Blogger Spotlight: Holier Than Now


This week's blogger spotlight goes to the lovely Ann Colville Somma from Holier Than Now. With gorgeous collages articulating quite well visual inspiration and esoteric wit, Holier Than Now is a blog you can stop by to put your finger on that thing that you've been craving.

Nominated by: Le Petite Style
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Why did you start blogging?

Trend development has been part of my work/life for ages, but I end up finding so many cool things that aren't necessarily right for a client presentation!  I wanted an outlet for my excess fashion thoughts (I have a lot!) – and I was excited to have a place to share the inspiring images and items I find during my trend travels online and in real life.   I took a hiatus from work when my son was born a year and a half ago, so I finally had time to actually start a blog.


What is most inspirational for you when blogging?

Sometimes my collages are inspired by an obsession that I just need to get out of my system by sharing it with the world instead of buying it –  that's especially true of posts about vintage stuff, because if I put a link to an item on the blog I know someone else will snap it up. Usually though, the collages come from seeing patterns emerge across all of the different blogs, magazines, people on the street that I'm seeing … so it's a bit like game.  When enough instances of the same idea happen, it's time to do a collage about it!

Describe the type of man or woman who would love Holier Than Now…

It's funny, I got a lot of criticism from a pro-blogger in another category about the fact that I'm a “trend blog” but I don't explain how to interpret trends.  It really made me realize that my blog is for people that skip past how-to articles in magazines to look at the editorials – people who would sell an “it” bag on Ebay if they got one for Christmas and buy 4 great vintage bags with the money.  My blog is hopefully a place for inspiration and a bit of shopping, but I don't try to tell you how to get dressed!  I think most of my readers could interpret the trends I post about way better than I would ever suggest – and that's why I love them.

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7 Responses

  1. Daiane

    i love holier than now! the collages are such an inspiration. plus, the trend interpretations are always spot on!

    ann is amazing, thank you for the interview!

  2. violetville

    congrats, ann! and thanks for the interview. my response to your critic: what is a collage if not an interpretation of trends?