladies, well this may be your lucky day. The Vivienne Tam edition HP Mini will be offered as the grand prize. It's 2.5 pounds, and literally fits in a clutch (I know, I tried it). It's small, pretty, with a Vivienne Tam satin pouch to keep it protected (take that ugly foamy black computer case). As well as the wireless matching mouse, which will not be offered to the general public, so not only will you have the prettiest computer,  you'll have the prettiest mouse. I received one last month, and I've been using it pretty regularly, a final review will come out in March when I get back home, but so far so good. And I'm so happy to be able to offer the IFB community one of these.

For a closer look visit my flickr VT mini set.

There's A LOT MORE click here—>

2. HTC S743 Smart Phone

Back in November, I did a review of the HTC Touch Diamond,  I loved the sleek design of the phone… but they didn't stop there. Their new model will have an actual keyboard for better typing just released at the Consumer Electronics Show, the HTC s740 offers some great features.

  • Slide-out four-row keyboard for quick and easy text entry
  • 2.4-inch TFT-LCD screen housed within a slim and elegant design
  • Mobile Internet – surf and download at broadband speed with HSDPA and Wi-Fi®
  • 3.2 megapixel camera for quality stills and video
  • microSD™ slot for expandable storage

3. The T-mobile Sidekick

For those of you who are looking for a smart phone, with the HTC and the Sidekick your chances have improved on getting one for free. The Sidekick has been around for a while, and the new Sideckick has a customizable exterior.

4. Something special from Complex Geometries


Emerging avant garde designer Complex Geometries has been lovely enough to donate one of their pieces for our event. I particularly love the casual yet daring silhouettes, and their adaptability of the designs. Queen Michell of  Kingdom of Style did a great example of what you can do with their clothes.

5. I Heart Norwegian Wood, Fringe Necklace or Leggings

If you're any reader of Style Bubble (and you should be.. she's my own personal hero) you probably already know I Heart Norwegian Wood. The lovely Angie of Montreal has been such a great supporter of fashion bloggers, and even better for designing such amazing pieces, like cage skirts, harnesses, amazing leggings, fringe skirts, fringe necklaces… all at affordable prices. She's such a source of inspiration.

6. Gabriel & Schwan Knotted Rope Necklace

The beautiful Fenke of Tres plus Cool (and IFB member) has been generous enough to donate a hank knotted rope necklace with silver imprinted clasp from her SS09 collection of her (and Alex… her partner) label Gabriel & Schwan. These two are my favorite Germans (aside from my boyfriend) and are very talented, cool and down to earth. I'm so happy to offer this as a prize to you. The necklace will either be blue as shown above, or red.

7. $100 Gift Certificate at Anica Boutique

One of San Francisco's best boutiques, located in Russian Hill… Anica Boutique is always a treat to stop in. With the most amazing designers like Opening Ceremony, Society for Rational Dress, Hengst, Arielle de Pinto, Acne, Les Prairies de Paris and plus a fabulous vintage collection. This boutique has it all, in a finely edited way (don't forget to visit Anica's online shop...for those of us too far to visit the lovely city by the bay).

8. Organic Cotton Boat Neck Top from SPUN

One of Jordana's favorite sustainable clothing lines, SPUN… you'll have a chance to win something cozy, elegant, and good for the planet. What more can you ask for? I don't know…

9. Just Fine & Dandy

Just because a lot of us are women, doesn't mean we've left out the men. Fine and Dandy shop has offered a Grey Crest Retro Tie – 100% Silk. Slim 2 3/4″ width. Inspired by an actual 50's era tie. Aannd Leaf Leather Card Holder – Hand crafted from the C.L. Whiting collection.

10. The most beautiful mouse in the world

Sick of your mouse? Maybe? I know I've gone through more mice than a farm cat. This special edition Vivienne Tam wireless mouse with optical tracker is probably one of the best things that can happen to a girl who's always on her computer. It won't be offered in stores, so this is your chance to get it.

And that's it (for now).

We're just waiting to hear from one last person (who's line you've probably already heard of)… but these are all the confirmed prizes. So if you're going to the party, don't forget to sign up at Modepass, because you'll need to submit your own outfit photo. Don't worry, I'll have photographers there to help out, and I'll make all the photos available on the 17th.  You'll have one week to get as many votes on your outfit as possible. And don't forget the most important part… and that's DRESS UP!!!

IFB & Modepass present: the Dress Up Soirée

Sorry loves, the RSVP date had just passed (Feb 10), so if you haven't responded.. I”ll try my best to fit you in, but we've got a lot of people coming!

See you there!

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  1. Ashe Mischief

    Holy moly! You ladies have really cooked up something amazing for this event– the prizes alone are spectacular! I can’t wait to see (at least pictures and posts) of what the rest of the event will entail!

  2. Jennine

    jordana… of course, we wouldnt be doing this without you!
    melle… oh i wishyou could be there to…but there is always london!
    fasshon.. hahah me too!
    sarah…aren’t you coming to london?