Live Blog, Content is Queen: Amy Odell of The Cut

Woot! New content is queen speaker only seconds after the last! This one is for Amy Odell of The Cut. Hope you enjoy my quick notes!

-not a personal style blogger, she blogs the fashion news.

-going to talk about how to be different and feels there is a lot of untapped space online for creativity.

-Went to NYC and then worked at the Observer as an intern. Slowly started gravitating towards fashion topics. Was intimidated the first time she sat down and talked to Tim Gunn (um, who wouldn't be? It's Tim!!!).

-Interview Paris Hilton after prison. “What do you want to do?” “Charity work.” “What kind?” “Animals.” lol

-On to her work at the Cut! How do you keep up with the news? If you wait 5 minutes you're too late! You can't miss anything; people will keep coming back to you if you don't miss anything.

-Hypothetical “Anna Wintour is doing a Target collaboration. I'm making this up!” lol

-She's done her job when she's beaten other sites (like WWD) with the news; have the newest information up first!

-Choose your topic: hers is the news and she also wants to be amusing.

-Fashion is not that hard to learn. It's all about knowing who everyone is and why they are important.

-If there isn't really fresh content (big news) then she likes to find little amusing comments.

-Posts about celebrities are always really popular: get lots of comments and views. Blake Lively and her boobs always gets lots of hits!

-She likes to keep things light-hearted and fun. Also doesn't think people want to read long posts online; keeps it short and not too serious.

-Doesn't think 40s are in, only if you're 40 and look 30! Julia Roberts face couldn't move in Eat, Pray, Love (for realz people? haven't seen this yet!) This is an example of how you have to stay true to self and your beliefs; just b/c other people post that “40 is the new 20” doesn't mean you have to agree and follow that trend.

-Even if people hate you: it's better that they say something than nothing at all. There are alreay enough people who like everything–The Cut is different!

-Hates studies about what men think about women's clothing (me too!). Who cares if men prefer black g-strings to red ones? She can't take them seriously.

-Be honest with your readers and yourself. Don't be afraid to say something just b/c no one else is saying it.

-There are times when you have to be careful about what you say. New York Magazine gives some security, but you also have to be politic. It's New York Magazine's blog, not hers and respect their relationships.

-How to be funny? You don't have to do a lot of work. What you don't say is just as important as what you do say: you have to imply it.

-Won't retract or take things down just for invites: if it's true they're keeping it up! Don't just cater to designers.

-Got upset e-mails today about something she wrote yesterday. (Suddenly wanting to visit The Cut and see who she offended…)

Q&A starting!

-Does she get monitored by New York magazine for her voice? Yes, of course! But they trust her voice; part of the reason they hired her was for her voice/opinion. Talks to her co-workers for a second opinion.

-You partner with the Fug-girls, do you every think you'll partner with other bloggers? Yes, they might do more partnerships and guest editors/bloggers.

-What do you look for in interns? People who work really, really hard and won't mess up! Short, snappy cover letter and no attachments!

-How do you cover a story if other people are covering it? Well, first off–do it! Don't be afraid to blog just b/c others are covering it. Look at it from a different angle and don't be afraid to suggest something isn't fantastic.

-Oooh, nasty e-mail question: does it every make you want to change what you say you don't offend people? She is aware of what is mean and works on not being that. It is scary to post and worry that people will disagree with you. Doesn't give a s%$# about people saying she's ugly. Doesn't read comments any more: they're too hateful and it's hard to deal with. You put yourself out there and it's trial by error.

-Constantly having friends checking her posts so she isn't “the bitch!”

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    • Leo F

      Great content! But please use more polish next time when formatting… This doesn’t look (or sound, at times) professional. I’m sure that your readers, Ms. Odell, and other LBCIQ interviewees would appreciate it.

      Keep up the wonderful material!