Build Your Writing Portfolio: 8 Publications to Contribute Articles

This post is by Rachel Phipps

For many of us, our blogs are platforms leading to bigger things, such as a career as a fashion stylist, photographer editor or journalist. Your blog is a fantastic thing to show potential clients and employers, but what about getting your work onto other websites and into other publications? This mix of websites, blogs, zines and magazines should be the perfect place to start getting your work out there…


Style Sample Magazine

Style Sample Magazine is an online and print magazine for fashion bloggers, by fashion bloggers. You can pitch article ideas to Style Sample's Editor Tamia about anything blogging or blogger related, but their guidelines ask you to try and fit your piece into fashion, beauty, clothing and shopping categories. You can also ask to guest edit features, such as ‘One Question, Three Bloggers' which will provide you with good examples of your editorial skills outside of your own blog.



Miseducated is dedicated to all things pastel coloured and whimsical. Submit anything DIY or website related, or just anything pretty that makes you and others happy!



VenusZine is an American print magazine, and you can pitch ideas or apply to become a writer for both the website and the print magazine. The diversity of the sections you can pitch to is breathtaking; culture, fashion, music, DIY, woman in sport, news, tech, careers, art & artists, travel, television and film, as well as being able to submit your illustration, photography and film. I think the best bit is that though you are not compensated for writing for VenusZine, that if your story makes it onto the cover of the print magazine you will be paid for writing it!



Bust is a magazine and website that provides a woman's perspective on popular culture, and it's been in print since 1993, and they take pitches on fashion, culture, real life, DIY or anything really to do with women.



Mookychick is the first stop for the alternative girl, or feminist, or for anyone really, Mookychick leaves no one out! The best bit about submitting to Mooky is that they publish a small photo, bio and link to your website with each article, not just your name/ your name and your link.



N.E.E.T's web designer editor Stephanie J has created a beautiful zine about all things grassroots, indie and DIY. N.E.E.T excepts article pictures, photos and illustrations.


Amelia's Magazine

What used to be fashion lecturer Amelia Gregory's print magazine (copies of which are now collectors items), is now a kooky cool fashion, art, music and earth site which thankfully accepts pitches! They love all things small, personal grassroots and indie so Amelia is particularly suited to indie type bloggers.


Independent Fashion Bloggers

And finally, IFB itself. In case you hadn't noticed by now, IFB publishes articles of the business of blogging!

Of course, these are just links to get you started. The best thing to do if you're looking to have your work published elsewhere, and if you've found a website, bolg or zine that you'd like to contribute to, look for a contributors page, or even just the email of the Editor In Chief and drop them a line. Some publications will accept pitches without advertising the fact.

Editors note: Don't forget to stop by our post How to Contribute Articles to Magazines and Blogs

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24 Responses

  1. precilla

    Thanks fro sharing these tips Rachel! I’ve been looking for some places were I can build my writing technique and you helped me a lot!

    have you ever submitted articles to any of these websites? what was your experience?

    I hope that other bloggers will check these links out and give it a chance. I know I will

    • Rachel

      Hi Precilla,

      I’ve had quite a few pieces published on Mookychick – I absolutely LOVE the site now! (You can check out the sort of thing here:

      I’ve recently written two music reviews for VenusZine, which will appear in their Fall print issue, which should be on news stands in the US soon. I’m excited about that, but so far the team at the magazine have been fantastic to work with!

      I’ve guest edited a feature in Style Sample, and that was fantastic and I was really happy with how that came out!

      I’m hoping to write something for some of the others on the list sometime soon!

  2. Sandra at Debutante Clothing

    Great article. I used to write for Venus Zine and the folks there are very professional and easy to work with.

    You might also want to consider niche or trade magazines. If you have a great deal of understanding of tweens or teens, these would be fantastic magazines to pitch. I wrote an article for Quinceanera magazine about keeping friends. it was a great experience. I write for a vintage trade magazine, and I love it because it has allowed me to meet some great people in the vintage community, which I am very passionate about.

  3. lisa

    Great tips! Style Sample is very well put together and I’m familiar with it, but I haven’t heard of the other publications. I’ll have to check them out.

  4. M

    Great tips, I’ve participated with Style Sample and would love to submit pieces with other platforms, so this is really great info!

  5. Erica Lee

    Rachel –
    So glad to see you here. I keep meaning to check out Mookychick. The rest of the ideas are fantastic, too! You also reminded me that it’s about time to pitch to Venus Zine.

    Great post 🙂

  6. Amber Renee

    This is a great list and we’re proud to be on it — I know I’ll be looking forward to hearing from some new contributers! 😉

  7. Kate

    These are some really great resources and actually I haven’t heard of most of these sites so I’m excited to check them out…

  8. Niki Aguirre

    Very enlightening. Nearly all of these are new to me – I’m a new kid on the block. I’m not to the point of submitting my work but I soon will be, especially the photography submissions to N.E.E.T. mag. I hope to do that within a year. Wish me luck. 🙂