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Welcome to the live blog of the Evolving Influence fashion blog conference!  This is Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky bringing you Session 1 of the IFB conference, It's Just Business: Make a Living With Your Blog.  This session on making a living with your blog starts off with our first panelist, Mattias Swenson, co-founder and head of marketing of

-Alright!  Here we go!  It's 9:24 am and people are streaming in, grabbing seats!

-The lovely Jennine is giving us a little intro…

Monetizing Influence:

1. Bloglovin'
2. why blogs are important 
3. examples of how to monetize

Bloglovin' started in his parents' garage.  How is it monetized?
– help brands reach out to bloggers
– blogger influence- brands care about the influence that bloggers have

So who influences us? Bloggers!
-we trust bloggers
-bloggers have high reach

-Typical advertisements have a low trust factor when it comes to selling products
-Bloggers have a large reach as well as readers who trust them- there's a built in relationship.

“Ambassadors 2.0”- High trust, High reach, High influence

SO! How do you monetize your influence?

-sell recommendations with high integrity
-you are a real person with real opinions: this has a lot of influence on others as opposed to typical advertisements.

Product placement: do it with brands you actually like.  If you do it with something that isn't your style, your readers will know and lose trust in you.

You are more than a media outlet.  Use your influence- it is extremely valuable and separates you from typical media channels.

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Q & A

Q: how do you gauge monetization success? How do you measure success of a campaign on your blog?

A: A successful campaign should result in money being made for both parties.


Q: how do companies rate the influence of a blogger?  hits? subscribers?

A: “companies suck at measuring influence!”  Unique visitors/month, comments per post, how many followers click through your links.


Q: Recently bloggers have been required to say whether or not they've been gifted an item.  What kind of influence will this have on product placement?

A: As long as you do it with high integrity, people will still take your influence into consideration, even if the product has been gifted you.  Watch out for that as bloggers, and always have integrity in your product placement.


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    I’m sure I’m not the only blogger that thought Mattias was cute and his accent was hot. Anyway, he did give awesome tips to bloggers 🙂