Live Blogging: Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere

Hi everyone! It's Rebecca from The Clothes Horse live blogging for the last session of the Independent Fashion Blogger Conference (after a whirlwind of flights from Rome, Italy)! Hope you enjoy my updates jotted down live below.

-Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere wearing a very hip crop top with her navy trousers and nude heels. Tres chic!

-Emily: Why did I begin blogging? Pure boredom. (Same for me actually! 🙂 )

-Focuses on three main things: compelling content, beautiful photographs, and a clean personalised layout.

-Her blog is best for people to visit for some daily inspiration.

-Blog mantra “How to live a fulfilling and satisfying life.”

-Initially worried that scope was too broad, but now finds that a broad approach appeals to people who want more than one thing.

-Emily was first too intimidated to post outfit pictures!

-Really important to be a good editor in your outfit posts: less is more. Thinks you have to be extremely into details and a good editors. Have a variety of photograph compositions: portrait, landscape, full body and details.

-She likes to wear a mix of price points in every outfit and now what you want to showcase: the hair, the jewelry, or maybe a detail on a skirt.

-Location is queen! Find locations that enhance your outfit and the overall outfit.

-Most important aspect of photos: good lighting. Try taking pictures at dusk for perfect lighting; soft, golden, and with lots of depth.

-Outfit posts are time-consuming; invest in time and plan ahead. Just takes “planning, a little creativity, and an outfit worth wearing.”

-Now talking about collages: obsessed with magazines when she was younger. Obsessed with working at Conde Nast in college and scored an interview–and got the job! She worked for Teen Vogue and Domino magazine!!!

-Not very technologically skilled, but makes up for it with perfectionism.

-Keep your collages: clean, have a theme, clear layout, and all are shot individually on a white background. Emily always has a variety of price points to make trends wearable for everyone.

-Now she's talking about food! (Suddenly craving cupcakes!)

-Just takes a little planning and time to create something special (with outfit pictures and food apparently!). 🙂

-Shooting food is radically different than shooting outfits (agreed!). Practice is what helped her improve her food photographs. Also adds props to make something more interesting; like colored piece of paper or pretty napkins.

-Emily wants everything on her blog to be visually appealing, inspiring, and attainable.

-What she looks for in other blogs: a great name, a good header (her first header was too literal: cupcakes and a goat for cashmere!), and simple layout (white background and black text).

-You can set your blog apart with attention to details: make your own buttons, good banner

-If you're passionate about what you're writing about people will respond, but there are no short-cuts! It takes time to build an audience.

-Never wrote to get sponsors and feels that has made her blog so well-read; the goal was always good content. Set yourself apart from other blogs and be unique! Keep content fresh, photographs inspiring, and everything tightly edited.

Q&A starting!!!

-Talking about the Coach collaboration; first met them last semester and got to meet the team. Continued developing her relationship until they wanted to do a design collaboration. Really wanted a bag in pale, cotton candy pink!

-Tips for soft-feel in her photographs? Good lighting! Dusk is a good time. If it's in your budget get a good SLR.

-Oooh, SEO question! Emily commented on blogs and slowly built links on other people's blogrolls. Also social media: twitter, facebook, etc. Likes to interact with readers on twitter and answer questions.

-Multiple focus question: how does she balance the different topics? “No specific answer”, but Emily focuses on what she loves.

-What are you wearing? Prada heels, Dolce Vita pants and sweater. Michael Kors watch. Essie by 5th Avenue nail polish.

-How to pose for your picture? Take tons of pictures, try to be organic by moving around: walking and talking. You get more comfortable with time.

-When did you feel “you made it” built that audience? It's been a gradual process and can't pinpoint an exact time or instance. There was no big break for her, but Lucky magazine publication and Coach collaboration were big milestones.

-How did you get your boyfriend to start taking your photographs? (this got a laugh from the crowd!) Helpful boyfriend and she bribed him with baked goods! Emily says she's just lucky. (so cute, earning brownie points for sure on that one!)

-What's a day in her life like? Spends a lot of time on her computer, or scouting locations, and other details. It's not glamorous and a lot of work. It also doesn't always come naturally. Daily life varies; considers shopping part of her job (ftw!).

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8 Responses

  1. Mae Lu

    This is one of the most encouraging things to read. At first I thought my website was too broad “Style”… how does that translate? Shouldn’t there be a more focused topic and content theme? No.

    If you write good content and focus on what matters to you, you will attract readership. It’s important to you, people who care will find it and resonate with it.

    I love this. Thanks!

  2. Kelly Valentine

    She’s so inspiring and down to earth! i love her blog and it was great to stumble across this interview with her…very helpful!!

    xxo Kelly
    Glamourous Spirit

  3. Marie

    I agree with Mae Lue – it’s nice to see Emily embracing all kinds of content. She’s also such a huge inspiration and so adorable!