IFB Evolving Influence Conference: Launch Your New Career

After lunch, we continued our segments with Susie Bubble & BryanBoy. Both had very insightful things to say regarding how to plateau their career from their blog.

In May 2008, Susie started at Dazed and Confused as an online editor. It was a turning point for her, the moment when she was legitimately working in the industry. From there on, she started to conquer fashion weeks all over the world. Leaving Dazed a few months ago was the hardest thing she’s had to do. This was the moment she deccided to turn her blog into her career. Since then, she has been doing her blog as her full time job for a few months. She has done a number of projects, big and small. She did something with a boutique in Hong Kong, then a photo project with Dr. Martin. (excerpt from Live Blogging by Clutch 22)

BryanBoy didn't go to fashion school. Everything he does is from the POV of a consumer and his true passions. From there, his blog took off in 2006. Shout out to Marc Jacobs…His mom says his life is like a never ending stream of 15 minutes. A lot of his commentary is to make his readers smile. Before making the blog a full  time project, he was a web designer. A lot of bloggers enhance their careers from their blogs, but he made blogging his career and wants to keep it that way. He loves it. He doesn’t see another direction. (excerpt taken from Live Blogging by Clutch 22)


If you missed the conference, you can still watch via live stream-click here!

More to come!

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  1. Raven Briana

    I would have LOVED to attend the conference! I’ve been following BryanBoy on Twitter and he is a truly entertaining burst of refreshment in the fashion industry! I wanna blog like him when I grow up 😉

  2. bambilarue

    I think such a platform is good it inspires others and tells many about the opportunities out there.One has to think outside the box in todays society try to be yourself even if it seems strange to others most will catch on.