IFB Evolving Influence Conference: Cultivate A Passionate Readership

The blogger conference continued with Yuri Lee, creator of Lookbook.nu and Gala Darling. Both spoke on how to engage your readers, keeping them consistent and not feeding into what everyone else is doing.

At the beginning, “No one wanted to use my site … well, my parents liked it!” but she’s found that doing less, and doing it well, has been key to her growth. She emphasizes: “Know who you are, and who you aren’t.” She advises cutting out the unnecessary fluff and doing one thing – in Loobook’s case, that’s sharing looks – and doing it well.

Not everyone is going to like you. get over it! You’re being judged regardless of what you do – so you might as well be bold, be authentic be you as much as possible.


If you missed the conference, you can watch it via livestream here!
Check out the images on Flickr now!

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