Blogger Spotlight: Calivintage

This week's blogger spotlight goes to the lovely Erin from Calivintage! It was really, really close, Lady Peach almost got it… there's always next week, right? Erin is a lovley lady with an endless wardrobe and a delight to browse through her archives with all the vintage inspired attire.

Nominated by  The Clothes Horse, Annie, 365 Fashion Rehab, Tweet, The Pink Peplum, Delightfully Tacky, MBeeShauna Ehninger, Black Sheep, and Intrinsically Florrie

Why did you start blogging?

Let's see, it was started with a mix of a) free-time as a full-time student, b) a serious addiction to vintage, and c) inspiration from other bloggers.

What is most inspirational for you when blogging?

I think that other blogs with really amazing original content usually motivate me to think of new things, but I'm also inspired by magazine editorials, designer collections, street style sites, and old cinema.

Describe the type of man or woman who would love Calivintage…

Anyone who loves to hunt for treasures in thrift stores and vintage shops to mix and match with a few designer pieces mixed in.  Anyone with an independent spirit who doesn't feel the need to follow every trend, but prefers to create their own unique looks using a variety of highs and lows, new and old.

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5 Responses

  1. Catie

    Erin is great (and so is her blog)…I enjoy the California sunshine she brings to all of us.