The HTC Droid Incredible Review

This post is by Katy Rose

Watch out iPhone. There is a new smartphone in town and this one runs on Verizon’s more powerful (and reliable) network. Besides being a light-weight, sleek looking device, the HTC Droid Incredible is going to be a great tool for fashion bloggers. While there are a ton of geeky specs that could be highlighted, here are the pieces that make this phone fashion blogger friendly.

The Incredible is fast. The phone runs on Verizon’s 3G network and has the 1Ghz Snapgragon processor. This allows you to view flash videos or your favorite YouTube channels. I’ve found web pages load faster than any other smartphone out there today.

The Incredible offers a larger screen than an iPhone, which makes it easier to catch up on news or blog posts while you’re away from your computer. The screen is 3.7 inches and content can be viewed right side up or sideways. The picture on the screen can be dragged out to see up close what your favorite bloggers are wearing today.

Capturing street-style is easy too. The 8 megapixel camera is amazing. Unlike the iPhone, the Incredible comes 2X power LED Flash. It also auto focuses and pictures are snapped with the tap of your finger.



Photo taken with the HTC Droid Incredible.


The Incredible is sleek and light. Unlike the previous Droid, which was bulky and masculine looking, this one is 4.6 inches tall, 2.3 inches across and 0.47 inches thick. It weighs 4.59 ounces. I slip it into my back pocket or purse and don’t feel weighed down by the gadget.

It’s got memory. There are 8GB built into the device and you can add more as needed. For someone like me who needs music while out for a run and has the inability to delete pictures, this holds a lot. Although I’ve only had it a couple weeks I’ve already got 50 songs, 60 pictures, four e-mail accounts, and dozens of apps – and the device still runs as fast as the first day.

The Incredible makes it easy to stay connected. Peep, the Incredible’s Twitter application, will allow you to remain up on the topics. The Facebook app even automatically syncs to your contacts, giving you people’s numbers or e-mail addresses even if you didn’t manually enter them. You can download additional Twitter apps if you control more than one account, or the FourSquare app if you like to let people know where you’re at. The phone also comes with Skype mobile.

And, of course, it comes with all the basic smartphone functions like the onscreen QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth, voice dialing, calendar, alarm clock, etc… Other features include FM radio, speech to text and Google Maps.

The downside…

The battery life is less than amazing. Play with your Incredible all day and it will be dead by the evening. To help the battery last I downloaded an application killer, which automatically shuts down apps I’m not using.

Katy Rose is a fashion blogger and freelance journalist. Her blog, ModlyChic, is geared toward the average girl who cares about looking good without spending a lot of money and without looking cheap. Katy tries to provide helpful tips so everyone can be Modly Chic and Fashion Forward.

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8 Responses

    • Jennine

      Well, it is hard to compete with the iPhone, since the Verizon launch keeps getting postponed, it seems like loads of people are jumping ship because they hate AT&T so much.

      As much as I hate AT&T, I’m not convinced that I’ve seen anything better than the iPhone and certainly haven’t used anything better either. even the photo quality. Though, I do love the idea that Android is an opensource operating system, we’ll see how it plays out in a few years.

      Then again, I’m a life-long Apple snob, so my opinion is *very* biased, so basically, I’m off limits to reviewing everything that’s not Apple.

  1. Betsy

    The iPad is also amazing if you do not have the Droid or the iPhone. I love my Blackberry and with the iPad I feel like I have it all!

  2. roni

    considering Verizon’s sketchy track record, I’m definitely skeptical about this claim. but the NexusOne trumps the Iphone. hands down.

  3. Susan Newman

    Thank you so much for writing this useful post. I am now ready to purchase the Droid and replace my old phone.
    – Susan

  4. Working Girl's Shoe Closet

    In LA, Verizon is the best service and have been debating where to go from the Blackberry since I’m feeling like its so 2000 and late… but more than anything it just can’t seem to keep up with the social media needs of today. Thanks for the review. It really helped me focus my choices. 😉

  5. Charles

    I got mine just before NYFW and it lives up to the name, except when it comes to battery life. The clerk in the Verizon store warned me that the processor was really powerful and would run down the battery quickly, but I think it’s the wifi, 3g data, and talking that kills the battery, not what it’s calculating. If I’m on the phone for an hour and tweetign for 20 minutes it needs to be recharged half way through the day. My solution was to buy a second battery, but it’s still a hassle to carry one and to have to open up the case and the phone to change it.