How has your blog evolved?


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Does your blog look the same? Feel the same?

A lot can be said for evolution, when your skills improve from daily practice, your resources honed in, things should get easier right?

Sometimes I get caught between pushing my blog to the next level (whatever that means) and sticking to what made it special in the first place, sticking to what made blogging special to me in the first place.I know the ‘experts' recommend you don't hesitate on pushing your blog, but I have to wonder about that. Since I've started IFB I've taken each step with caution, sometimes meaning growing slowly, and I dont' regret it.

My other blog grew quite differently, more along the changes in my life, what I wrote about in the beginning wouldn't work in my current life,  yet instead of killing the blog, it evolved.

Have you kept the original vision for your blog since you started it?

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  1. Gabrielle

    I first started with the intention of doing only geek chic, a combination of technology and style but as I do my daily research and posts, I find that i’m drifting towards fashion.

    Change isn’t a bad thing (right Obama fans?). If you don’t want to write on one thing anymore, then write on something else. Maybe you will lose subscribers and viewers but I think it’s better to revamp your audience than spend the rest of your time researching and writing on a topic you don’t enjoy anymore. Your content will reflect this distaste.

    Evolution is good. And a blog is meant to be personal, not another corporate bore. I think viewers appreciate this aspect the most when it comes to blogging.

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  2. Little Black Book

    I’ve changed my layout a few times and probably will do so again in the future. I think its great to evolve and grow with your blog otherwise it will be rigid and textbook like. I’ve added more widgets, gotten rid of some layout features etc and have changed my writing style, but when you grow as a person how can you blog not do the same?

    Definitely evolve! 🙂

    Little Black Book’s last blog post..I’ve got MAIL; Isabella Oliver accessories

  3. Retro Chick

    I started my blog just as a way of driving people to my store. But it’s become so much more than that, that I it’s a thing in it’s own right and I think it’s changed massively since it started, but I don’t know if anyone else would notice!

    Sometimes I worry that I don’t really have a “plan” for the blog. I love writing it though, so maybe that doesn’t matter.

    Retro Chick’s last blog post..What are you wearing? Candy Coloured Checks…

  4. birdie

    In Bonne Vie’s evolution, it’s expanded from blogger to WP to having it’s own url… to skimming this or that topic… to going in depth on topics that resonate with me.

    I think as I’ve grown, changed, experienced, my blog has done the same, however in reading through my older posts (which I do sometimes for this or that reason), I think “Oh yeah! Good points,” and in that way, my blog reminds me to go back to the basics.

    birdie’s last blog post..Weekend Update and a Parasol Party!

  5. Shopalicious

    Hi Jennine,

    I think I’ve “plateaued” with my blog; ie, traffic is consistent, and I’m putting in all the time that I can manage daily. Advertising seems to be on the upswing, which is encouraging. However, I’ve been advised that to take my blog to the “next step” I should consider moving from Blogger to WordPress. Do you have any thoughts on that? Also, I’d welcome any input from other fashion bloggers… Thanks for running this fantastic resource!

    editor, Shopalicious!

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  6. MissAmy

    Isn’t interesting how our blogs evolve/change/grow?

    Content – When I started I had one for fashion do’s/don’ts. Then I started over with an 8 blog network – yeah, I was supposed to write them all! Then I went to just a fashion/shopping blog. I think I got worn out & changed it to a “dear diary, this is my life” type of one. Lastly, I changed to the shopping blog which originally was focused on bargain shopping but has lately morphed into more of a frugal fashion/DIY project blog.

    ANYWAY, I go through this all the time. Adjusting the blog to my life & what I want to do or am into right then. Also, time is always a factor in those decisions.

    Design – Also, I don’t even think I can count how many visual makeovers it’s been through. Let me think for a sec… I’ve done AT LEAST 6 re-designs on it. Good thing I’m a web designer in “real life” LOL.

    Platform – I went from Blogspot to self-hosted Blogger & now I’m on self-hosted WP

    Again, interesting, isn’t it, the life our blog(s) take on?

    MissAmy’s last blog post..Stella McCartney Stand-ins

  7. Ashe Mischief

    I would definitely say that my blog has evolved in the two years I’ve been writing it. What originally started because I wanted a place to share the pretty things I found never actually grew to be that. In my earlier posts, you see a lot more informality, writing what struck my fancy, without any form or template to the posts.

    Through time, I’ve developed a few of my own regular “series” of things I like to showcase– features on indie/etsy designers, oh-my-god shoes (to share one of my great loves), the dramatis personae–style icons who influence me & hopefully others. It’s been a lifesaver to have these series to fall back on, while allowing me flexibility to continue to write about current interests.

    I think continually about my voice as a blogger, and making my site authentic and true to me. If anything, I think the next growing steps will to be to push that forward and stronger, to make the site more personal and more me….

    It’s interesting though, because I find after personal/content growth spurts, where I push myself, that other aspects of my blog grow & change as well. My rankings improve, my community grows, I receive more information from others in the community. While growth can be cautious, it’s definitely worth striving for.

    Ashe Mischief’s last blog post..Etsy/Indie Designers: MINT Jodi Arnold

  8. Jennine

    ❤ gabrielle, so true… there were posts that killed me to come up with every week, so that’s a majority of change or evolution… enjoying blogging is so much more important than having subscribers, why submit yourself to something you don’t like just for a number?
    ❤ shopalicious… good question… i don’t think it’s necessary to move form blogger to wordpress unless you are looking to add some features like forums or a social networking function unless you are looking to change your format from blog to magazine style. just my personal opinion… what was the premise for the advise you got? I’m just curious….
    ❤ poochie, i dont’ think the transfer will be too painful.. it’s not really that bad. they have great themes nowadays with excellent support
    ❤ ashe… that’s a great observation you always seem to be pushing things to the next level~ it’s great to see your blog evolve!

  9. Ashe Mischief

    Jennine, I have to admit, when I do think of blog growth & evolution, I do think of the Coveted & IFB! It’s been amazing to be a reader of both for so long, and see how they’ve grown with you, and changed with you (and with the changes in your life, like the locals!).

    Ashe Mischief’s last blog post..Etsy/Indie Designers: MINT Jodi Arnold

  10. WendyB

    Well, I’m about to change my whole look AND start a second blog! But I wouldn’t say the content has changed. I always wrote about whatever subject I wanted. I didn’t want to stick to just selling jewelry or just writing about fashion.

    WendyB’s last blog post..I’m Fairy Jealous

  11. Tatiana

    What a fun topic!

    In the beginning, my blog served as a way to spotlight underground art and music events in my area (Orange County, Los Angeles and the Inland Empire). Later on it evolved into more of a personal look at things that make me happy: fashion, web design, crafting, DIY revolution, inspiration, etc. I still like to talk about local events and emerging musicians. My blog has evolved into a place to discuss events, as a lot of my loyal readers like to leave comments, which is fantastic. I think my readership has evolved to attract a wider audience. I’ve also begun networking more which has helped my blog gain wider readership, and I know more about SEO today than I did 2 years ago. So that helps as well.

    Tatiana’s last blog post..“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”

  12. grechen

    i think it’s important to make sure your blog evolves over time – whether it’s design, or focus – and in keeping with the needs of your visitors. my main blog has been through two design incarnations (the first one was just a basic HTML design 5 years ago LOL) and has spun off three other blogs. it’s actually really important to recognize when you might need to create a new site/blog for different categories within your site. for example, i started talking a lot about eco-fashion and felt my visitors would be better served by a separate site for that, where i could include more information and ONLY focus on eco-fashion. i also wanted a place to keep coupon codes separate from my main site, so i spun off another blog…i think it was a natural evolution, but you can miss it if you’re not paying attention…

    grechen’s last blog post..Outfit: Gypsy05 Organic Cotton Maxi Dress

  13. maria

    My blog is definitely in the early, evolving rapidly phase. I started last fall, but have only recently started making into something more. I feel like now about once a week, I’m doing something differently. It’s a bit bewildering.

    I’m new to your blog, but loving all the resources!! Thanks!!!


    maria’s last blog post..Weekend Review

  14. lisa

    Interesting topic! I’d say my blog has evolved quite a bit from the days when I first started; it looks more polished, for one, and the name has changed from “Solo Lisa y Nada Mas” to “Solo Lisa” to reflect the change in focus from Latin pop culture to, well, more fashion. Change and evolution are inevitable, I think: if you change and grow as a person, naturally that should be reflected in your blog because it’s your personal space, right?

    lisa’s last blog post..June Events

  15. dreamsequins

    Love these answers! Since I started my blog last year– and posting with regularity since March, I have been evolving very quickly. First, I found my niche and love. And second, I decided to step out of the shadows and be a little less shy about posting outfit/style pictures. Make it more personal… because if you want trad journalism, there are a hundred other blogs/mags for that.

    dreamsequins’s last blog post..Blackout

  16. Jennine

    ❤ ashe, thank you 🙂
    ❤ retro… oh you can really tell you put a lot of your heart into it, not all store blogs do that… its lovley
    ❤bonnie… it’s so funny how going through old posts can bring up stuff like that.. it happens all the time.
    ❤missamy… i didn’t even know they HAD a self hosted blogger…news to me.
    ❤tatiana.. has seo changed your blog? i’m curious how it affects blogs…
    ❤grechen, so true, ifb started because i didn’t want to talk about blogging stuff on my blog…. then again spliting blogs can be addictive!
    ❤sololisa…so that’s why you changed your name!
    ❤dreamsequins, it’s crazy how posting daily can affect your evolution!

  17. Ondo Lady

    My blog has changed slightly over the last year; I ma trying to introduce regular features that are published monthly such as ‘Blogger profiles’ and ‘Retro Review’. Overall I tend to write about things I am passionate about such as books, films, TV, magazines and music. This year I have taken an interest in photographers so that has been featured in my blog. On a design level it has changed quite a few times as I get bored of the look quite quickly and feel that it might need a change or tweak. I do wish Blogger had more templates to choose from but all the other features are fine so it outweighs everything else.

    Ondo Lady’s last blog post..Grab a Cup of Cocoa Diaries

  18. Sondra @ Chic Chocolate

    Hello All!
    My blog has definitely evolved in a short time span. My blog started out, initially, to report on the happenings around the Washington, DC area, but it has “morphed” into a fashion/beauty blog. My challenge is keeping it interesting and keeping an edge and a place where folks would love to visit on a daily basis. I Love this forum!!

  19. HauteWorld

    As so many have said, I think it’s normal for a blog to evolve with the author. My posts are all based on my experiences alone, and though I have a niche of posting mostly about retail spaces, I’ve gradually started including other subjects such as art exhibition and snapshops of the places I visit. I can imagine integrating streetstyle shots eventually and plan on introducing guest posts in the near future. I think as long as you’re having fun blogging and your post subjects aren’t all over the place, evolution is a great thing for both the blogger and blog readers.

    In terms of design, I’ve tweaked my blogger template here and there. I’m happy enough with the platform for now. The only thing I might do at one point, is to get my own domain/URL.

    HauteWorld’s last blog post..Dover Street Market (London, UK)

  20. Rollergirl

    I’m not naturally tech-savvy so it’s hard for me to develop the blog in terms of adding tech features. But I am on Twitter now! And I did set up a DRG email address (hmm, actually my boyfriend did that for me). I do feel a wee bit left behind when I see other bloggers adding gadgets etc but for me the content overrides everything. I have made a big effort to post at least every other day which can be a huge commitment when I’m busy with other stuff. Doing that also means I have less time to read and post comments on other blogs which I miss. God knows how prolific bloggers like WendyB and Susie Bubble do it.

    Rollergirl’s last blog post..Guess what’s behind this door?

  21. DebutanteClothing

    Great topic Jennine! I am proud to say I was one of your first readers! Ever since you mentioned me, my store and one of my dresses. I was so flattered that anyone even read my blog. I think I had about 10 subscribers at that time! It’s amazing to see how much your blog, and you, have grown.

    I’m just like RetroChick. My blog was meant to be a marketing tool and has completely taken on a life of its own. It’s given me access to people I would not have access to otherwise. I love writing it, but yes I am planning on how I can take it to a new level. I have invited guest bloggers and have two regular contributors. Who would’ve ever thought!!

    DebutanteClothing’s last blog post..Vintage TV – Betsey Johnson on Edie Sedgwick

  22. Andreas

    When I startet my blog, all i knew was ist should bei about marketing- and communications issues in the fashion industrie. For me it startet as an experiment and I intended to report and comment on especially good or bad fashion ad campaigns. Today, 12 weeks ahead I’m more into innovative marketing issues than just advertising. So I guess, mine is still evolving.

    Andreas’s last blog post..Markenzerdehnung

  23. ClandestineChic

    You know, this is something that I was seriously pondering this weekend. I’ve been pretty slow in evolving my blog, but that’s the way I want it to be. I’m doing a serious revamp in the next couple of weeks and I plan on having a lot more content on there that I’m interested in and hopefully I can become more involved and my blog can grow. I definitely want more interviews, start some street style and some how to’s. Also, I want to feature more of Chicago fashion, definitely.

    ClandestineChic’s last blog post..Interview with jewelry designer Natha Perkins

  24. Alicia

    I feel like my blog has been all over the place, but that is truly a reflection of me. LOL. I’ve felt the need to deliberately change the direction of the blog a few times, but I know it was for the best. My content is pretty much the same, but I think I’m still trying to balance everything out while experimenting with new things every now and again.

    And I’m on my 4th layout. LOL.

    Alicia’s last blog post..Fringe with Benefits

  25. Icy

    After a long break, when I came back to my blog I found I was still happy with the design of it. I did tweak the colours a bit, but overall I was still happy.

  26. Stylish Thought

    The look and tone of my blog has changed over the 3 years that I’ve run Stylish Thought. I have ADD so changing my mind and my blog is common place. I’ve tried to stay consistent with content and make it better everytime I revamp it. When I started blogging in 2006, I really wrote about whatever was in the fashion news and about trends and as I age (in real life and in blogging) my blog has grown to be more about individual style, my own thoughts and living a stylish life overall.

    Funny thing is at so many points I’ve thought about scraping my blog and starting over, but it’s my baby and I always ditch the kill button and work to make it better.

    Stylish Thought’s last blog post..STYLE SAMPLE ISSUE #2

  27. Sergio Wonder

    Now that I think about it… maybe the appearache of has changed a bit…but I’m still all about pushing what RW stands for, which is “exposing” the underground gems (designers, stylists, photographers, illustrators, etc.,)that generate the the greatness that occurrs on the surface. Lol I’ve joined the movement!

  28. KB

    I’ve only been blogging for 7 months, and I’ve changed the look and feel of my blog a few times. I’ve made my posts less wordy, and broken text up with more (and bigger) pictures, and I feel this works well. I definitely want to move onwards and upwards, and will be working on my content a lot more, and organising my posts. I can empathise with Alicia, mine is a jumble of fashion thoughts and inspiration, but I don’t think that’ll change any time soon.

    KB’s last blog post..Ode to my brogues

  29. Cafe Fashionista

    When I first started Cafe Fashionista, the layout was identical to hundreds of other blogs on the web. Over the past few months, I changed the color scheme, taught myself some HTML so that the layout/set-up would be different, and began updating at least once a day.

    The amount of visitors I receive each day has made an enormous leap; and I feel that, in general, Cafe Fashionista has a much more mature look that I’m proud of. I feel like its all my own now, because it is different from others – in both look and content. Has my blog evolved? Oh yes! 🙂

    Cafe Fashionista’s last blog post..Smitten Saturday

  30. Merily

    I started my blog a year ago and it was meant to be a blog-magazine. It had articles and everything. But my personal style took over the blog and now it’s pretty much just fashion photography/lifestyle/DIY blog.
    It’s more personal and I believe the quality of it is better as well.

    Merily’s last blog post..Meieh Rullaadid

  31. Sam Carew

    I seem to have the same issue with Its So Stylistic. Its successfully lived on Blogger, however, I’m finding that, to move to a new level in terms of layout and design, WordPress is the platform to be on.

    The content has been consistent and thus making it easy for us to stay with Blogger.

    However, WordPress does not appear as simple as Blogger! The cycle of learning continues…


    Sam Carew’s last blog post..Designer Spotlight: Brian Lichtenberg

  32. Prêt-à-Porter P

    it’s crazy the amount of advertiser i get wanting to solicit. and then having to deal with phone conversations where the ask me about stats and numbers, and what the purpose of my blog is. i have no clue what the point of what my more “personal” blog is really. i think at first i wanted to be able to show other things that i notice or find interesting and didnt want to clutter up the street style one. of course it eventually started to feature more of my personal style since that is what people tend to respond to or ask for the most. but i want to move away from that for various reasons. so i find a happy medium where i keep my face out of the personal style pictures.

  33. Johnathan

    Within a six month period my blog has totally transformed. I think the problem was I started with one point of view in mind (my own) and failed to take into account how others would percieve what I was offering. I think virtually everything has changed in order to make others’ experience of visiting my blog more enjoyable.

    I think the most important element is to keep on trying new things. It’s surprising just what sorts of things people take to their hearts.

    Johnathan’s last blog post..Book Review #1: Presents the Style Bible: The 11 Rules for Building a Complete and Timeless Wardrobe

  34. Adela

    When I started my blog I did because I wanted to score a higher grade at school and a professor said that if we had a blog he would give us more points. Then I started writing about thing that I like, meaning fashion and books. Now I have people who read what I have to say. I do not want to change the topic of my blog even though fashion is not an interesting subject, just for the sake of more visitors. I want to stick to my subject because blogging is fun as long as you post things that you love to write about. Of course you should also consider the people that read your blog but I do not think that you should lose you topic just because of that. Taking you blog to the next level should be something that happens naturally.
    .-= Adela´s last blog ..Reminescențele copilăriei =-.

  35. bilogbilog

    Over the last 2 months that I have been writing on my blog, the first month was really a struggle. Most of my time was wasted thinking over which one to write about. By the second month ~~ I decided just to write ~~ about anything and places I’ve been to recently here in Singapore (SG)~~ and let it roll. My blog is still in the works and I know it’ll evolve this coming months, and hopefully find my rightful niche in the process.
    .-= bilogbilog´s last blog ..ION mall – SG’s newest eye-candy! Part 2 =-.

  36. Grace

    I would say that my blog’s content has evolved, in that, when I first started out I was just posting pictures of my outfits and ranting about shoes I want, whereas now I try to take runway trends and adapt them to a normal girl’s outfits.
    And of course, I changed the layout as started learning more about html and such. I designed the header myself!