Poll : How do you feel about Sponsored Posts?

greedWhile monetization in the blog world evolves, one thing is for certain, we haven't decided how we feel about sponsored posts. As a whole anyway. Many bloggers have clear cut views on how they feel, and I'd really like to know your take on the controversial practice.

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  1. Ashe Mischief

    I couldn’t pick an answer, because I have mixed views….
    – I feel that the blogger should remain having full editorial control, even if the post IS sponsored. If I wanted to read a press release, I’d read my email.

    – I haven’t yet taken on sponsored posts, mostly because if I’m going to have permanent SEO links or other such in the post, then I have to take in to account the permanency of that post. And frankly, $12 isn’t enough for me to put a permanent post up. That may sound greedy, but it’s business, pure and simple. All sponsored posts have something they want in return, and I find it’s typically SEO optimization. Well, I do that via text links, and I have a set rate per month…why should those guys pay more for 1 month on my sidebar than another would for a post permanently?

    – It’s come up that people have asked to buy text links in posts… I don’t know if i did that, if I should consider that post then sponsored. It makes me uncomfortable to think that my readers would feel I was compromising my posts that way…. I think if they spoke out and said they were all right with it, that I may change my mind…
    .-= Ashe Mischief´s last blog ..The Dramatis Personae: Desperately Seeking Susan =-.

  2. Michelle

    As a reader, I don’t have a problem with sponsored posts. Sponsored reviews (actually being paid to write the review, as opposed to, just got the item for free) are different, to me, although I don’t know if I’d actually think any less of the blogger because of it. It just seems like it would make them more biased? The more I think about it, though, the less sense that makes. As long as the post is a. well written, b. something that would normally be covered on the blog, and c. not just a copied and pasted press release (although I guess this goes under well written), I don’t see anything wrong with them at all.

    For me, it comes down to that honestly these are pretty crappy times financially for everyone, so I’m totally not going to hold doing sponsored posts against a blogger – to a degree. If that becomes everything they do or if the posts are about something that they would normally not touch with a ten foot pole, it might cause me to lose interest in the blog. I’ve been thinking about the issue myself some lately, I’m curious to see what others say.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Marvelous Monday! =-.

  3. Mary @ StyleFyles

    Product placement in TV and films, sponsored magazine articles. Companies make money by sponsors….it is how they continue to operate.

    If sponsored ads means my favorite indie blogger can quit her dayjob and concentrate fully on her blog (therefore giving me better/more content to read) why would I protest?

    Though, to salvage her blog/keep afloat, in my opinion a blogger should be careful about the sponsors she chooses (ie: only products she supports or uses). If a blogger fills her blog with sponsors that her readers cannot connect with, then she will lose followers. However, if a blogger obtains excellent sponsors, she may gain readers because she is helping her followers discover something new/excellent that perhaps they had never seen before.

    In short, a blogger should only write sponsored posts for products she believes in…..products she would write about, regardless of the cash flow. It will still feel honest, and may even turn out to be a supplement (rather than hindrance) to her blog.

  4. Chelsea Rae

    I’m not against sponsored posts in general, but I do feel like they should be properly identified. Though magazines do technically have ads and advertorials intermingled withe the articles and regular editorial content, any thing that may resemble magazine content is clearly identified usually with something that says “Advertisement”. I agree that it doesn’t make sense for a blogger to have sponsored posts that don’t relate to their blog or that go against the blogger’s personal values, but what the blogger chooses to display is there business. If I find the content underwhelming, then there’s multitudes of other blogs with similar content for me to frequent.

    Personally, on PRC, I’ve chosen to leave the sponsored post option open, but everything from the topic to the copy and creative has to either be created or sanctioned by me because I don’t want to put my name on something I personally would publish on my blog to begin with.
    .-= Chelsea Rae´s last blog ..Fall, what? =-.

  5. Hannah

    i don’t hate them, i do think bloggers should be honest about whether the post is sponsored but let’s face it – if they aren’t honest it’s usually easy to see through and readers aren’t idiots – if they don’t trust a blogger they will simply stop subscribing.

    i know magazines etc are all heavily sponsored but i think blogs should be more personal than these outlets and should only contain content that the blogger believes in.

    .-= Hannah´s last blog ..How to: Procrastinate productively… =-.

  6. Miss Glitzy

    It’s complicated… . I think blogs with some sponsored posts are great because it shows that they are well received by blog readers (hence companies approach them). However blogs that are full of sponsored posts lack personal flavour and credibility. So I guess the blogger needs to maintain his/her own balance of sponsored vs personal posts.
    .-= Miss Glitzy´s last blog ..Kristinit – Fashion Forward designs =-.

  7. Retro Chick

    I think it all depends on the relationship I’ve built with the blog and blogger. If I trust them not to have written about something *just* because they were offered money and the post in question reads like their normal posts, in their normal voice then I have no problem with them at all.

    From a personal perspective my blog is part of my full time job, and I do get material from people sending me emails. I would never allow someone to dictate the content of my posts, but if one of those emails offers to pay money for a post, and it is something that I find interesting, I’d be nuts to say no and then write it anyway.

    I’ve only done 2 sponsored posts, one of them I saw the same topic covered on another blog a day later, so I assume they were also approached, but they appeared to have covered the topic just by copying or rewording slightly stuff from the companies “about” page, and that bothered me a little.
    .-= Retro Chick´s last blog ..Sunday, Sunday and Some Autumnal Fun =-.

  8. Jennine

    ❤ ashe…really great points, it is different when you publish a post, unless you plan to delete it after 30 days. I would not do a sponsored post for $12… in fact there isn’t much I would do for $12…. but I’m lazy.
    ❤ michelle…oh yes, sponsored reviews have a bit of a different feel to them than regular reviews. i think they might be more diplomatic than a regular review, but i do know that the ones i have done (which is one) i told them I would not say anything i didn’t actually believe. they wanted me to say that their label was ‘young and modern’ where i did not agree, so i didn’t post that, but i did make up for it by pointing out some things i liked.
    ❤ mer… i don’t think most magazine articles are sponsored, but i do believe that alot of them are heavily influenced by advertisers, and they do have sponsored content for sure.
    ❤ mary… very good point, in fact, i pretty much agree with everything you said. it’s hard because blogging takes a lot of time, and if a sponsored post allows for a blogger to continue what she’s already doing, then really, we’re not the ones paying her, so why should we stop her from making money? but at the same time, i do believe that has to be done properly, or it just doesn’t make any sense at all.
    ❤ chelsea…absolutely, you owe it to your readers to let them know what they are looking at.
    ❤ hannah… so true, but i have a feeling that bloggers will be able to straddle that line because of the niche they create for themselves, whereas magazines tend to try to go for the masses.
    ❤ miss glitzy… balance is everything.
    ❤ retrochick… oh my…well yeah, copy and pasted from the about page is a little crazy…. but many times if a large company decides to do a campaign like this, it usually ends up on a lot of blogs.

  9. Corinna

    this is really a difficult question, but i’d say that sponsored posts are ok, as long as the blogger mentiones that he/she gets paid/a free item from the company/etc. and that this might influence their opinion. and it has to be likely that they support the company etc., not for example someone who has been strongly against fur in the past and now advertises a fur coat
    .-= Corinna´s last blog ..I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it =-.

  10. Kate

    Sponsors have been used in business for a long, long time so they’re nothing new. I mean look at all the athletes and celebrities that have sponsors.

    To me there’s nothing wrong with a blogger being sponsored by a company. It’s the way you do it. There’s a tactful way to do it and of course there are definitely untactful ways of going about it.

    No one wants to feel like they’re being sold to. That being said, sponsored posts start to get annoying when they start popping up all the time on the same blog. But seeing a sponsored posts every once in awhile doesn’t bother me a bit. I mean, I would hope that when blogger writes a sponsored post that they actually do like the product.

    Let’s face it, we all would like to monetize our blog, so if a company that I LOVE offers a payment or a trade for a post, hell yeah I would do it! It’s part of business, it isn’t much different than selling ad space. At the same time, I’m very concerned about the image of my blog so it really has to be something that I love. To me, it’s never worth the money to promote something that I don’t believe in.
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Acid Flashbacks =-.

  11. eyeliah

    I only feel comfortable if it is a product I would like. I would not write one for something I didn’t and I think it can be obvious on other blogs. I don’t read blogs to be sold to. That’s why I stopped reading nylon magazine, even the articles are just ads to get money out of our pockets.
    .-= eyeliah´s last blog ..What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner & Out Dancing =-.

  12. Little Miss Wedding

    Its a difficult one and I am not sure how I feel. So much so that yesterday I got sent a pair of free hair straighteners (which I used and were really good) but I am just not sure how to blog about them, or whether I want to blog about them, due to editorial integrity. Don’t get me wrong we all love a good freebie and for those people whose blogs are their jobs and livelihood they need to be able to make money. The other people commenting are right that magazines takes ads (and then give you editorial coverage) and also advertorials so its not really that different doing the same with blogs. I do think though that if you want to keep your integrity, style then its worth pointing out somewhere that you did get the product for free for review and probably only reviewing products that you would like to recommend to your readers.
    .-= Little Miss Wedding´s last blog ..Wedding inspired blogs from the UK – weekly round up =-.

  13. amber renee

    i also feel the blogger should remain in editorial control.. if posts were sold out then whatever the market wants us to read about we read about.. blogging is INDEPENDENT media, we have to keep it ours and not risk losing repuation.

    i. love. this.

    so glad to find you~
    would love to be friends or swap links!


  14. White Rabbit

    I agree, it is contraversial.

    On the one side, I love writing reviews/features about things that inspire me and I work hard on it – so why wouldn’t I accept a fee for that? On the other side, if it is $12 per post, how many of them should be written to make a decent amount? Isn’t there a danger of “mass manufacturing” your posts and become less and less picky? I want my readers to know that if I write a review about something it is because I believe in it, not because I was paid to do so.

    Yes, I would love to make money out of my blog one day but only if can keep my identity and true opinions as a blogger. Isn’t it what blogging is about?
    .-= White Rabbit´s last blog ..In Prague – The City of Shapes and Shadows =-.

  15. Moe

    I’ve done a few sponsored posts in the past because they are related to my topic. But I’ve turned down numerous opportunities and good money because they didn’t fit with my blog or I thought their website sucked or the person had too many stipulations that made me uncomfortable.

    Obviously I think it’s ok if a blogger takes on sponsored posts but I think they need to hold true to what they feel is right and not be afraid to say no or yes.
    .-= Moe´s last blog ..Lapis Lazuli Jewelry =-.

  16. Christina

    I don’t hate them, but if I decide to do a sponsored post, it is a product that I would wear or support, myself. I have done a sponsored post (or two) and it’s a cool way to earn 20 bucks (or more.) I am very choosy about what I post to my blog, which is why I don’t have 10 posts a day, of nonsense. However, both of the sponsored posts I have done, have brought quite a bit of traffic to my blog. So, I would say….they’re okay.
    .-= Christina´s last blog ..Fall Must-Have of the Day: Studded Ankle Boots =-.

  17. misslikey

    i used to have mixed feelings about this but I realized I am doing the next.-If i like something I’ll post it anyway..but if I don’t I won’t no matter how much they offering. I suck as businessman lol 🙂
    .-= misslikey´s last blog ..All nude; from tip to toe =-.

  18. Dari

    I don’t mind them up to a certain point.

    Sometimes, it feels like the only reason a blog exists is to do sponsored posts. If I see you getting a “gift” of several shoes, shirts, accessories, sunglasses…every week…I’m skeptical as to how discerning you are with your choices. At the same time, you don’t have to pay for anything you’re wearing.
    I’m sure people know what I’m talking about.

    It’s just a little disconcerting when I see that you’re receiving a bit too many free things for me to feel like you cannot be swayed.

  19. Pearl Westwood

    I don’t have a problem with them but I do have two main rules: I will only review a product I would use anyway, and I always tell my readers if it is sponsored. I turn down 90% off all the advertising opportunites I am offered as I want to stay true to my blog, but if someone wants to send me something I would buy or use or pay for a review I dont see why not! I also make sure I have full editorial control over all posts and write then as ‘me’ I dont just want to paste a press review as it would be boreing for my readers.
    .-= Pearl Westwood´s last blog ..Doppleganger? =-.