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When you approach a bank for a loan to set up your business one of the questions you are asked is whether you have the support of your partner. I used to think that question was irrelevant after all it is you running the business not your partner right? Well actually wrong; the support of your partner when setting up a venture is crucial and to an extent invaluable. For it is their words of support and encouragement that will get you through the hard times and the same goes for your blog. What I have noticed through my conversation with fellow bloggers is how much support they receive from their partners. It can be anything from ideas or encouragement or creative support such as taking pictures, redesigning the blog. It really does show how significant blogs have become in our lives.

The hands on guy

Jenny Hayden, 24 is based in Sussex and works as a Marketing Assistant. She has three blogs; The Style PA, The Style PA at Home and The Style for Men which she has been running for a year and a half. Her blogs offer hints, tips, tricks and trends for effortless style.

“My boyfriend is a software developer and we are both very much into the internet and computers. I needed a project and he actually suggested I start a blog as a way to gain experience in online marketing. I took it further than I ever thought I would, and now have three blogs all worked on in my spare time. When I want to tweak designs or fix things I have an internet whiz on hand to help out. My boyfriend also helps when I am testing out or reviewing products for my blog, The Style PA for Men. I know that he will give me an honest opinion. Not only did he give me the idea to start blogging in the first place, he continues to support me as my blogs grow.”

The sounding board

Lisa Long, 39 is based in London and works as a Freelance stylist/journalist/consultant. She has been running Disneyrollergirl for two years and the blog is her observations and opinions on fashion, lifestyle trends and popular culture. It's a way for her to articulate and make sense of all the thoughts that clutter up her head and she also use it as research for her journalism and consultancy work.

“My boyfriend is brilliant when it comes to my blog. Sometimes I think he wishes he had a blog because he's always bringing things to my attention and finishing with ‘that might be good for your blog'… He reads it every few days and will give me feedback and he actually takes it very seriously and recognises that it has become instrumental for work. I don't think he realises how much research goes into it though. I spend more time catching up on blog reading (and that includes big blogs like Fashionista as well as the independents) than I do watching telly and he probably sees me in front of the laptop and thinks I'm on Facebook. I think it's hard for a non-blogger to realise that writing the copy is the quick part but editing it, uploading photos, reading blogs and commenting is the time-consuming part. On the other hand, like with anything on the internet, it's really easy to get sucked in a vortex so he's pretty good at dragging me away when I've been blogging for too long.”

The fellow blogger

Ashanti OMkar, in her early 30s is based in London and works as a Print/Broadcast Journalist, Blogger. She has been managing for five years and her blog is about film, music, observations, musings, reflections, poetry, articles about British Asians, South India, South Asia. She also has a music blog called –

“In fact, it was my partner who got me into blogging – he took it up as a way of posting his amazing photography and also venting his ruminations on life. He encouraged me to deviate from the journalism aspect and to blog, the latest incarnation of this is on Twitter where we both micro-blog. I share insights, articles and he usually proofreads for me and vice-versa – we both support each other and our work in many different ways and the blogging aspect is one of them. I share his photos on my blog, from time to time and sometimes, I am inspired to write a poem based on a photo he's taken. He is my biggest critic and as he's a media buff, I soak up as much of his wisdom as I can. As a mixed couple, we learn a lot about each other through our blogs – me on the South Asian side and him on the African side. It is a topic of conversation, where as a freelance I work from home mainly and he works in an office during the day, as a picture editor.

We end up calling each other during the day when we've put up something new and usually, after he gets home, one of our first topics of conversation ala ‘how was your day' would pertain to ‘so I read your latest Tweet and laughed'. It may sound a bit weird, but we send messages to each other through Twitter from time to time, even though we talk a lot during the day, and he tends to have a lot of fans of his photography, who pass messages through me, mainly done through the blog medium so I don't forget to tell him! Once it's written, it's remembered, I feel. His blog is and his twitter is” My twitter is

The Friend

Well me personally, I do not have a partner but I do have a close male friend who gives me a lot of support with my blog and listens to me when I harp on about various blogger related stories. Ashley Robison aka AsheMischief who manages Dramatis Personae identifies with this.

“My fella (he's not actually my boyfriend, though people consider him it) is pretty supportive.  He's not super engaged regularly with my blog but does listen when I talk about it and keeps up with the bloggers I'm friendly with and the stories I tell about them.  He's supportive and offers suggestions on setting goals, ways to monetize my blog, issues that come and discussions I may find with other blogs.

He's in the online gaming community though, so I think he understands the dynamics of online communities, the roles we have in them and how they impact our life, which is really useful.  He teases me a bit about my use of Twitter often, but I think he understands that it's kind of a forum for me. He never discourages me from posting while we're watching TV and understands when I have goals for my blog that I need to meet.”

So do any of you have a special person who gets you and your blog? We’d love it if you shared your experiences with us.

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15 Responses

  1. Ashe Mischief

    Thank you for including me in this, dear ! It’s so great to see the various ways our partners (or fellas 😉 impact our blogging experience, and overall help to make it a positive experience…

  2. Rollergirl

    Great Stuff Ondolady! I have to say though, blogging takes up so much time, I don’t think D would be so supportive if I got stuck into Twitter as well!

    “Lisa Long” (obviously not my real name) AKA Disneyrollergirl

  3. punky

    This is a really cute post,
    My BF Kyle is a graphic designer, he designed my layout and also makes banners for events that I host. He also follows me around with a camera and animal masks any time i ask. He is a huge help.

  4. Beka

    What do you do if your partner is a combo of all four? Mine definitely is. He’s done redesigns, gives me ideas, and encouragement, all the while working on his own blog.

    This is a great post! I loved reading it. I don’t think most people realize that bloggers, real passionate bloggers, need a partner in crime — no matter the context — to cheer them on and help them out. It makes this blogging thing so much easier.

  5. lisa

    This is such a great post. One of my guy friends, Artem, does graphic design and is a software developer/engineer; every time I talk to him he mentions my blog and tosses out an idea that sends me in a new direction. It was thanks to him that I bought a new camera for better quality images, and he also made me a new banner.

  6. Glendy

    My boyfriend and best friend love my blog lol, I have also made many blogging friends. My boyfriend hates taking pics and maybe that’s why i lack in the outfit and personal style posts but it’s all good, I think having support always helps and is very encouraging, I support you all my fellow IFB bloggers 🙂

    Much love,

  7. Stylish Thought

    This is a really cool post and so true. My love interest, or boo, is supportive and actually helps me with my blog. He takes all my What I Wore post pictures, even when I’m badgering him about it and he doesn’t feel like it and he reads it on occasion. He hasn’t gotten a handle on commenting yet, even though I urge him to.

  8. Freya

    ha! i wish someone supports me. About 3 of my friends know that i blog but no one knows what i blog, where i blog. Plus, they all in college and they hardly have time to talk to me, forget checking my blogs.

    i don’t have a boyfriend, but since i run a personal which probably the most popular and oldest than all my blogs, i don’t tell anyone that i do a lot of things in the net. My folks at home know it but my mom thinks it’s a huge waste of time. lol. so I want to do something like make money to prove that im not wasting my time. so, i work on all my blogs, alone from design to pictures to post ideas.

    Well, your post makes me feel kinda proud that im doing all this alone and sad that i actually cant share my experiences, sometimes i do feel like telling someone. And i must say, my twitter pals and my readers encourage me tremendously!

  9. The Style Rules

    I love this article! My boyfriend is most definitely a great supporter of my blog. He takes all my outfit posts pictures and even suggests ideas for my blog and checks it out everyday. If he wasn’t so supportive,. I don’t know what I would do – especially considering how much time I devote to blogging!

  10. jesspgh

    What a sweet piece. And it is so true… Especially in my own experience! Today, my fiance asked if he could do a guest blog entry about a pair of shoes he bought and is excited to receive. I thought that was so adorable (and surprising..haha) and it made me realize the value of having such a forum in which to voice my own musings about style, fashion and shopping.

    The same is also true in my professional life (I’m an academic, as is my partner). If I didn’t have someone to bounce ideas off of or to work through complex thoughts then I am sure I would be significantly less coherent in my writing, teaching, and thinking.

  11. Shulalaba

    My boyf has been great with me. I started blogging in January part of a new years resolution so am pretty new to it, and still get very excited when I find someone has commenting on a post or when I get see an increase in returning visitors, all of which i share with him. He is not technically minded at all so slowly learning the terminology, but he always tells me how proud he is and expresses an interest in what I’m doing.

  12. Rita

    Well, I only have my blog since 1 1/2 months and I have never told any of my friends/family about it… It’s not that I fear of their disapproval and I know I would definately have their support, but none of them is actually into fashion, (that’s actually one of the main reasons I started blogging anyway…).
    My closest friends don’t read blogs, (for God’s sake, they even thought “The Sartorialist” was a movie!) and I don’t have a boyfriend, so that is why I’m kinda doing this on my own.

    Thanks to your lovely and inspirational post, I am know considering telling my best friends about it!

    With love,
    .-= Rita´s last blog ..Marisa Berenson =-.