Poll Results: Which gadgets do you use for your blog?

A few weeks ago, I asked you which gadgets do you use for your blog? While my own personal arsenal of tech gear keeps growing… it was really interesting to see what all of you were using. In the comments, many of  you expressed your desire for more mobility, some blogging from smart phones or investing netboooks, while others talked about wanting to invest in more photo and video equipment. I was really surprised to see how many people were using Kodak and Fuji cameras, and that generally we really use our electronics until they die as opposed to getting the latest, most recent model.

It'll be interesting to run this again in six months to see how technology affects our blogging habits. Using mobile devices for things like twitter or tumbler totally work well, but to do extended posts many still need a more traditional set up. Maybe that will change? I just need to get faster on the tiny keyboard first!

What do you think will be different in six months? A year?

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13 Responses

  1. Retro Chick

    I need to start looking at video equipment. But I need a really good camera first I think.

    Personally I still don’t have the patience to watch video and rarely view the videos in peoples blogs, but it really is growing, even I’ve started watching a few.

  2. Fi Figueroa

    ugh. this reminds me i need a good camera.
    I’ve always been into the video bloging thing. But, that’s probably because I would record bands and such.
    Maybe I’ll mix in the two haha on the blog
    .-= Fi Figueroa´s last blog ..Demons & Denim =-.

  3. Retrodiva

    I’m definitely starting to look more towards video. Luckily the prices on videocams are going way down.
    .-= Retrodiva´s last blog ..I Can’t Talk Fashion and Not Talk Gaga =-.

  4. Rosie Unknown

    I’d say the number of smart phones will rise, and within the near-ish future I think we may see a rise in the use of phone cameras. To the best of my knowledge, there aren’t any really good ones yet, but I think that soon there might be some that are good enough to take half decent outfit photos.

    With technology changing faster than fashion though, who can?
    .-= Rosie Unknown´s last blog ..What I Wore: Pink and Purple =-.

  5. Nicky Harris

    I am really thinking about buying a video camera but which one? Has anyone done any research to find out which is the easiest with the best results for embedding on a blog site? I think we should start a discussion on camera’s and video camera’s.
    .-= Nicky Harris´s last blog ..Wardrobe Staple No 1. =-.

  6. Sophi

    I use a laptop but mostly use my desktop at home. Although I really love to get out of the house and write at B&N or sometimes at the library where I can think better.

    Here is what’s next for me:
    1. Video – will be launching a new site with mostly videos, this will be totally new for me so wish me luck! I’ll be using an HD camcorder (a little scary though – pores galore) to record.
    2. Smartphone – I’m so ready to finally get an iPhone, with wordpress available, tweeting from there, Evernote has an app I can save everything on…you name it. So many possibilities & I’m excited to finally get one.
    3. I do have a DSLR so & I’ll use it to capture my own fashion sense.

    What about the rest of you gals? Anyone got some crazy new ideas for their sites and gadgets?

    .-= Sophi´s last blog ..Feelin’ Blue Lately =-.

  7. roni

    I have a netbook, I bought it for my blogging. It HAS built in webcam but the quality is only good during the day :boo: I have a digicam but I need to upgrade to the pro one for fashion shows and what not, that’s definitely next on my list. I’m definitely ready to get an iphone though, that’s for sure.

  8. Lindsay

    I a combination of DSL (canon 4D and xti) and a Canon Powershot SD 750 for portability and random pics.

    I also have a built in web cam for video chat, but I never record videos for my blog. I have been recently using Skype alot and while its not really a gadget its a tech piece that I found as a GREAT use. Not only do i use it to connect to my design clients, but I found that there are some really interesting public networking chats.. So if you are into fashion, theres a public chat where all people interested in fashion go and talk about how they got their success and where they plan to go. If you can’t find one, or were never invited, you can create your own.. its LOADS of fun.

    The other things i have is my iphone.. I would die without it. Tweeting from the iphone is what I do most and it definitely keeps me connected to fans and readers and while there isn’t too much conversation on my actual blog, there are loads of readers and people who converse about it on twitter with me.

    And finally.. my macbook and imac I couldnt live without. use them to design all of the graphics, edit pictures and video and allthat fun stuff.