IFB Poll: Which gadgets do you use for your blog?

If you're blogging, you're using some kind of consumer electronic. At first I thought I would just need a cheap digicam and a laptop, maybe even work computer to do the job but as time rolled on, I found that it just wasn't enough. One by one, I had to get new things, my first laptop died, I dropped my camera and it was no longer under warranty. The video camera I used to have became obsolete. God knows how many phones I've been through in the last three years.

Today I have a whole new arsenal of gadgets I use with my blog in one way or another. Honestly I'm not a gadget freak, and only somewhat technical. Many of you probably use more gadgets in lots of ways, @bionicpuzzi goes between her Blackberry and netbook all day, @partycupcakes uses her Nikon D80 and iPhone for pictures.

Here's a list of what I use, some of it I love and can't live without, and some of it will be destroyed Office Space style as soon as I get the money to replace them.

  • 15″ MacbookPro – As a former graphic designer, I have only ever owned Macs (an industry standard). When my last Macbook caught on fire due to a faulty power cord connection, I replaced it with this in 2007. I like this one a lot, more so because it only gave me lip once in the three years I've owned it.
  • Vivienne Tam HP Mini 1000 Netbook – I actually use this every day, well the days I go to the gym, it fits perfectly on the stationery bike, so I use it to catch up on my RSS in the morning while I work out (my workouts aren't very impressive). Sometimes I'll take it on trips as it's small size is handy, and it's a powerful little machine, a year later, I'm still impressed with what it can do.
  • Canon Digital Rebel XT– I call this my little baby. Yeah, I should probably get a cat, or at my age, an actual baby, but for now, it's a camera. It does everything I need, shoots in RAW format, has all the basic SLR capabilities, and it's lightweight and not overloaded with features I'll never use.  Plus, many professional photographers say they own this camera and they use it frequently. When you can get a used one for about $350, it's a good camera to start out with.
  • Canon Powershot 2100– My first gadget after my old Fuji digicam died. It's a great little camera which lots of options to tweak when you're ready to move beyond point and shoot without going crazy. I don't use it as much anymore, but like to keep it on hand.  It also has decent video capability.
  • Canon 50mm F1.8 Lens–  Have you noticed how amazing the photography is on many French Blogs? From my visits to Paris, bloggers such as Eleonore Bridge and PunkyB and Cachemire et Soie use this lens,  as well reportedly The Sartorialist, AltaMira, Le Blog de Betty. They all have that soft look with a lot of depth of field where you can have an in focus outfit, and a softly blurred background. The problem with this lens is that there is no zoom, and the lens is very wide, so you have to stand far away to get a good shot.
  • Flip Mino HD Camcorder– My husband gave this to me for Christmas, I'm still trying it out, and did my first video post using the camcorder yesterday. I love how it's small, lightweight, easy to figure out (very few options in the user interaction) and the software is in the camera, so I can use it with any computer as it plugs in with an attached USB stick. Oh, I was able to upload directly to YouTube with the embeded software making this super easy to use. LOVE.
  • Android G1– Right now I'm using the Android G1 developer phone. I'm not a developer, so I can't upgrade the software. It's basically useless now. Otherwise I might like it, but after an embarrassing hiccup in Google's service this morning, I'm questioning my dependence on Google products. So I'm looking to replace my phone in the next month or so.

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Do you find that lately you're changing your habits?

Image by  Foxtongue / CC BY 2.0

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  1. Retro Chick

    I have a laptop, an iPod touch and a phone that has an 8mp camera, so since I broke my digital camera and can’t afford to replace it I take my photos with that. It’s pretty good, with adjustable settings, but I’m struggling to get it to take decent pics in low light so I really need to
    invest in a good camera to get the shots I want.

    I’m also starting to think I’m in need of a netbook or something more easily portable and lightweight than my

    I’m interested to hear what others use. Particularly when it comes to cameras!
    .-= Retro Chick´s last blog ..Define Your Style ❤ Part Three ❤ =-.

  2. Grafika

    Well i normally use my laptop and then i shift to my desktop, i use them both regularly, but i noticed that i need a digital camera so whenever i am at Grafika i can take photos but i never got to buy that camera until today coz i always think of the headache of carrying it around with me 🙂

  3. Ashe Mischief

    AHH! I want a Flip Mino SO BADLY. I just think about all of the fun videos I could create during Mardi Gras and Halloween with costumes and festivities galore….

    As for my tools: Canon Rebel, Macbook (the black one), I think I have the same Canon Powershot (I think I actually bought it because yours took such nice images). However, I do think that in the future, I’d like a proper desktop computer and then maybe a Mac Air or a Netbook for traveling…. because a dual monitor set-up would be really lovely.
    .-= Ashe Mischief´s last blog ..IFB Presents: Links á la Mode =-.

  4. Leah

    After an incident with my nicer camera, I’m having to cope with a rather bad old one until I can replace it. But I’m finding it so difficult to blog/do other work without it! After the laptop, it’s certainly one of the most useful gadgets when it comes to blogging (or for college work in my case).
    .-= Leah´s last blog ..Until I Set Him Free =-.

  5. lisa

    I have one 15″ laptop that’s 6 years old and I’m thinking of replacing it as soon as I find one that I love as much as this one. A couple months ago I splurged on an HP Mini netbook and it’s been very convenient for blogging on the go! I use a point-and-shoot Canon for my outfit shots and other candid photos.
    .-= lisa´s last blog ..Tension Clothing Warehouse Sale =-.

  6. Michelle

    I use my laptop exclusively (the laptop is mine, the desktop is Matt’s) as far as computers go, and I have a Kodak EasyShare camera that my mom got me for Christmas – my older digicam needed replaced and I LOVE this one so far, at least as far as photos go. It takes pretty decent video but tends to need really good lighting, and for some reason records in .mov file which is a PAIN IN THE ASS, so at some point I’ll probably just get a Flip. Definitely keep us updated on how you like your’s!
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Tattoo Fashion =-.

  7. DailyDivaDish

    When I’m at home I use my desktop. But for on-the-go, I would be lost without my netbook and smartphone. Flip video is on my wishlist. And I’m interested in hearing everyone’s preferences on cameras…as I am in need of a new one.
    XO Piper
    .-= DailyDivaDish´s last blog ..Indie Fashion Spotlight =-.

  8. lei ann

    i’m pretty much the techno geek amongst my friends…my standard laptop is an asus 11″ & netbook asus eee 7″ (i likes ’em small…hahahaha). i have a nikon d40 for when i have the time to set up photos, but a canon sd880 is permanently in my purse for those down & dirty shots 🙂 i also have a t-mobile g1!!! i love that phone, but i don’t use it for formal blogging…more for tumblr & twitpic (not always fashion-related stuff). *sigh* electronics…it just rules our world huh?
    .-= lei ann´s last blog ..i didn’t mean to get so dressy today. i wore this sweater… =-.

  9. Patriciann

    I use an eMachines desktop at home, MSI Wind netbook with extended battery on the road, and a Kodak DX6490 which is due for replacement as 24k+ photos and counting I’d hate for it to die in the middle of Paris. What I would love to find is a countdown widget for my blogs, the free ones are mostly juvenile and I would prefer to design my own but after two days have yet to find suitable code.

  10. Kristina (Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly)

    I definitely rely on my Macbook Pro 13″ , my Canon 20D (old school nowadays), Photoshop CS4, and WordPress 2 for iPhone (comment moderation when not tethered to my computer).
    .-= Kristina (Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly)´s last blog ..People’s Choice Awards 2010–Oh, The Dresses! =-.

  11. Sandra @ DebutanteClothing

    1. Mackbook with 22″ monitor for desktop use
    2. G1 Android phone
    3. Flip Ultra- soon to be replaced by Kodak Zi8
    4. Fuji F100 compact – great for low light

    Looking for a good used Canon Rebel XT

  12. Twila Jean

    I agree with the Canon Digital Rebel and the 50 MM Lens, that lens is hands down my favorite item on the planet, you can NOT take a bad picture with that lens. When I used to do photography for a living it was my go-to lens.

    thanks for the lovely article!
    .-= Twila Jean´s last blog ..Blue Days =-.

  13. Alice D. Millionaire

    i know it’s terrible, but i use my phone to take my dailies!
    my cameras are locked away in storage due to a pending move that i had to reschedule and now all my things are locked away! my envy2’s phone does the trick, though! i love how the images turn out and it’s super convenient as we all carry our lifelines with us these days..
    there’s no cords, just a msg sent to yfrog. pretty great, i must say.

  14. dreamsequins

    I’ve been slowly turning into a tech geek vis a vis the blog! I have my eye on a Macbook Pro,but for now, I use a Dell laptop. For photos, I have a Canon Digital Elph (It’s an older model and takes up to 5.0 MP) and a Canon Rebel xSI (which I’m still figuring out). For vide, I have a Flip SD, but am waiting for a Kodak zi8, which I hear is good for external mic output. I can’t wait to receive my Kodak! Strangely enough, I don’t have a webcam, but I think I want one for Skype and video interviews for the blog. Oh and my iPhone– love using it for Twitter and quick photos.
    .-= dreamsequins´s last blog ..Beauty Beat: The Best Beauty Advice I Ever Received =-.

  15. samantha

    I love my 13″ Mac Book Pro – so easy and portable. However it is nice to have a larger screen like the 27″ I use at work. Just got a Cannon Rebel XS on sale after Christmas – LOOOVE it. Huge step up from my Iphone cam haha.
    .-= samantha ´s last blog ..UO Spring Dresses =-.

  16. Onedrgirl

    I also use my Macbook Pro 15″ on a daily basis! I’d prolly die without it!
    Other gadgets I use include:

    Canon T1i – For photos and videos
    Canon 50mm + 18-55mm stock lens – I usually switch between both when doing “What I Wore” shoots
    Canon G10 – My point-&-shoot for on-the-go photography. Its a handy alternative to an SLR, and also takes RAW photos.
    iPhone (1st gen) – To check Twitter, RSS Feeds & my blog (such a piece-o-crap now, so slow, lags & freezes)

  17. Julia

    Great post – it sure makes me feel a little less guilty about all of my gadget use! Plus, I was dying to get more deets on waht camera you use, since your photos are always so stunning!
    I am Mac notebook all the way, RCA small wonder flipcam, just got an adorable bright blue samsung Sl 202 camera from my sweet Dad for Xmas, and last but not least by any means, my amazing blackberry curve, who has stood by me – even after getting dropped in the toilet, it came back to life with no issues.
    There’s something to be said about that!
    .-= Julia´s last blog ..Susan Farber Picadilly Handbag Giveaway =-.

  18. Fashionista Lab

    Currently using a regular Macbook provided by my current employer, and my Exlim digital camera. AND I’m about to start using an external hard drive to back up my shiz, once I decide that the one I already bought is the one I want to use. Those things are important! I don’t feel like enough of a photographer to buy a fancy digicam at this point, but having a netbook and a smartphone would really increase my ability to consume information and blog on the go. Someday…
    .-= Fashionista Lab´s last blog ..Re-styling the January J.Crew =-.

  19. meg, reckless daughter

    ooo…i have a lot of things on the list: iPhone, Macbook, Canon XSi and the 50ml lense (which I love). I’m such a Mac person but that HP mini is SO darn cute.
    .-= meg, reckless daughter´s last blog ..red legs =-.

  20. Joy D.

    I am a tech nut but have recently been saving for a summer in Belgium. I have a G4 desktop, dell laptop, Canon powershot, and a 1 terrabyte external harddrive. I suggest an external harddrive for anyone that loves downloading a lot of photos and for those that want to backup their blogfiles and regular files.

    .-= Joy D.´s last blog ..Movie Night 3: Ghostbusters =-.

  21. Alana

    I usually shoot with my Nikon D5000 DSLR, but it’s also good to have a smaller camera to throw in your purse, just in case!
    .-= Alana´s last blog ..Standing out =-.

  22. Dona W.

    I also use my scanner for when flipping through magazines and finding great photos.


    My Macbook & my Canon DSLR are my air. I use them every single day & I carry my camera with me all the time (yes, it gets rather heavy & cumbersome at times, but I hate that feeling when you wish you had a good camera with you). Regarding the 50mm 1.8f prime lens, I find that no one else knows how to use it for some odd reason. Everyone gets kind of taken aback by how ‘zoomed in’ it looks.

    My top 5, in order:
    Macbook, DSLR, iPhone, Photoshop, 50mm 1.8f.
    .-= CAROLINE´s last blog ..LUST LIST =-.

  24. Leather Handbags Blog

    I use my Mac desktop (24 inch) my Mac powerbook laptop (17 inch) Canon Rebel, iphone for doing research when I’m out and about, and very soon, I’ll be using the ipad.
    .-= Leather Handbags Blog´s last blog ..A Brand Apart Twisted Clutch =-.

  25. delilah

    i need a new camera so badly! i have your average digital camera right now but it just doesn’t compare to the big cameras with massive lens! it’s not so affordable though and definitely requires some learning to use!
    .-= delilah´s last blog ..horticulture =-.

  26. Richard Stewart

    I use the Flip MINO HD, a CANON 10D with a 50mm 1.4 and a 50mm 2.8 macro, also use a Leica V LUX I with a 35 – 430mm zoom – I use an iPod Touch for mobile blogging . . .

  27. Alicia Matthews

    the design of the MSI Wind is similar to the basic netbooks you can find around. the price point of this netbook is cheaper than acer or dell netbooks `

  28. Sarah Chavez

    Macbook 15″, iPhone (which is a super recent addition), and a little Sony Cybershot for pics. I REALLY need a decent camera though, and keep waffling between Nikon and Canon…any thoughts?
    Also, what’s a decent Blogger app for my iPhone? There seem to be pretty conflicting reviews and I need some help! Thanks!

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