LIVE from #IFBCON: Bryanboy & Susie Bubble

Hi all, it's Jordana from live blogging session three at Evolving Influence. Susanna Lau of Style Bubble and Bryanboy are about to take the stage! Follow my live updates below! This is brought to you by



In the spirit of IFBCON and inspiring style, here's a look that reminds me a little of Susie from Shopbop. Actually, I could see Bryanboy rocking this too!

1:20pm Jeffrey Silverman's spokesperson is giving a brief presentation about how their shoe business works. In short, you can create your own shoe designs and name them after your blog. Everything is made to order. You also can sell the shoes on your blog and you make $115-20 for every pair sold.


1:26pm Susie is now on stage! She is telling her story – started her blog in September 2006 as a hobby, a personal outlet. Her first post was about how her blog was going to be a really selfish thing to do. She was doing it 100% for herself. At the time she was working in digital advertising. She fell into that job right out of college.


1:27pm Prior to blogging, Susie was really into the Fashion Spot. She racked up a high status before her blog took off. We heart tFS!


1:29pm Susie's first press was Teen Vogue in 2006! She has since had a lot of other press, but doesn't want to go into that. It was exciting for her.


1:33pm In 2007, Chanel flew bloggers to Paris to sample the new Coco Mademoiselle fragrance. It was the beginning of brands courting bloggers in specific ways with custom engagement. Susie was thrilled to be a part of that!


1:37pm In May 2008, Susie started at Dazed and Confused as an online editor. It was a turning point for her, the moment when she was legitimately working in the industry. From there on, she started to conquer fashion weeks all over the world.


1:39pm Leaving Dazed a few months ago was the hardest thing she's had to do. This was the moment she deccided to turn her blog into her career.


1:41pm She has been doing her blog as her full time job for a few months. She has done a number of projects, big and small. She did something with a boutique in Hong Kong, then a photo project with Dr. Martin.


1:44pm She has been styling the Ting Tings! Wow!! I guess Katie was a fan of Style Bubble and her manager reached out to Susie. It's been “strange” for Susie because she never thought of herself as a stylist. You won't see a lot of this stuff on Style Bubble. Wow, Susie is becoming a digital mogul. She is truly her brand and part of that is just being herself and doing what she loves.


1:46pm She said the past six months have been very interesting. She expects the next few months to be even more crazy. She can't tell us yet, but stay tuned.


1:47pm She is excited for what's to come. She made a comment about “is blogging even a skill?”  So charming and humble for her accomplishments.


1:50pm Taking Q's from the audience. Someone just asked how she stays inspired. She  doesn't cover everything, just what she finds interesting. It's really important for her to express a unique POV when blogging. She doesn't want to write the same thing as any other blogger. This is something important for all independent bloggers. Your voice is your strongest asset.


1:52pm Someone just asked about how she finds balance between freelance work, when she worked and other things. She used to make it a point to separate work and her blog through different approaches. Dazed was supportive of her blog and the hardest thing for her was making the time.


1:54pm A question about her style – she always looks for something that resonates with her. It's how she expresses herself.


1:55pm A Q about what she looks for in projects to help her personally grow. She doesn't see herself as an editor. The way she covers stuff is unpredictable and nontraditional. That's how it was at Dazed. Now, she looks for a synergy with herself and a brand. Credibility is important to her. She is pretty open if she sees potential and it fits.


1:58pm Someone asked about monetization. She has an agent that helps manage the business side of things. If she really wants to do something, she'll find a way to do it regardless of pay. It always depends on the project.


1:59pm LAST Q – Someone just asked about the time where a certain designer (Pam H)  got pissed about wearing her designs and posting. It was a rare instance and you have to realize the risk that comes with blogging. If you put yourself out there, there are consequences. She can't let it get to her. It's hard for her not to get defensive, but it's not worth the time and energy it takees to  fight back. Great answer!



Again, in the spirit of indivdual styles, here's a fab Eugenia Kim fedora and cool pair of Rag & Bone shades that remind me of Bryan's look from Shopbop.

2:02pm Bryan started his blog as a travel journal in 2004. He has always done quirky things…wearing a blonde wig and taking a trip to a mall. He doesn't consider himself a fashion blogger per se…it's always been a personal diary.


2:04pm Bryan used to steal his mom's fashion mags. He became a Gucci whore at 10 years old.


2:05pm He hasn't got to fashion school. Everything he does is from the POV of a consumer and his true passions.


2:06pm His blog took off in 2006. Shout out to Marc Jacobs…His mom says his life is like a never ending stream of 15 minutes.


2:07pm A lot of his commentary is to make his readers smile. Before making the blog a full  time project, he was a web designer.


2:09pm A lot of bloggers enhance their careers from their blogs, but he made blogging his career and wants to keep it that way. He loves it. He doesn't see another direction.

2:10pm Lots of laughs and love for Bryanboy. He's done. Now for Q's!


2:11pm Someone asked about censorship and how things have changed as he has become famous. It's always a challenge. He needs to stick to his true blog DNA, but also has to cater to new readers and evolve in his life. He feels a need to be responsible.


2:12pm A Q about what he can contribute to brands, photographers, etc. He helps build awareness and drive inspiration. Some readers are inspired by him, some just listen to what he is saying. He is energetic. It's in his nature to encourage discussion and spread excitement.


2:14pm Q about shoes. Kenzo.


2:16pm I just asked about his top milestones over the past six years. In 2006, his friends in the Phillipines turned their backs. They put him down and didn't support him. It taught him to dream more. Another milestone was sitting front row at Dolce & Gabanna last year. He felt like the ground was swallowing him. Before it was hard for him to get into shows and now he gets emails from eveyone.


2:16pm Someone asked about his dream collab or project. DOLLS! He wants to have a little Bryanboy doll collection with a designer. BARBIE, are you listening?


2:17pm Someone asked about what tools beyond Twitter. He said Twitter, other blogs, Facebook and his own blog.


2:18pm Katie Welsh on Twitter just sent in a Q about his beauty secrets. “Look at this face!?” He doesn't have any secrets. Drink water, don't eat (jk), exercise.


2:19pm “OMG, everyone is laughing at me!” LOL


2:20pm Someone asked about his style and how it has evolved. He shops in women's clothing because men's clothing is too small. He doesn't spend a lot of time getting ready. He just throws it on.


2:21pm Q about what he is looking forward to for fashion weeks. He doesn't believe in trends. It's a marketing ploy. He really wants to see more things that are diferent and extraordinary. Not so easy…


2:23pm Q about where he gets his clothing/accessories. He doesn't plan it. If it's pretty, he'll buy it. Everything is spontaneous. He is a “hot mess.”


2:24pm Q from Twitter (CandidComments) about how Bryan disconnects. JERSEY SHORE! His mom said he is the Snooki of fashion blogging! He really wants to take a vacation, but he doesn't want to stop what he is doing.


2:27pm Someone asked about his inspiration. He doesn't really pull from anywhere – just whatever he feels like.


2:28pm Someone asked if he would do his own reality show. He said no way – not until he gets a nose job and lipo. LOL


2:29pm A Q about launching a blog in another country. He decided to use English because it's universal. His audience is 53% American. He loves America and America loves him too. LOL! He talked about how it doesn't matter where you are, people can understand. He blogged on his Delta flight from Oregon to NYC.


2:30pm Final words from Bryanboy after his mic made a funky noise – “OMG, I ruined it!”

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