Academy of Art Show-Lincoln Center Day 1

I went to the Academy of Art show on my Day Two in New York. I really wanted to go to support fashion students and especially AA. I have a few friends who attend the school back in San Francisco so I felt a true obligation to be there. I really enjoyed watching these students put their work on display. It takes courage and a passion to do what they are doing. To achieve this momentous moment is something they will never forget.

I was obsessed with watching “Miss Jay” from ANTM at the show. His analytical sense was great to watch-you literally saw him dissecting models one by one. One of the designers I really enjoyed, April Howard, did an entire collection of leather. If you can drape leather where it falls elegantly, you've got me sold. She rocked it and made me want to buy her pieces for sure. I think what made this line cohesive was the way she sewn the leather, making it appear as if it was a heavy knit. That, my friends, is a hard thing to achieve. The men's collection by Louie Llewellyn was great. Besides the male models being quite delicious, the layer of knits and quality of the cut was fitting to menswear which is quite needed in my opinion.

You can watch the show here and judge for yourself. What did you think of the show?

This post was written by: Christina Topacio of Profresh Style
Images by: Christina Topacio

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