What’s Next for IFB?

Hello loves! We have some exciting changes coming up with IFB.

IFB started in September 2007 on Blogspot. We had just a few links on our blogroll, and it kept growing. When we moved over to WordPress, we added the forums, and you've all be really great at making them such a valuable resource.

Now… we have a community reaching over 3,000 members and we get new applications every day. The fashion blog community is growing not just in size but also in power, and we can't really do this alone, we really need each other to push fashion media to the next level.

That is why I have decided to transform IFB into a social network. I didn't want to create just any social network, but one that can help create real results. IFB has always existed in the spirit of evolution, growing when it's appropriate. Lately, the community has grown so much that the members list is practically unusable, and the forums are great, but they don't offer everything we need as a community. For the past few months, I've been working on setting this network up, looking into all the possibilities, and ways to make it a relevant fashion resource for bloggers. Keeping in mind the IFB mission, which is to continually work towards providing a platform where you can improve and promote your blog, the social network portion will incorporate these features:

  • a platform to find other bloggers in your area and host meetups
  • ability find other bloggers in your niche and form groups
  • an extended forum, with polls, events and image galleries
  • a profile you can link to your other social network accounts so you can find other bloggers in other networks as well as promote your own blog

I want to make this as quick and painless for you as a community, so before we launch, I have a few questions to pose for you, if you can leave your thoughts in the comments, that would be great.

1. Do you want your profile information to be imported into the new social media file?

Whenย  you filled out your IFB application, you provided us with the essential profile information… not including passwords. Instead of asking you to fill out more forms, we can import your information, so you have a profile automatically. When we do this you'll get an email with your temporary password. You can then pimp out the rest of your profile. However, before doing this I'd like to ask your permission as a community. So, if you can vote in the comments or if you want to elaborate on your vote.

2. If you have any threads/forum topics in the forums you would like to keep, please comment with the link below.

The new format has forum capabilities, but they also have other features that do not make it easy to do a simple import. So, we are leaving the old forums, but we don't want to leave the most important stuff. If you have an important topic, please let me know.

That's it for now.. the launch is fast approaching, I'd love to hear your feedback and try to include anything you would need in a network to help your blog!

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72 Responses

  1. KB

    I’m definitely up for this, excited to see the changes. I don’t mind my profile info being imported.

  2. Mer


    ok to the import (even I should check my status….)

    congrats for the good work!

  3. Tamia

    Yessss! This is a great idea since, as you mentioned, there is already a community here–this will only help it grow.

    In response to your ?s:

    1. I think importing profile info would help ease the transition. As long as the profile information is editable, I don’t see a problem.

    2. I can see keeping forum threads related to introducing yourself or listing your blog. Multiple related threads could be condensed if the new platform allows.

    I absolutely LOVE the idea of being able to find other bloggers in your area or niche, and have been toying with creating a DIY listing a la Chris Brogan’s Rockstars (http://www.chrisbrogan.com/rockstars/) on the http://www.StyleSampleMag.com site. That may be something that will fit in better with an extended IFB community network, though. Hmmm…

    As far as a profile that can be linked to other social network accounts, Facebook Connect and Google Profile (try googling “me”–it’s fun!) immediately come to mind. Is that what you were thinking, or is there another way?

    Thanks for doing this! Ideas are swirling around in my head right now–I may be back LOL!

  4. dwj

    YAY! This is great! I’d love ot have my info imported, but if it’s not I’m sure it won’t be that difficult to add new.

  5. Wicked Halo

    I think this is a really cool idea, and a great way of further enhancing IFB!

    I’m totally ok with importing the profile, provided you send like a reminder email when you do so, just so we’re aware the network is up and running and that we should check our data (I admit to not remembering at all what info was on our profile ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Ashe Mischief

    These changes sound AMAZING.
    You are truly a force to be reckoned with!

    1. Go ahead & import that information! Maybe if possible, import it all in, and give people the option to edit/add info as needed?

    2. I’d love to see INTRO threads/template threads/etc. condensed. It drives me nuts to have to wade through all of them in order to find the meatier threads (the Twitter thread is a perfect example of how I wish they’d work). I’d love to keep those that encourage a lot of discourse between us– the ProBlogger thread, ones on intriguing topics related to fashion (age of bloggers, plus sizes) or provide a resource (sketchy boutiques). As an archive and brought in, they can help inspire new bloggers!

  7. Jennine

    Oh cool! I’m really glad to hear about the import info.
    @ashe… for the original members, they’ll only have email addresses, I believe you are part of the original membership…and of course, you are able to edit your profile, which is a big benefit of the social network platform, i couldn’t possibly update 3,000 links. no way.

    @wickedhalo, absolutely, an email will go out with your password when we do the import, so you’ll be in the know!

    as far as the intro threads… we’ll just have a group and have a link to the original thread. this way the new thread will evolve with everyone’s profiles. it will work out even better!

  8. Corinna

    Fabulous! It’s been wonderful participating and I am looking forward to great things with you.

  9. Ondo Lady

    I think this is a great idea and I would like to see my profile imported. In terms of the forums I think that all the technical stuff should be imported as well the most popular topics such as exchanging links and twitter ids. The group meet ups sound superb as it can be a tad lonely blogging and finding bloggers who cover the same niche as you. Let me know if there is anyway I can get involved.

  10. Julie Jewellery

    IFB has always existed in the spirit of evolution, growing when itโ€™s appropriate. Lately, the community has grown so much that the members list is practically unusable

  11. Fernanda

    i’m super excited about this and would really like to have my profile imported. good luck in this transition and lots and lots of success! looking forward to it!

  12. Rollergirl

    Hi Jennine,
    I don’t think I have any information in my profile so don’t mind if you import it or not. But…I don’t want my email address on there – is that what you meant? Just wanted to say, this is super-exciting news! Best of luck with it…

  13. Jennine

    rollergirl… the email address won’t show up on your profile, it will just be a profile with your name, blog, blog address, blog type just like in the application forms. until you enter in everything. but i can delete your profile if you like, being as most people are opting for the import.

  14. Sarah

    This sounds like a great idea and I’d love to be involved, you can definitely import my info.

  15. hauteworld

    I think this is terrific news. I don’t have a problem with having my profile imported. Can’t wait to see more!

  16. Danielle

    These changes sound so great!! It would be fab to be able to find more blogs in your specific area and have meet ups! I’m cool with importing info!

  17. Laetitia

    I think this is a great idea to connect all the members! I would be happy to have my profile imported.

  18. Kim

    Wow. This is really cool. I have no problem with an autofilled profile, as long as I can go and edit to my liking!

  19. thefatandskinny

    you should totally import the profile info hope it all works out ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Jordana

    Soooooooo excited about this and so proud of you my dear! What an amazing journey so far! I can’t wait for the new social media platform – I’ll prob. spend more time in there than on FB!

    Thanks for putting in all the time to make these amazing things happen for the IFB community.

  21. Freya

    wow, that’s cool Jennine!

    I don’t mind my profile being imported. As for the forums, I really like the present one because it is simple and user-friendly. So, I hope the new one is like that too.

  22. najeema

    This all sounds amazing. I can’t wait! I would like my information to be imported over to a new profile.

  23. Halie

    I love the idea of making this site more interactive! This is such wonderful news… can’t wait to see it all happen.

  24. apricot tea.

    I was under the impression that it already WAS a social network of sorts! :] I’ve loved it here, & I’m so glad that I found it. Everyone here — & every article I’ve read — has really helped me grow not only as a fashion blogger, but as a blogger itself.

    I am ALL for the new changes. :] & I’m very excited about them.

  25. Beka

    Yes to both! Please import!
    So excited for the change, and so proud of you, Jennine!

  26. dreamsequins

    Please import my information, if you would!

    I’m very excited to see what you have in store for us! Even though I’m a relatively new member of the “community,” I am really glad to be a part of it all.. especially during these times of transition!

  27. kim

    this is fabulous jeannie! i can’t wait to see version 2.0 of IFB ๐Ÿ˜‰
    and yes, please import my info…

  28. capitolagirl

    Fabulous changes, I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone better on the IFB social network. I think it will be a great way to enhance the sense of community!

    I would vote to import email addresses/profile info to smooth the transition. Since we have the ability to edit our profiles later, it seems it would remove a sign-up step for all members. We can always go back in to make updates and changes later ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Miss Glitzy

    This is a great news and I’m really glad to a member even if I haven’t been very active yet. I’m ok with importing profile and informations and I’m looking forward to the new IFB social network.

  30. Rollergirl

    Me again! Just read your reply… Import all you like! Good luck with the changes and hope they go smoothly ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Janiece Rejba

    Absolutely! The power of social media is here to stay and will be ever changing. That includes threads of the past and present.