The joys of blogging

retro beachThere once was a time when blogging was unusual, individual, designed purely for personal expression and in order to “have a voice”.

Now it is a multi-million pound (or dollar) industry, a mine field of advertising, commercialism, and method, on top of the original pure unadulterated fun.

By Lauren from A Typical Atypical

I thought it was probably time that we celebrated blogging again, in case it gets lost in the potential, overrun by marketing and promotion. To take a quick second to remember not what it once was, but what it still is.

So here we go – the 5 best things about blogging!

Number 5: Anonymity

For many bloggers, this genre of writing is more than just a place to document likes, dislikes and more. The potential for complete anonymity is great, meaning complete honestly, or contrastingly complete lies. You have the capability to make up an entire imaginary blogging world – or to show the internet your world without risk of repercussions. This makes blogging unique – nothing like it has ever existed in the public realm!

Check out legendary anonymous bloggers such as:

Number 4: Psychological benefits

My how serious! Whilst blogging can be fun and frivolous, for many it is a chance for therapy, psychological redemption or counselling. Whether writing posts to get supportive and impartial advice, or as a form of expressive therapy on a public level, this unique platform for self-expression has brought hope into a lot of people’s lives. We should never forget this as one of the true brilliant things about blogging.

Number 3: Having a voice

Initially, blogging was a medium to get your voice out to the world. Since those days when everything was shiny and new, this is one of the things that has held true. Whether making attention grabbing statements, challenging the powers that be, or finding like minded people, having a voice has never been as easy. In a world with millions of blog, it can be hard to make yourself heard – but within your circles, your niche, it is always possible.

Number 2: Learning new things

This reason (one of the biggest blogging benefits out there) is all based on being a reader of blogs, not a writer. This is all to do with the copious amounts of eloquent and brilliant writing that is in the blogosphere – whether swotting up on a new love, choosing a new outfit, or searching for bargains, there will be a blog out there that will help you to fulfil those dreams and learn new things. There is, without even a smidgen of exaggeration, something for absolutely everyone.

My personal favourites?
For eBay bargains, I love eBay Fashion Addict!

Number 1: Community

The undisputed king of blogging reasons, I doubt there are many bloggers who would argue against community topping the top 5 things about blogging list.
The community of bloggers is something that often shocks newcomers – they weren’t prepared for the comments, the forums, the friendships and more. It is a delightful world even following commercialisation, all based on reciprocal behaviour, click through, and link love. From IFB to personal subscriptions, being part of the blogging community only takes a little work but gives a lot of welcome!

What benefits do you get out of blogging?

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20 Responses

  1. Yellowgoat

    I will have to say, learning new things everyday and getting to know people around the globe is the best bits of blogging.

    Blogging commercialized, it’s really, truely, an inevitable thing.

    I had a website back in 95. (wow shows age!) and it was really purely about self expression, before blogging, before ad, even before google, and yahoo was just a new thing. Back then, people find me easily, because, well, there are not much sites around those days. I update it frequently, sort of like blogging. I met some interesting people, some I am still friends with.

    Once the word “e-commerce” is coined, everything is different.
    .-= Yellowgoat´s last blog ..Consumption Wednesday =-.

  2. ms. shoo

    Blogging remains for the most part fun for me. I have yet to really take on a single advertiser {not that I won’t}. and I still only share what I like, even with the pitches etc. I feel like blogging has opened up my eyes to a world beyond mines. And with new e-friends, etc I’m exposed to their world as they are exposed to mines. I started blogging as a way to not only do creative doses of writing, but also a place I could revisit when I need a virtual dose of inspiration. At the time I really needed an outlet from the everyday life issues.

    I have to remind myself to not get caught-up in the aspects of blogging that I don’t like, and remember why I blog. But having a platform will always be at the top of my list, of why I enjoy it. To me it’s just another medium that I can express myself and I do my best to handle with care.

  3. Gabrielle

    I totally agree with #3.

    Blogging is more than just an online diary. It’s a tool to push forth humanity’s development. Imagine what life was like before the internet. Now imagine what the internet was like before bloggers.

    Currently I live in Malaysia and while it is a very developed country there is still a lot of corruption on the government level. Many bloggers have been arrested or threatened because of their political dissidence.
    And Malaysia is definitely not the only nation that goes through this.

    But without blogging we would be 10 steps behind. At least the message is getting out.

    The first step is knowledge. And the second is action.
    .-= Gabrielle´s last blog ..Men Have Style Too: Adventure Through The Photo Lens =-.

  4. Jennine

    for me, blogging has opened my world in ways i never thought possible… it blows my mind when i stop and think about it…

  5. Stylish Thought

    For me community and the doors that have opened because of blogging are the greatest. I’ve gotten internships, am revamping my career and have meet some of the most talented people ever all because of blogging… pretty effing cool if you ask me.
    .-= Stylish Thought´s last blog ..The Life of Ms. Thought =-.

  6. lisa

    Aww thanks for this lovely reminder of the joys of blogging. I know I’ve connected with some great individuals whom I would’ve never met if not for the online community.

  7. dreamsequins

    I definitely agree with most of the above. The community aspect of it is really wonderful; and I really do feel like I am learning through glimpses or slices of other bloggers’ lives. It is a dialogue of ideas and as my own taste evolves, I find that blogging and reading other people’s blogs gives me insight into what other people are embracing as well. As a freelance writer for print, you don’t get that instant feedback and/or gratification that you get by posting something and then being able to know that someone out there is actually reading your words!
    .-= dreamsequins´s last blog ..Wishlist Wednesday: All That Glitters =-.

  8. Allison

    This is such a true post! It has really turned into a money making gimick for so many people out there. I agree with what you said above-and those are still the reasons I blog-and why I truly love it!

  9. Freya

    So true! I have loved and enjoyed being anonymous and blogging about my life. It fun to keep a secret 😉

  10. Mads

    Agree with the reasons above except I do not blog anonymously.. Blogging is super fun I get to “meet” people who have the same interests as me, who loves fashion as much as I do. I get to say whatever I want and express my take on the fashion..Plus I get a little practice on my non-existent writing skills haha

  11. Eyeliah

    Oh yes, these are definitely the reasons that I blog. You nailed it! Self confidence is the other big one for me. Since I feel that lovely obligation to post new and fresh outfits on the blog I take the effort to get dressed up each day and I feel so much better about myself when I like what I am wearing out in the world. 🙂
    .-= Eyeliah´s last blog ..Post of the Day ~ Still in Berlin =-.

  12. Kirsty

    I’ve literally only just joined the blogging band wagon,
    for me personally it’s being able to have a voice and get your opinion out there.
    For a while i’ve watched other blogs with awe and have gained so much inspiration, I love how much I learn from others.
    I’ve been given so much more confidence to just wear whatever I feel like wearing, after all fashion is about expression.

  13. reckless daughter

    it’s true – learning new things was probably the primary reason my interests were sparked by blogging. Then it became about community – I wanted to add to the community I had only been a spectator in to begin with. Though I keep my blog less personal than some – many of my readers are people I will probably never meet anyway. In the beginning it made it easier to be open and honest and not worry about what people in my real day to day life will think.

    That being said, where I am with blogging now is a little different. I would love to meet more fellow bloggers & readers!
    .-= reckless daughter´s last blog ..sick in september =-.