Blogger Spotlight : Kendi Everyday

This week's blogger spotlight goes to the lovely Kendi Lea of Kendi Everyday. She is a country girl with a great sense of fashion. Kendi’s cute quirky humour always makes for a great read.

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When and Why did you start blogging?

I started my blog in December 2009 out of a direct need for a fashion community. A few years ago, my husband and I moved to a small town in Texas, many, many miles away from anything that resembled a shopping mall. It became challenging to find inspiration in my new small town without other people my age who were interested in fashion and who had their own style. (I get more looks wearing colored tights than I would if I wore a football jersey and cut-off shorts, if that gives you an idea of where I live.) I had followed many fashion bloggers for a while and finally decided to start my own, so that I could be a part of and contribute to a community of style inspiration.

What is most inspirational for you when blogging?

Other bloggers serve as the greatest inspiration for me. I am inspired by other's creativity with their wardrobe — how they can remix one item into many different outfits. I love looking at an article of clothing and thinking about all of it's possibilities and other bloggers help me do that. Fashion editorials and magazines are also a source of inspiration for me. I love looking at something high-fashion and trying to figure out how I can make that look work in my small town setting. I also find inspiration through photography websites and blogs, sometimes a beautiful picture can inspire a whole outfit.

Describe the type of man or woman who would love Kendi Everyday?

If you enjoy style with a side of humor, then you will enjoy Kendi Everyday. I hope that a lot of people can relate to my blog and to my writing. I feel that my blog connects the most with the everyday woman. I'm an average girl with a below-average budget. I'm not trying to defy fashion laws, I'm just trying to find my style without going into debt, while surprising my co-workers and making a few jokes along the way. Everyday I dress up sarcasm and wit in heels and a skirt, who wouldn't want to read that?

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