Live Blogging: Content is Queen, Rumi of Fashion Toast

Rumi of Fashion Toast is up now! She's wearing a cape-like dress and talking like a valley girl. So entertaining!

-“We have a fresh angle. We’re special and get to sit on the couch.”

-She has no experience public speaking and is nervous. She’s going to answer questions that she asked her readers for.

-When Rumi started she wasn’t trying to be like a certain blogger. She was running her vintage eBay store and started her blog to showcase the outfits that people kept asking about on her eBay page.

-Turned into something where she would ask her boyfriend Colin to help her with.

-Boyfriend is wearing Surface to Air and she thinks she is embarrassing him!

-Never expected her blog to become big. Is shocked every day she does the modeling and styling. Maybe that is why it is successful? It wasn’t her goal, but an organic process.

-How does she keep herself motivated? She just is, it’s always in the back of her mind and she takes pictures as she goes. She tries to stay away from over-thinking and trying to not re-wear items b/c they were just on the blog.

-Do you feel the pressure to continually create content? How do you keep it from being forced? Just takes pictures about where she is.

-Oooh Colin is talking (Rumi just said he sleeps with his camera—lol!): always has his camera with him b/c it’s about capturing that moment. If it doesn’t work they throw out the images and try again elsewhere.

-Rumi: It’s just something we enjoy doing. We try to keep things fresh and to not blend with others. Trying to keep it effortless and uncomplicated. Super blessed to have Colin (so cute!). “Thanks dude.”

-Where do you draw the line when it comes to privacy? She tries to write conversationally. There is a lot she isn’t comfortable putting out there and she doesn’t put it there. Only if it is natural it goes up. Maybe Colin is more reserved?

-Colin: it’s weird at dinner when a waitress says “we love your blog.”

-Rumi: it’s all uggs and juicy couture in SoCal.

-Rumi: I think people come to my blog b/c of the pictures. It’s about knowing what you like and capturing it the way you see it—Bryan? Where are you going?! (Apparently she wants BryanBoy up on stage with her J)

-How does she deal with hateful comments? Cool, that’s awesome. It’s part of the package and she doesn’t mind a reaction. The positive response is much more palpable than the negative.

-Colin: We both will literally read all of the comments. We read them and see them all.

-Rumi: I really make an effort to read them all, but it can be hard when people say “I wish you were still like this—or wear jeans.” I try to not take too many outside opinions in and let them affect me. I have to look at what inspires me.

Q&A starting!

Rumi: no questions? I guess we covered everything. You guys are welcome!
-Would you say you had a big break? I have no specific point when that happened. A slow build up and it just keeps growing and growing.

Colin: if you’re trying to copy someone else’s way to get traffic or photography, then you’re going to fail. You have to figure out what works for you.

How many readers do you have? Somewhere around 75,000 unique a day; it’s crazy!

Rumi: Come up here Bryan, I made a spot for you! I moved my iPhone. Get up here!
Bryanboy: No, it’s your time and spot. I already had mine.

-Do you consider yourself a celebrity? Rumi: No, I think that’s hilarious. I’m really boring and the more people that read your blog the more boring you become! I don’t feel like a celebrity. Do you Bryan?

Bryanboy: Yes! And you are!

-Do you have an agent? I’m with NEXT models; she got so many offers that she got overwhelmed. She clicked when she went to NEXT and she loves her bookers; the work is really based on the blog. (So jealous of all the stuff she does in Japan! Japan ga dai suki!)

Colin: She also had opportunities before the agent; the agent has organized the opportunities, not really made them.

-Any collaborations coming up? Yes, Rumi has a jewelry collaboration coming up! Rumi: I was followed by the MTV crew today (bloggers on MTV??? Awesome!!!)

-What are you wearing? Topshop dress with weird arm holes and I love it, shoes by Jeffrey Campbell or someone else and a cuff I designed; “whoring myself out.”

Rumi: Last questions? I’m never doing this again! This was terrifying!

-Why do you think you work so well in Japan? They love half-Japanese chicks over there! They work with like 5 models for the whole magazine and they're all, like half-Japanese. It's cool because growing up it wasn't necessarily a good thing, but now it's becoming a good thing. Does that sound bad? I don't mean it to. I'm sorry that was a crappy answer!

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11 Responses

  1. Mae Lu

    It’s funny, because she seems so super impenetrable on her blog. She’s got this “I’m a force to be reckoned with, I don’t care about anything else but this moment” look on her face when she takes pictures, and this shows how real, and vulnerable and normal she really, truly is.

    She’s actually quite silly (humourous attitude/personality) in the most adorable way.

  2. Leigh viner

    Adore her! And I love how organic she is with her answers, she proves that she really is just living in the moment and enjoying the ride. Congrats Rumi!

  3. The Fashion Buzz

    That’s a really great blog, it’s always great to hear from people who are just normal as some can be a bit OTT! Really pleased to hear that her blog is so successful!

  4. chow

    ahh she wore the elusive topshop cape dress? i should have bought it when i first saw it…now its not even on the site :/