What do you do when you’re not blogging?


First off, I have to apologize for not having a more in-depth post. Tomorrow, I make the big move from Germany to Chicago…  things have been quite hectic between packing, tying up loose ends, and visiting with friends, writing a post about blogging didn't seem to be at the top of my list of things to do. And sometimes that's ok. It's only this week… but spending all this time away from the computer has brought up some thoughts about how much time I spend blogging.

Bloggers naturally spend a lot of time at the computer,  we share a lot of our lives and our thoughts online. Though lately, I've been wondering if it's too much? Between Facebook and Twitter, and reading everyone's blogs racking up hours in front of the computer can be quite easy, and that's just the socializing part.

Offline time is important. Meeting friends in real life, taking a walk in the forest, drawing a picture, baking cookies, going to the zoo…. all things which may not directly affect your blog, but they do… they keep things fresh, they keep you more healthy in mind and in body.

It's important not to let your offline life slip away.
What do you do when you're not blogging?

PS… there's a great group called “Things I love other than fashion” on IFB.

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  1. Princess Poochie

    Mainly I’m working my full time job when I’m not blogging, on Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler or Flickr. In addition to that I am a Commissioner in my town and am running for Town Council. On a personal side, I’m spending time taking care of the house and all of our animals (dog, 4 cats, 2 chickens, 2 goats and a turkey) along with my husband. Then spending time with him going out to eat or watching movies, and if I have a spare moment, reading, sometimes crafting or writing letters.

    Oh, yeah, sleeping is in there somewhere too.
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  2. Laurie

    good luck with your trans-atlantic move!

    i work full time for starters so that is a big chunk of time. but i love to hang out with friends, see movies, go shopping (duh), read, cook with my boyfriend, garden and sew/craft.

  3. DWJ

    I work a full time job (that’s very boring) when I’m not blogging or on Twitter. I feel like a superhero a lot of times. I have my web persona (DWJ) and I have my real life (Dana) and sometimes I think my web life is a bit more fun and adventurous! LOL
    .-= DWJ´s last blog ..Happy Birthday, Jess! =-.

  4. Jaime

    Congrats on the move, you must be so excited (and I adore Chicago… lucky girl!). I am in the process of trying to find a job, so there’s a lot of hunting going on right now. I’m a big reader, and I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend. Pretty lame life, but I sounds cooler via blog.
    .-= Jaime´s last blog ..Outfit: August 10, 2009 =-.

  5. dreamsequins

    Well– moving to Chicago must be a huge deal! I hate moves in general, and have never had to organize an international move… Good luck with that!

    What to do when I’m not blogging? Writing freelance fashion articles, actually, and working my dayjob (which is incredibly dry and boring work), watching movies with the husband, walking around and checking out new shops around town…. I’m actually not a huge extrovert, but my husband and friends love to socialize, so we check out events in town… We’re big into going out for yummy bites and drinks.
    .-= dreamsequins´s last blog ..Behind the Blog: Modediktat =-.

  6. Saved For Best

    Roller derby, sewing, working on the allotment, cooking, drinking gin and working full-time. I like all of these except one!
    .-= Saved For Best´s last blog ..Day 7 =-.

  7. ms. shoo

    Good luck on your move!

    I dunno I spend very little time in front of my actual computer believe it or not. I usually tweet on the go {thanks to tweetdeck on my iphone}. I check my email from my iphone and occasionally monitor comments from it. But other than that I’m running my business, designing, meeting with clients etc. I spend far more time on the phone with Italy at 5am {est} than I do in front of the computer. I get out, live, have fun, get in trouble. I’m use to I guess blogging on the go, since I run through my passport like most run through their knickers. Drafting posts via iphone is a breeze, and publishing them from it is too lol, just keep your charger with you like you do your Amex! So I’m connected to the net, but not in front of a computer all day.
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  8. fête à fête

    I also blog for other sites, but it’s important for me to connect with friends when I’m off the computer, or just take a long walk to the parks. It’s refreshing to be away from the computer!
    .-= fête à fête´s last blog ..SF Chefs.Food.Wine. =-.

  9. Fajr || Stylish Thought

    LOL @ WendyB and good luck on the move!

    When I’m not blogging, I’m working full-time (and working to make blogging my full-time job). Spending time with the boy, watching movies, reading an actual book that doesn’t require scrolling. I try to spend time with my “real-life” friends and family (though I could be better at that) and generally relaxing. Oh yeah, I eat… A LOT.
    .-= Fajr || Stylish Thought´s last blog ..Cats with Style: Boxing Kitten =-.

  10. lisa

    I’m working, but as a technical writer at a software company it involves spending tons of time in front of the computer as well. There’s no escaping the glow of the monitor!

    Otherwise, I can be found hitting the dance floor on salsa nights, going for long walks, and hanging out with friends.
    .-= lisa´s last blog ..Wise & Proper Delivers On Ladylike Clothes =-.

  11. Maverick

    I was actually just talking to my friend about this today. I want to do something more hands on-as in, not online-that can still involve my blog. I was thinking about starting a small DIY zine, or something. I’ve done a few DIYs that have gotten a lot of comments.
    But, I agree. I’ve noticed that between all the online social networks, there is hardly time for “real” life. Trying to figure a way to balance the two appropriately!
    .-= Maverick´s last blog ..another delicious diy =-.

  12. Taylor

    I wish there were more hours in the day. When I am not blogging I am working full-time as the Director of Recruiting for a financial firm, spending 2 hours in a commute, getting my sweat on for an hour at my CrossFit gym, and cooking and eating dinner with my honey. So, when all of that is done (usually at 9 p.m.) I work on my blog and I hit the sac at 11 p.m. I would love to become more involved in the blogging community and plan to, but my offline life is VERY important! 🙂
    Maybe I can make it all work!

    Sterling Style’s Last blog.. http://sterlingstyle.onsugar.com/3907271

  13. Sheena

    Great post! When I’m not blogging, I mainly work at my full-time job and I’m in the process of applying for grad school and getting ready to take the GRE ::shudders:: On the more fun side, I love to read, go out and take in the city and shopping.
    .-= Sheena´s last blog ..Interview: Patricia Valery of Evil Needles =-.

  14. Icy @ Indivdiual Chic

    I hope the move goes as well as can be expected ^_^

    I spend my days looking after MissIcy (MrIcy takes care of himself), reading, sewing, and playing games – on the computer. I don’t really seem to get away from it. Hmm, perhaps I need to try a few of the other ideas here…
    .-= Icy @ Indivdiual Chic´s last blog ..Guys, all of the details are important =-.

  15. lisa

    Work, but I’m a technical writer at a software company so that doesn’t necessarily help with how much time I spend in front of the computer. Otherwise I’m going out salsa dancing, watching movies, eating out at restaurants, taking long walks, shopping, reading, and travelling.
    .-= lisa´s last blog ..Wise & Proper Delivers On Ladylike Clothes =-.

  16. najeema

    I realize this is going to sound lame, but after a long day at work, curling up for a nap with my cat is always fun. I spend way too much time watching horror movies, trying to get to the beach, and looking into interior design. I also like to cook and exercise, but don’t do those nearly enough.
    .-= najeema´s last blog ..The Weekend… =-.

  17. MissWhoever You Are

    I’m a full time student so I’m always in a class. If I’m not in class I work part time as a bank teller (exciting, I know). But I do throw concerts on campus so I’m in charge of social life on campus. Let’s see…what else..I shop, Twitter, read and hang out with my friends.

    Moving to Chicago..GOOD LUCK! I’ve never been there (I live in NYC) but I definitely want to visit.

  18. Adeline

    If its not uni, its shopping, or drinks with friends, hitting the gym, walking the streets or catching a movie. You are so right Jennine, our eyes are ever so often glued to the computer screen. Its so important to look away sometimes and actually DO things in the real world 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!

    Awesome post Xx
    .-= Adeline´s last blog ..Tug Of War =-.

  19. Winona

    Oh my gosh, Jennine, I’ll be in Chicago next week! I’m assuming you’ll be busy busy busy, but on the off chance you’d have a free moment to meet for a cup of coffee, I’d love it!

    Anyway, back to the subject at hand: When I’m not blogging, I’m writing for other projects, writing pitches to try to get hired to write other projects, shopping, snacking, playing with my friends, and watching repeat episodes of Reno 911.

    Great question, J!
    .-= Winona´s last blog ..New Sponsor: Love You Big! =-.

  20. Kate

    Well until I start making a living blogging, I’m working other 3 part time jobs so I’m super busy. I do freelance graphic design, waitress and do art modeling. I can’t wait for the day where I can make a living just working on my blog! I’m pretty obsessed…

    When I’m not working I’m hanging out with my boyfriend, going to the beach with friends or just chillin. I feel like I work all the time, so I like to take it easy when I can. But I have to say, I’m constantly coming up with new ideas or ways to make my blog better so many of the times when I should be relaxing, I’m working. Oh well, I love it!
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Street Styles of the Week =-.

  21. Trish

    I spend so much time on the computer in general, whether I’m blogging or writing my column, it doesn’t really seem to end. I have managed to find a great balance though. I go fishing on my way home from or to work, and spend most evenings going out for drinks. I read my blogs and such in the morning with my tea, and I try to do post prep in advance so that I never feel rushed into posting or forced to sit in front of the computer.

    I definitely agree with you though about the importance of having a real life to go hand in hand with your virtual life.

    Good luck with your move!

  22. Trish

    I do spend a lot of time on the computer because of my blog and column, I’m always on here writing something. I think finding a balance is key. Everyone should make sure to have a real life to go hand in hand with their virtual life.

    When I’m offline I’m probably fishing, at a football game, out for drinks or fika, or spending quality time with people who matter.
    .-= Trish´s last blog ..CFW Recap: Batlak og Selvig =-.

  23. Fabulous Finds Gal

    Good point. I think balance is so important in life. Thus, I refuse to tweet. When I’m not blogging, I am trying to create a loving and fun home for my 5 year old son and hubby. We try to go to the beach every evening. I garden, work out, cook, entertain family and friends, clean, shop, and anything else I can fit into the day.

    Good luck with the move!
    .-= Fabulous Finds Gal´s last blog ..Geometry of Mind Editorial for Pastaiga Magazine by Photographer Nils Vilnis =-.

  24. Kristin Decker

    When I’m not blogging you can find me doing a number of things:
    1. Working-always on the plane-always traveling.
    2. Running errands and paying bills.
    3. Trying to finalize everything with my boutique.
    4. Drinking Starbucks.
    5. Shopping….

    You know…just living the dream!
    .-= Kristin Decker´s last blog ..The do’s & dont’s of looking glamorous =-.

  25. Market Publique

    I go to yoga, I cook, I watch old movies, throw a dinner party or two…

    but my favorite thing to do when I am not blogging is meet other bloggers! It’s so much fun to meet people in person, and it makes me feel less guilty about not being in front of my computer. Plus, we can share ideas, dream up collaborations and just chat.

    That’s why I decided to start a Meetup group, so if you’re in NYC, come and join us! Next Monday is our first Meetup and we’ll have margaritas!


  26. Liv Lundelius

    I am a fashion designer, having my studio in Berlin but most of the blogging , office/paperwork, organization
    I do in London because my boyfriend is living here.
    Right now I am looking for a Businesspartner as well and searching for a good Agent.
    So: I am designing dresses when I am not blogging, making sketches, seeing a lot of art and movies
    for inspiration drinking loads of coffee…guess thats almost it.
    .-= Liv Lundelius´s last blog ..smokin hot wedding =-.

  27. Danielle

    I do fashion illustrations for clients… sometimes editorials but often work for fashion designers and private clients that work doesn’t get as much exposure.

    This August I am getting out of the sticky city as much as I can! Going up north, helping my SO with his projects, visiting my parents and brother and baby niece. When I’m up there I help my mom with the canning. I love cooking and shopping for food, read as many library books as I can get away with, and like to keep the studio neat and tidy.
    .-= Danielle´s last blog ..save the date – walk the walk =-.

  28. Elvia

    Working part-time, going to college / fashion courses, shopping, hanging out with friends, researching for fashion news, writing articles, interning for a Bibi Magazine and StyleSalt… among other things.
    .-= Elvia´s last blog ..Valentino on DVD =-.

  29. Lucy

    bahahaha when I’m not staring at my computer screen or when I’m not blogging? as much as I wouldn’t like to say it my life tends to revolve around the internet 🙁 🙁 especially since I’m a student and I’m always doing research online. anyway let’s see…when i’m not sitting in front of this thing, I eat out with friends (trying not to do it too often but it’s summer and I’ll soon be back in San Diego for school and away from home), do yoga with my younger cousin, play dollies with my younger cousins (they’re guys LOL), read lots and lots of magazines…haha not a very *active* life but I prefer quiet time 🙂
    .-= Lucy´s last blog ..Subscriber’s edition of Harper’s Bazaar is HERE =-.

  30. stellabella

    Offline time is definitely important. What better way to spend non-blogging time by going out to see what the people are wearing? People watching gives me ideas on what to blog about, and you actually spot trends! Besides from that, shopping and Girlfriends time is a good way to go. 🙂
    .-= stellabella´s last blog ..Independent Fashion Bloggers Unite! =-.

  31. marinka

    dont i do the things i blog later?
    .-= marinka´s last blog ..gee, left ctrl hasnt worked proberly, neither the d. i took them… =-.