Groom Your Twitter to Make It Grow

Whether you just started your Twitter account, or you started tweeting a month after Twitter launched in 2006, the thought has probably crossed  your mind…'How on Earth do I make the most of these 140 characters?” You're smart, your tweets are great, you engage, but somehow you've hit a plateau.

While Twitter isn't a popularity contest, Twitter does require grooming to provide the most meaningful experience. Those with the most followers don't always have the best community, but at the same time building a solid following base will help give you meaningful contact with your readers as well as helping your blog's traffic grow. So how do you do it? If you've been twittering for a while and you still have less followers than you feel comfortable with, there are a few things you can do to maximize your presence on  Twitter.

Give it lots of light

Make your Twitter account easy to find on your blog.

If someone is reading your blog, chances are they will be pleased to follow you on twitter. I don't know how many times I wanted to tweet someone's post and they didn't have a proper twitter widget, they didn't have their account listed somewhere in their sidebar, the handle isn't the name of the blog and so I couldn't @fashionblogger them when I tweeted their post. That's the perfect opportunity for other people to spread the word about you!


  • Tweetmeme button – a button that you can install on your post that allows readers to RT your posts with your Twitter handle. It's super easy to use and it's easy to track  how many people tweet your posts, and look up who's tweeting your posts. They might be good people to follow.
  • Go2Web20 Twitter Badge– a cute customizable tab that goes on the side the browser (as opposed to the side bar or header), therefore visible through any page no matter where your readers scroll. I installed this on my blog yesterday and got something like 30 new Twitter followers that day.
  • Twitter Widget– This you can put on your sidebar so your readers can see you have an account and you use it actively.
  • Write a post about your new account, or refer to one of your tweets in a post.
  • Place a link to your account in the footer of your post.



Publicize, publicize, publicize

Part of it is putting on your blog..but here are some other places you can publicize your Twitter account


  • Email signature
  • Business card
  • Facebook, flickr, Etsy, friendfeed….  you get the drift, everywhere that you have a profile.



Make it pretty

As a fashion blogger you are probably well aware of how important it is to be presentable. Whatever you do, don't skimp on your Twitter presence. First impressions make all the difference, and you never know how much time someone will give you if you don't catch their eye right in the very beginning.


  • Your Icon/Avatar … what does it say about you? Is it a logo? Is it a computer rendering of a girl? Does it communicate what  your blog is about, what you're about? Icons do matter, people do pay attention to them, so make sure your icon sends the right message. I just updated mine the other day, and people really did notice.
  • Your Twitter Background… I like to have it match my brand, but not necessarily since I use the same account for both my blog and for IFB. However, it's important, like your icon that it's also pretty to look at, and not generic.



Sew more seeds, follow people

It's kinda weird when someone doesn't follow anyone back, but what are you going to do? Yeah, they may say that they don't follow people back because how do you keep track of everyone? Well I have news for you… Twitter clients like Tweetdeck and even Twitter lists make it easy to filter out the people you want to follow every single tweet from the people you may want to catch up every once in a while. I admit sometimes I fall behind on following people back…and sometimes I don't follow back if there is a high chance you will un-follow me (ie. spammers or make money online people) but I always try. Some people can get away with following back the few and get large masses hanging on their every tweet, but I'm not one of them, nor do I want to be.

Here are some ways I use to find others to follow


  • Invite people from your email– this has it's plusses and minuses, on the plus, it's a good way to let your contacts know you're on twitter. On the minus, there may be that email in your contacts from someone you would prefer not to get in touch with (ie. that guy…what's his name.. you went on two dates with five years ago)
  • Other blogs (see point one)
  • Follow the people your favorite twitterers are following…they could be interesting
  • Follow the people who are following  your peers. You might have the same interests
  • Follow people who are tweet key words you're interested in, run a Twitter search, see who comes up.



Because  of spammers and Twitterers who've developed ways to tricking the system with aggressive following/following tactics Twitter has clamped down on aggressive following. You can't follow too many more than are following you…which leads me to my next point.

Be sure to water, fertilize, and talk to your Twitter garden

There are loads of Do's and Don'ts out there on the net.. and be sure to give your followers lots of love. You can't be a taker in this world and the more you engage in Twitter the more it has to offer you.


  • Reply when you can, engage in conversations.
  • Follow Friday them.
  • Retweet.
  • Have fun.
  • Don't be a robot.



Weed…Unfollow Deadbeats

I'm not saying that you should unfollow people who don't follow you, but if they don't provide  value to your Twitter experience, or haven't tweeted since 2008, it's time to let them go. I have only done this once or twice in three years, but it's good to do it every now and then.  I usually go to Google to find the latest and best bulk unfollow tools. Also, if you see someone who is blatantly spam, or just bothers you, don't be afraid to unfollow. Remember this is your Twitter experience, you have to love it if you want it to grow.

By the way, my Twitter account is @thecoveted follow me if you like!

Image by muffmuff / CC BY 2.0

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57 Responses

  1. Emily

    Excellent post Jennine (as always)!!! Very useful indeed! 🙂
    .-= Emily´s last blog ..Day of birth; meow =-.

  2. Fi Figueroa

    this was WAY useful! and It’s true, engaging in conversations and replying or retweeting often helps! It makes you look more HUMAN lol

    I’m trying out the tab on the side for sure!

    thanks for this awesome post!
    .-= Fi Figueroa´s last blog ..Demons & Denim =-.

  3. Michelle

    Very great tips! 🙂 And in case anyone is wondering, I’m @brutalcupcake haha! <3
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Avatar Inspiration =-.

  4. Marie Denee

    Great post! Twitter has been an extremely meaningful and useful tool for me! I have met some of the coolest peeps on there! I do NOT use autofollow as this takes away from the personal touch. I also check each porfile out before I follow… Great tool!
    .-= Marie Denee´s last blog ..A Plus Sized Valentine’s: Lingerie =-.

  5. Monica Barnett

    Great article and terrific tips! I immediately used the tweetmeme button….!!
    .-= Monica Barnett´s last blog ..Men’s Sale at Last Call =-.

  6. punky

    This is great. Local companys are always asking me if I will help them with their twitter page. I just tell them not to be themselves and make friends and be a friend. The followers will come.

  7. Jen

    Love this article. I hate when people use those sites to get thousands of twitter followers. I’m a believer of doing things organically. It allows you to know your followers and ensure that they know you too. Twitter can be a great tool if used properly.
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Punk in Pink =-.

  8. eyeliah

    I like twitter, at first it was very hate-hate but now I am having a grea ttime on there. I also use twitterfeed to tweet all my posts for and which has helped get new readers over to my blog to chech out the posts. I will add a twitter button to my blog now, good ideas!
    @eyeliah 😉
    .-= eyeliah´s last blog ..I Know You’ll Get To Like It If You Give It A Chance Now =-.

  9. Kristen

    Thanks! I haven’t really gotten ‘into’ or explored all the wonders / possibilities of twittering, but I feel like this post gives a lot of good advice and inspire me to rethink it all a little.

  10. fashionfille

    <3 this article.

    the side tab isn't working for me! i put the code where it's supposed to be, but nothing! anyone else have issues? or could someone check my blog to see if maybe it works for them?

  11. Foley

    Great tips, thanks! Esp for the Go2Web20 Twitter Badge, i was looking for that kind of badge. Now i need to figure out how to put it on my blog 🙂

  12. DailyDivaDish

    Great article Jennine! I definitely could have used this several months ago. I think I made like every Twitter faux pas imaginable when I first began.

    As you pointed out, when used correctly, Twitter can be instrumental in communicating with blog followers easily and instantly. I’ve gotten to know some amazing people through Twitter!

    If you don’t mind, I’m curious about your thoughts on the new RT button within Twitter? Now I have unknown avatars showing up in the tweet stream as if I’m following them…all because one of the people I follow re-tweeted them. I’m personally not a fan of this. Thanks again for a great post.
    XO Piper
    .-= DailyDivaDish´s last blog ..Links à la Mode =-.

    • Jennine

      what fun is it if you don’t make twitte faux paxs? as far as the RT feature… i use tweet deck so i don’t really ever see them, i would guess they’re troublesome!

  13. Jillian

    Thanks so much for this article. It was a nice reminder that it’s time to shape up my twitter and make it work for my blog. I would also add that linking your RSS feed to your twitter account is a great way of keeping your followers updated.
    .-= Jillian´s last blog ..To Ray-Ban or not to Ray-Ban…? =-.

  14. Michelle

    Great article!! I really like the scrollable Twitter button, that is a fabulous idea. For anyone else who was having problems: I just put it in a sidebar widget using WordPress – works great for me!

    I’m glad you’re encouraging authenticity (although it’s not like I didn’t expect you to), those autofollow programs are obnoxious and you can tell when someone is “faking it”, no matter how good they think they are at it.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..How to Stop Worrying All the Damn Time =-.

  15. Bostonista

    I can’t make the Go2Web20 Twitter Badge work on my blogger blog.
    I’ve tried it every which way I can think of and it just doesn’t want to show up!
    So disappointed!

    This is an excellent post! I’ve been trying to make my twitter account much more fashion and blog focused rather than a personal twitter so these tips will really help!

    .-= Bostonista´s last blog ..Things to Do… =-.

  16. Ambar

    Just updated my widget to the one you mentioned. Definitely looks better. Thanks so much.
    .-= Ambar´s last blog ..My Birthday Part I =-.

  17. Anna Jane

    I never used to fully *get* twitter (all my real life friends are on Facebook so there never seemed much point to use it). However it is an absolutely marvellous tool if you have a business or brand to promote, even if your brand is only a relatively small fashion blog. I’m finally getting into the swing of everything and understanding the importance and value of retweeting and sending @replies. Twitter is the future!

    oh, and shameless self-promotion here, but my twitter username is @pixelatedblonde for those who want to follow!
    .-= Anna Jane´s last blog ..Stuff fashion: just go nude. =-.

  18. Ondo Lady

    This is a really useful post and I have learnt quite a bit from it. Also love the bulk unfollow tools which I have just used and have found myself 100 tweet people lighter. Thanks a lot for this.
    .-= Ondo Lady´s last blog ..TGI Friday =-.

  19. Karissa

    I think you may have to have Internet Explorer 8 to view sites with the Go2Web20 Twitter Badge because I added the button to my site last night and then I couldn’t open it this morning and I also couldn’t open IFB. But I downloaded IE 8 and now both sites work fine. Has anyone else had this problem?
    .-= Karissa´s last blog ..Rainy Day Style Inspiration =-.

  20. Sandra @ DebutanteClothing

    I personally love Twitter and use it more frequently than Facebook. I have to get organized and make them all work together.

    I have made many connections on Twitter that may not have been possible otherwise. It’s a great tool. I do kind of break one marketing rule though and do not have my blog’s name as my handle. Instead I have my real name. I suppose I should have oen exclusively for Twitter and use it regularly for branding purposes.

    I just hate the idea of using it as a marketing gimick rather than organic conversation you know?

  21. julia

    what a great post – I just used unTweeps to unfollow the ‘deadbeats’ ; )
    I think this was such a great idea to give some twitter tips, and some of them from a marketing perspective will prove very useful for my site-thanks!

  22. dreamsequins

    I love this article. I’m going to tell everyone who wants to get started “twittering” (although I call it “tweeting”) to read this! I’m kind of addicted to Twitter and find it to be a great source of networking and just great conversations all around. Just have fun with it and birds of a feather flock together 🙂
    .-= dreamsequins´s last blog ..The CFDA Effect =-.

  23. sirdorian (

    another great advise from the best blogger advise website in the whole net:) will check out this bulk/follow/unfollow tool, think it could be a good one.

    shamless self promotion for our twitter:
    and don´t miss out our brand new interview with rhiannon leifheit from liebe marlene vintage.

    best and keep on this good work:)

  24. nicky

    Since i installed TweetDeck on my iPhone and my laptop Twitter has become much easier to use. Since I started I have made lots of new friends and have guest blogged on SocialStylists . I would say one thing about Twitter. It’s important not to just use it for business purposes. I find that if you use it to engage with people and tweet about other aspects of your life or interests you get a much more satisfying experience as well as getting lots more followers. The People I Unfollow are those who don’t add anything but just keep posting as if it’s a purely business thing. I hope that makes sense but for me the reason that keeps me blogging is the sense of community not only what I can get out but what I can give.
    .-= nicky´s last blog ..Bermondsey Boutique Pussy Willow =-.

  25. Goody

    i am @curvatude and i am a certified tweetaholic.

    i love twitter.

    i have met some really great people. and done some really cool things as a result of being on twitter.

    i love the fact that i can find information on literally anything that i am interested in via a simple twitter search most of the time.

    my only pet peeve is the way that people use the DM function.

    i think its really impersonal to DM someone via a program when they follow you and its especially bothersome when all it is is someone trying to push their product etc.

    i have been trying to get better about following people back, so i set up a nutshell mail account that emails me my twitter account activity daily including my new followers.

    check them out here

    see ya in the twitterverse!
    .-= Goody´s last blog ..About the Business =-.

  26. Goody

    oh and a side note..i used to use the Go2Web20 Twitter Badge but it would not allow my blog to be opened on internet explorer so i had to remove it.

    .-= Goody´s last blog ..About the Business =-.

  27. hadelicious

    Extremely helpful post! This really shows that our content as bloggers is the brand and twitter is the advertisement campaign we all need.

  28. Styletastic

    perfect timing! We just had one of our readers telling us to get on twitter pronto, so with these hints and tips I guess we have no excuses… yet another social platform to figure out.

  29. Michelle

    Still finding my way around IFB but I have found this article and a few others completely invaluable. Over the past few days, I’ve been able to enhance my blog and twitter so much with plugins and applications. I don’t know if anyone else appreciates it yet, but I already feel like I’m making it more user friendly. Thanks for the wonderful tips. I’m following you on twitter now. @fierceglamour
    Thank you so much for this great article!

  30. Frenchie

    thanks for all this info !! brillant ! you’re so helpful here i love it !
    could we have the same for Tumblr please 😉
    I really want to set one up but is it the same as twitter ? what is best do you think ?

    thanks and kisses
    .-= Frenchie´s last blog ..PICK OF THE DAY =-.

  31. SaSSocialClub

    Thanks so much for these helpful tips! While I’m not a blogger I do head up our lingerie brand SmartandSexy and we are new to twitter. I’ve already updated my email signature to include our twitter address (what is it called?!). Glad I found you. Will follow…. @SaSSocialClub.

  32. Nickie Frye

    Thanks for the tips. I added the twitter widget to my blog a while ago & I thought it junked up the page. I prefer a really clean look. Maybe I’ll try it again & see if I’ve changed my mind.

  33. coco

    Great post! Thank you so much for the awesome advice! I didn’t really think about how useful a tool Twitter could be, but it definitely makes sense with all these points you’ve made. I plan to put a good deal of this into action A.S.A.P. so I can groom everything, not JUST my twitter! Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

  34. Gemma

    I tweet a lot and now I tweet letting people know that I have updated the blog. When I checked my stats my main traffic source is Twitter which goes to show how useful and important it is.
    I’m going to concentrate on following more people that have things in common with me and people that are involved in fashion and blogging in my local area.

  35. WorZy

    Thank you so much for this article. It`s really helpful. I just wandering how peope have so many followers on twitter, now I`ll try to reach some.