Blogger Spotlight: Fashion Butter

If you ever wondered if you had to be in a major city to create a wonderful fashion blog, wonder no more. Well, there are loads of fantastic bloggers in even the most remote parts of the world, but the lovely Fashion Butter, originally from Chicago, now on a small island in Greece, has created a beautiful blog of effortless summer style and picturesque landscapes.  Also, we're so pleased to hear, she's making it out to Evolving Influence… all the way from Greece. Now that's pretty amazing.


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Why did you start blogging?

I originally started blogging a few years ago – primarily to break up the monotony of the very conservative writing I was doing at work.    I blogged about fashion trends, beauty products, Oprah's insane collection of Louboutins – whatever I was into at the time.   And found amusing.   Then, after moving from downtown Chicago to a small Greek island (and deciding that I wanted to plaster my mug all over the internet), I refocused my blog on personal style.


What is most inspirational for you when blogging?

Street style.   Other bloggers.   Photography, interior design, music and art.   The little old ladies who live in the local mountain villages and sell homemade honey and wine by the side of the road.   My inspiration comes in many forms.


Describe the type of man or woman who would love Fashion Butter…

Let's see.   I think that the Fashion Butter reader is clear-thinking, creative and someone who really, really loves clothes, but can also appreciate the humor in the whole fashion thing.   And if this someone is also fond of hoop earrings, Peg Bundy and crazy Greek people, well then that would just seal the deal.


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15 Responses

  1. Bella

    Congrats to Fashion Butter. I love her looks and scenery and so glad to see her featured here.

    Much love…..

  2. Bella Q

    Wonderful choice. I have just recently discovered her. Her style is effortless, and her warmth and joy of living comes through clearly in her blog.

  3. Candice

    I read Fashion Butter religiously! The scenery, the clothes are always on point! She’s so down-to-earth and gorgeous!! Congrats FB!!!

  4. LuluMay

    This is so lovely because people always think that people in remote places have no fashion value – but trust me, after studying in a small town i’ve learnt that where there are people, there is fashion.Remember that 🙂

  5. LaCara

    I love Fashion Butter, she is so down-to-earth & her blog is just fabulous! I’m so glad she was featured 😀