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Are you looking for unique content?

While there are loads of ways to scout original content, one of the easier ways is to look in your inbox…

In the past year, I’ve been getting more and more story pitches from PR agencies and fashion companies. While I have to admit a majority is irrelevant to my blog… no, I don’t post athletic gear, nor do I post about tweens, however there are some great leads that come out of pitches.

A while back, I had posed a question to IFB asking what you needed. The lovely Jordana spoke up and said we needed a platform to contact PR agencies and fashion companies. I thought this was a great idea because, though I was lukewarm about getting random story pitches, mostly because 1. a lot of them are irrelevant and 2. I had to wait for the ‘right’ one to come in.

Thus ‘LittleBirdie’ was born.

LittleBirdie does just as it sounds. It’s a simple to use content finding service that connects IFB members PR and fashion companies. Similar to other press query services, your request will delivered to our growing database of PR agencies and fashion companies via a weekly e-newsletter.

The following are a few examples of what kinds of opportunities will be routed through LittleBirdie:
  • Seasonal gift guides
  • Specific topics (e.g. shopping on a budget, dressing for a summer wedding, etc)
  • Product reviews
  • 1:1 interviews
  • Giveaways

Our goal is to provide a safe platform to find editorial content and improve our blogs. Everyone in our database  has been instructed to only contact you on topic, if they do not adhere to the rules (no spam, or questionable practices) they will be banned from the list no questions asked.

Similar to this other service HARO (help a reporter out) LittleBirdie runs on a similar system, only this is specific to fashion bloggers who are IFB members, and the PR Agencies and companies all are fashion and beauty related. So you will only get fashion related pitches for your requests, and they know that you are a blogger and they want to develop a relationship with you.

Real Results

I launched the first request newsletter last week, to give it a test run. I am looking to do a giveaway on my blog, The Coveted, to drive subscriptions to my new newsletter. In the request, I was sure to know what  The Coveted specializes in, emerging designers, vintage, eco-fashion, and deals… and the response was  a jewelry designer who reconstructs vintage jewelry and an organic clothing designer, both willing to do a giveaway, and happy to work with The Coveted.

My next request will be for sample sales, or discounts from boutiques for my newsletter. Another potential request I’d make would be for swimwear for a summer fashion guide, or strappy sandals, nice looking non-leather handbags…

When making a request, to get the best results, try to follow these guidelines.

  1. Be specific about your blog, note any niches, it doesn’t have to be a long description, a couple of keywords will do.
  2. Be specific about the reason for your request… a summer fashion guide, daily shoe post, an interview, review, giveaway, etc…
  3. Try to give an idea of what you are looking for, give an example “I am looking for something like this…” “I am looking for the next…”

These will help narrow down your responses. You can also leave it open, but keep in mind, the more general your request, the more general the response you’ll get from the companies.

We’re still building our PR list, but we do have a sizable amount to get you relevant responses. The more you use it, the more companies will want to sign up, so you’ll be contributing to making a great research tool!

LittleBirdie mails every Tuesday, so put your request in now to be included in the next newsletter.  Let me know how it works out!


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  1. Jodie Kharas


    I’d just like to say how handy this website is. I only joined the other day and have been blogging for some time now but I’m astounded by how many fashion bloggers prayers are answered on here!

    Kudos, kudos

    Kharas x
    .-= Jodie Kharas´s last blog ..Lulu does Kharas =-.