The Future of Fashion Blogging Video

What IS the future of fashion blogging? Haven't we just started? It seems like just a few years ago not many people knew what a blog was, nowadays bloggers are making a living, achieving a somewhat celebrity status, and making the blacklist of editors…or are they? How much of the blogging hype is actual hype and how much of blogging is really just about doing your own thing? While we don't exactly know about the future, we try to cast new light on some of the myths going out around traditional media and in the bloggosphere.

Susie Bubble,  Style Bubble • Tavi Gevinson, Style Rookie • Phil Oh,  Street Peeper • Britt Aboutaleb & Lauren Sherman,

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  1. adriana kaegi

    I have been a video blogger for a long time and feel that bloggers can get their message out better with adding a video to their pics and text.
    I cover the fashion week my way.