Poll Results : How do you feel about sponsored posts?

sponsoredpollLast week I put out a poll asking you how you felt about sponsored posts.  The results were quite surprising. With all the talk about how doing sponsored posts degrades a bloggers credibility, and some blog networks won't allow you to use their advertising if you do sponsored posts, the truth is, most of us don't mind them. While a small percentage have actually done a sponsored post, there is an interest integrating sponsored posts in a bloggers monetization strategy.

If you're going to do it… do it right

For the most part, people didn't mind them as long as they were done properly, if the sponsor was a good fit, if the post didn't veer from the regular content,  if it wasn't done too frequently, and as long as the blogger was upfront about it. Here were some of the comments from the last post:

I don’t read blogs to be sold to. That’s why I stopped reading nylon magazine, even the articles are just ads to get money out of our pockets.' ~eyeliah

For me, it comes down to that honestly these are pretty crappy times financially for everyone, so I’m totally not going to hold doing sponsored posts against a blogger – to a degree. If that becomes everything they do or if the posts are about something that they would normally not touch with a ten foot pole, it might cause me to lose interest in the blog.' ~Michelle

I know magazines etc are all heavily sponsored but i think blogs should be more personal than these outlets and should only contain content that the blogger believes in.' ~Hannah

Sponsors have been used in business for a long, long time so they’re nothing new. I mean look at all the athletes and celebrities that have sponsors.

To me there’s nothing wrong with a blogger being sponsored by a company. It’s the way you do it. There’s a tactful way to do it and of course there are definitely untactful ways of going about it.

No one wants to feel like they’re being sold to. That being said, sponsored posts start to get annoying when they start popping up all the time on the same blog. But seeing a sponsored posts every once in awhile doesn’t bother me a bit. I mean, I would hope that when blogger writes a sponsored post that they actually do like the product.

Let’s face it, we all would like to monetize our blog, so if a company that I LOVE offers a payment or a trade for a post, hell yeah I would do it! It’s part of business, it isn’t much different than selling ad space. At the same time, I’m very concerned about the image of my blog so it really has to be something that I love. To me, it’s never worth the money to promote something that I don’t believe in.' ~ Kate


All in all, I was quite surprised by how much I personally felt was similar to what many of you communicated. Sponsored posts have been criticized by a few bloggers,which lead me to believe that most bloggers were against the practice. But a majority of us realize that if done properly, it doesn't degrade your blog.

While many of you did not say if you would do it if the opportunity arose, again and again I heard how important it was to maintain your level of quality on your blog.

Oddly enough, over the weekend, I did get an opportunity to do a sponsored post from a retailer that I have been shopping at since the early 90's and have posted about them (not sponsored) on my blog before. So I took it, because it is aligned with my editorial guidelines, and I think my readers would love the post. For me the jury is still out on whether or not I think it's a good way to make money on my own blog. Everything is dealt with on a case-by-case basis, so we'll see how this one goes.

Are you surprised by the results from this poll?
Does it affect your opinion on sponsored posts?

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11 Responses

  1. MsJaszy

    So glad to have read this. I guess it’s the neophyte in me, but I couldn’t help but wonder what all the hub-bub was about. If a company that you believe in, or perhaps have shopped in the past offers to give you or your readers merchandise or a service for a review or ad space is that so horrible? I assumed it was common sense so felt no qualms about doing one when the opportunity presented itself.

    I suppose like many of the comments mentioned above, it makes sense not to involve your blog or your conscience with a company or product that does not vibe with the essence or integrity of your blog.

    Guess I’ll just live and learn, thanks again for the great info and post!

    .-= MsJaszy´s last blog ..Keep a Youthful Appearance Naturally! =-.

  2. eyeliah

    Hehe, thanks for including that tidbit of mine. 🙂 I am surprised by the results for sure, I guess the verdict is they are okay, sometimes, if the blogger believes in them since it helps us to pay the bills. :0)

  3. Julia

    I guess with the sponsored posts, the bottom line really is integrity; if a blog is overly gushing about a product or products that seem like an ill-fit for the site or I know personally are blase’ at best, then that is really a deterrent to continue visiting the site.

  4. fifigueroa

    I agree with Julia. It depends on HOW it is done. Sometimes I wonder why would someone pay me for writing a post about their product…is it that bad that it needs press? haha

    I’d rather it be a product up for review. Weather it be a bad or good one, your response remains truthful because you are not commited “money-wise” to day it is great.

    This poll was great! I understand that most “high profile” bloggers should get sponsored posts though. They work just like a magazine. So in between all the busy days, a post that gives you some cash is probably great!
    .-= fifigueroa´s last blog ..From the streets to your closet inspired by Rihannon from Liebemarlene.com =-.

  5. aysha

    I am not surprised with the results. I think it is OK to have sponsored posts, the important thing is that what you are sponsoring is an interesting product. I get a lot of sponsored proposals but they are products that have nothing to do with my readers, like do they actually read your blog before asking you to post the product ?
    they should.
    .-= aysha´s last blog ..can’t leave the babies home alone =-.

  6. VueSociety

    Yes, Integrity is what it comes down to. There’s nothing wrong with sponsored posts, if there is liable authenticity and honesty to what is posted.

  7. nicky harris

    I spend my working day selling but I do that as honestly as I can. Aligning myself with companies and products that I believe in. The wonderful thing about blogging is the absolute freedom to say what I like (or don’t) without any commercial constraints. I’m not sure if there IS a way of making money by blogging and when I started It wasn’t my driving force. I will try to continue to write with complete honesty and would love to find a way eventually to make money without losing the essential heart of the matter
    .-= nicky harris´s last blog ..HIGHLIGHTS =-.

  8. ann

    I agree about having to properly posting a sponsored. I also believe it’s a great idea for indie bloggers and Indie designers or small businesses to help each other out. Of course reviews should also be honest and truthful. I’m a small business owner myself and I don’t have the type of capital to advertise on big name magazines or websites. I think it’s great to network and work together with other small establishments.
    .-= ann´s last blog ..DIY Spikes =-.