6 Do’s and Don’ts for Networking Online


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It is so easy to connect with other bloggers and those that share your interests what with all the networking sites out there for you to join. Although networking online can be fun it is still important to treat your online profiles as a marketing tool and keep some professionalism if you are using a profile to help grow your blog or even you business. I should also point out that an online networking profile should never be an alternative to having your own website if you’re running a business no matter how small it is.

I believe it really helps to concentrate your efforts on 1 or 2 sites and build your presence before joining yet another networking site. Networking online works best when you take the time to be an active member of the communities you join. I think it is important not to spread yourself too thin and build up the number of networks you contribute to slowly if you want to see results from online networking.

Here are some do's and don’ts that should help you when setting up a profile for your blog or business on a networking site.

Don't – Set up so many different profiles that you don't have the time or energy to keep them all up to date.

Do – Keep in mind your goals for being on the site and focus your networking to achieve those goals.

Don't – Turn your bio into an essay. Keep it short and sweet but make sure you get across who you are, what you do, why your on the site, how you can help the person reading your profile and how you can be contacted. That's it. Many networking sites are quite informal so you can be relaxed and light hearted with your bio but keep a professional element to it as you never know who's reading.

Do – Be an active member of the networking sites you sign up to. This means spending 15mins or more a day to interact with other members, contribute to forums and replying to those that have reached out to you. This all helps to get your name out there and builds your profile and in turn your blog.

Don't – Use a cute name for your profile always try and use your real name or blog name so people associate your work with you and nothing else

Do – Keep your profile positive. I see so many profiles that focus on what the person doesn't like, who they don’t want to hear from and what they don't do that you come away with a negative impression. No one wants to surround themselves with negative people so try to come across as someone others would like to spend time with even if it is only virtually.

If you have some more tips for networking online that you think would be helpful for other bloggers I would love for you to leave a comment below.

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  1. Barry Wright, III

    Don’t – Use a cute name for your profile always try and use your real name or blog name so people associate your work with you and nothing else

    What a great point, so many people are stuck in the profile naming days of AIM (with names like katybabyx99). Remember that your social network profiles now come up heavily in google search results; you want everything you say to be easily attributed to you.

    Also, I wrote an article about networking tips about two weeks ago, that has gotten some very positive reactions:


    Thanks for the tips!

  2. Tami - fête à fête

    very useful reminders, thanks! I think most bloggers feel like they have to have profiles on every site out there and unless you have interns helping out, it’s impossible to find time to manage the multiple profiles and blog.

  3. What The Pros Do

    Shauna, Thats a great point about pics, using personal photos can definitely help you connect with your readers and those in your social network.
    Barry, Interesting post, Im sure we are all guilty of some ‘netfaking’ time to time!
    Tami, You’re right I think there is a pressure to sign up for every networking site going. If only we all had an army of interns imagin what we could do…
    Nooki, Bere Tarder O Temprano, Cheryl Lynn, V and Paula Peralta – Glad you have all found the post useful!

  4. Sar

    Thanks so much for this – I guess that point about not to sign up for too many sites is me…Being over enthusiastic and not predicting the amount of work that goes into it is definitely easily done. Thank you!

  5. Felix Foto

    Great advice!

    Don’t – accept friend requests from everybody – your friends reflect who you are. You never know what kind of comments they’ll leave or if someone might click over to their page from your profile and their content might not be appropriate and that could reflect badly on your business. I try to only accept friends from within the fashion industry…

    Do – (if you must) set up a separate profile for all your friends to join and mess around on and then you can accept anyone as a friend and then all the comments from “last night” won’t show up on your professional profile.