Affordable Business Cards For (Somewhat Broke) Bloggers


This post was written by the lovely Solo Lisa

When I stepped away from the glow of my laptop screen and began attending Vancouver fashion events, I realized I needed business cards badly. I was sick of scribbling my name and blog URL on any available scrap of paper. Not only was this unprofessional, it impeded my efforts to network with media personnel and industry insiders. I began researching affordable business card options after one such event, and I'm so glad I did: Now whenever someone shows interest in my blog, I can give them a memento with my name and URL on it so that they can read my work later.
If you're in the same position–a fashion blogger with limited funds, eager to network and promote your blog at upcoming events–read on for some tips on scoring cool business cards for $50 or less.

Look for a website that provides “free” business cards.

Some online print shops offer 250 “free” business cards. You choose a template, populate the sample text with your own information, and pay for postage and processing. The free cards have the website logo stamped on the back. Premium customizations such as removing the website logo, changing the graphic, and formatting the font cost extra. and offer such a deal. Before you plop down your credit card, though, research the company's reputation, the cards' quality, the customer service, etc. By Googling for consumer reviews, I found out that the omnipresent –which offers a similar 250 free business cards deal–was the subject of numerous customer complaints about unauthorized credit card charges.

Design your own and print them out.

Microsoft and Google, in collaboration with card stock maker Avery, provide free business card templates that you can download for use with Word and Google Docs, respectively. The templates even come with number codes for which Avery card stock product they'll look best with. Design, print, and voila! (This ended up being the solution I went with.)

Turn to Etsy.

This infamous online craft haven has some pretty sweet deals. VintageBella has options with images of Victoriana and Marie Antoinette on them–perfect for girly girls and vintage lovers; choose your design and order 250 cards for $39. PromosInASnap offers 250 custom cards for $34 and has received 534 positive ratings.

Get creative!

As harsh as this sounds, your beautiful business cards will probably be thrown out as soon as the recipient enters your contact info into an address book, database, or spreadsheet. So why not take disposable materials and turn them into inexpensive, one-of-a-kind business cards? At a networking event I attended recently, one fashion photographer snipped up old contact sheets and wrote her Flickr URL on the back. If you don't have old contact sheets lying around, try printing out pretty address labels and sticking them on vintage playing or tarot cards (available at flea markets and thrift stores for a pittance) or paint chip samples from hardware stores. Your imagination is your limit!

Note from editor... another popular cheap, yet excellent quality cards are MOO cards. If you have a flickr account, this should be really easy to do, as they take images from your flickr or Facebook accounts and make them into tiny cards. I designed my own cards and printed them at

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  1. Ashe Mischief

    I ordered my design through Etsy, and at the recommendation of Nubby Twiglet and the designer, ordered them from The quality is nice, they rounded the corners for little additional cost, and arrived quickly. The only downside is that one of the colors was black-based, so it didn’t come out quite like the design…

    That being said, I have been thinking about doing a small printing of blogging business cards. The more the merrier, right?

  2. najeema

    What a great idea! Your cards are beautiful by the way. I was just thinking about calling cards; these seem like the modern version. Hopefully, I’ll have a need for them someday 🙂

  3. Melanie Simblet

    This is a FAB article, I had been thinking about how I could get my blog to more people because I’m so unhappy in my current job and the feedback from readers so far has been very positive. I’m going to look into this more thoroughly now.

  4. Jennine

    ❤ ashe…yeah, printing adds a whole new element when it comes to design. i guess after years of practice, i have figured it out (sort of). that’s the thing that digital press people don’t tell the layman. also, gloss or matte finish affects the colors.

    ❤ najeema…oh you will, you will

  5. Sarah Edwina Rose

    Great advice here! I feel I missed out on quite a few opportunities at London Fashion Week by not having cards, its the first thing people ask and a good way for them to remember your name and check the blog

  6. eye4style

    I’ve actually had several decent experiences with Vistaprint – their shipping time is a bit slow, but for the price, you can’t beat it.

    I recently invested in high-quality letterpress blog business cards though – I think nice business cards go a long way towards being taken professionally!

  7. Vanessa

    I used Vista Print but I’m always so freaked out since the ordering is done online by an automated process I never know whether the business cards will turn out exactly like I how want. So I end up holding my breath for three weeks in nervous anticipation until they arrive. (I’m currently holding my breath for a new design I just submitted and ordered from Vista Print :S).

    Anyway, it’s like $30-ish for 250 business cards but the minute after you order, they send you endless emails about discounted prices, free shipping, free upgrades, etc. etc. etc.

  8. Amy-Jo Tatum/Bride Chic

    Thanks for this info. I was in your exact same position, writing my email and blog address on scraps of paper . . . very unprofessional. Thanks for telling me about biz rate. Not the ideal cards but something with which to get started.

  9. Amber

    Thanks for this article, this is great! I love the contact sheet idea!

    It is indeed necessary to have business cards if you are at all serious as a fashion blogger. Whenever I get a compliment on an outfit at a bar or something, I can shamelessly plug myself and then they’ll have something to remember my url by when the hangover wears off next morning. They’re especially useful for street fashion bloggers when you’re out taking photos of strangers! Less creepy, more legit!

    BTW, if anybody needs cheap graphic design, let me know! Sweet deals for fellow fashion bloggers – 1,000 business cards (designed, printed and shipped) for $70.

    [email protected]

  10. Monica

    I have blog cards & what an easy way to network! Originally when people asked me for my url I felt embaressed writing it down on scrap or napkins so I ordered some from Etsy for less than $20. And now people are actually impressed when I pull out my cards.
    I blogged about it here:
    Great post & highly recommend that fellow bloggers get there’s done, its a good investment:)

  11. tarlan

    Great article Lisa! I’m sure a lot of people can relate to it… I know I could when I first started out and you set out some great options.

  12. Leigh Odfmah

    I’m a Moo card regular come top of the list for me. They offer a fast, efficent service and a high quality product. £9.99 is pretty good for cute cards!

  13. Tamia

    I was JUST thinking about creating business cards this morning. I have an event in two weeks and want to be able to give people something tangible (and professional!) to remember me by.

    Thanks to everyone for all of the great suggestions! Off to check out these services…

  14. Ashe Mischief

    @Stylish Thought– I definitely think that’s a great idea! There are a few bloggers who I’d love to help me re-“brand” my site/self in a few years time… just so all materials are cohesive & coherent!

  15. Stylish Thought

    I’m familiar with Vista Prints and have had great success with them.

    @Ashe: So many bloggers are also talented graphic designers that networking to get them to design cards would be a great idea

  16. Eyeliah

    Thank you so much, I have been trying to figure out how to get business cards, I may go with PromosinaSnap!

  17. modelizer

    Personally, buying a pack of cards from Staples and printing them myself saves me time/headaches/lets me redesign cards faster when I’m bored after like 2 sheets. But that’s my own personal madness. And it’s usually 10-20 for a pack [depending on how many you get] and most people have printers/it doesn’t take up that much ink/

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  19. Michael Williams

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  20. Julia Mason

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  21. Anthony

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