The Missing Link: Basic Link Building Tips

This post is by Fajr Muhammad of Stylish Thought

Creating quality content is the first totem of blogging, getting inbound links to that content is the second. Inbound links not only drive readers to your blog but also improve your organic search rankings. Because traffic is integral to a blog’s sucess, link building is an ongoing task and deserves as much attention as creating your blog’s content.

While many of the links we typically go after include link exchanges on blogrolls, comment links and weekly link roundups such as Links a la Mode, here are some simple tactics that you may be overlooking to get links to your posts.


Target Specific Posts

Having a strong blog means having strong pages. Building links to individual posts increases the ranking power and find-ability of your main blog. Instead of targeting your main domain, target links to your best individual posts. Remember to have internal links to your homepage and current posts so that readers who stumble upon your posts can access your new content.


Optimize Images for Google Image Search

Another often overlooked method to get links is by enhancing your blog’s images. Use keyword rich file names and alt tags helps the search engines to index your images properly. When photos show up in image search they are often picked up by other bloggers and ultimately gain links.


Link from your Personal Style profiles

Using Twitter and Facebook to promote our posts is a pretty standard practice. However, we overlook the social platforms we use on a regular basis like photo sharing sites (Flickr) and personal style communities (Chictopia, Lookbook). Leveraging these sites to gain links is not only an easy win but can gain you readers from within your blogs niche. Note: Some of these site institute nofollow so they won’t pass link value but still count for referring traffic.


Do Guest Posts

As fashion bloggers we are a tight-knit community and we can use the strength of the community to help one another. Guest posting not only helps your fellow bloggers but it opens your blog to a whole new readership. Leverage the IFB forums to solicit and find out about guest postings and reach out to your favorite bloggers to inquire about doing a guest post.

Link building by its very nature is a community driven act. By creating quality content, participating in community sites and networking with fellow bloggers link building will become a seamless extension of your blog. These simple tactics can help to build links and increase the traffic and readers to your site.


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23 Responses

  1. Ashe Mischief

    Great post, Fajr! Especially tip #1— that’s actually in the Problogger workbook, spending 20 minutes each week, going back through old posts, and interlinking to your own posts…. boy does it help!

      • Ella Mode

        Great idea! Leveraging one’s own blog doesn’t just mean current/future posts. Nice.

        Apologies if I’m replying wrong. The other reply button didn’t work.

  2. Tori

    I really need to get on the guest blogging band wagon, I think that is a great way to build traffic and great relationships with fellow bloggers.

  3. Michelle Christina

    Definitely need to start using alt tags and focusing on key words – thanks for this list, it’s really helpful!

  4. queengilda

    everyone keeps telling me to get accounts at lookbook and chictopia… but oh wow… i really respect bloggers who have the time to do all that – update their blog, post on flickr, lookbook, tweet…

    i blog on the side, and so i wish i did. maybe that’s why some people have interns! haha.

    i will definitely try it out soon though! hopefully some one out there likes some of my quirk! 🙂

  5. Erica Lee

    Fajr – So cool to see you posting here!
    I just wanted to compliment you on this post. I especially like the idea of leveraging your images to attract more links. I never really thought of images (perhaps because I’m, in my own mind anyway, strictly a writer). Thanks for this!

  6. M

    great tips, specially the internal links to home & current posts…I need to get on that asap!
    tnx for sharing!


  7. Katya

    Fajr: I wonder what do you think about various link building software available online like Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, and Open Site Explorer? Are you using these tools to increase traffic?
    Also, what are your strategies for approaching guest post opportunities? For instance, I am very interested in guest blogging but I am not sure which blogs are working with guest bloggers and how to pitch these blogs. I will really appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance!

  8. DShaunte

    Good Post, I am a new blogger learning about all of the SEO and tips to progress my blog, so this really helps!

  9. Ombre Digital

    SOme of the above are great posts and indeed many fashion bloggers with build backlinks primarily through linkups, commenting and social profiles, for which there is nothing wrong. One of the best ways to build links that most bloggers ignore and going a step beyond guest posting is becoming a contributor to a magazine or regular site, particularly those that are a tad larger than your blog. Building links from more influential sites is a surefire way to increase your referral traffic and pagerank so with the hundreds of thousands of news and media sites in fashion looking for a little more unique content, its easy to get a few more links a month at no cost.