Blogger Spotlight : Second Skin

This week's blogger spotlight goes to the lovely Christina from Second Skin! With an overwhelming majority, it seems to go without saying, her freindly smile and sweet demeanor coupled with gorgeous photos makes Second Skin a delightful vist on any day of the week.

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Why did you start blogging?

I live in a very small town and my hobbies (thrift shopping, playing dress up, organizing my closet) were seemingly peculiar among my peers.  It was difficult for me to make connections with people, and since I was endlessly inspired by fashion blogs, and a few bloggers specifically, I just decided to go for it and try to create my own space.  I saw a kinship with these girls and thought blogging would be a way to meet them.  So, ya, I started blogging to meet girls.

What is most inspirational for you when blogging?

I feel most inspired when those sought after connections are finally made. It starts with comments, and getting to know people through their own blogs, then before you know it, you have made a friend (or three!) in New York or Turkey or Indonesia or Anywhere!!  The global aspect of friend making is the most inspirational part for me! Just today I received a personal playlist CD in the mail from a blogger I have not actually met in real life yet, but hearing her favorite songs, reading about how she listens to them, and loving them as well, gives me this really fuzzy warm feeling!

Describe the type of man or woman who would love Second Skin…

I am really not sure what “type” of man or woman would like my blog.  I guess anyone who would like me since the only thing I am really bringing to the table is my personal style and thoughts.  Perhaps people who like vintage clothing and thrift store shopping? Maybe people who are interested in philosophy? I don't know!  I think blog watching is a personal thing and if people like you they like you and if they don't they don't.  I just kinda do my thing and appreciate it if anyone notices!

Visit Christina at Second Skin

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4 Responses

  1. c.a. Marks

    Awesome! And a gal I’d like to be friends with too.
    .-= c.a. Marks´s last blog ..Bloglovin =-.

  2. Kimberellie

    How could anyone NOT want to be friends with Christina? She has amazing personal style and an amazing personality. She is clever, and funny, and kind; and all these attributes shine through so clearly on her blog! Through her photos and writing she invites you into here life so casually and warmly. I definitely think the appeal of Second Skin has everything to do with the fact that Christina just puts herself out there so sincerely and generously!