Evolving Influence Recap: Love & Links

With the flurry of New York Fashion Week posts, tweet ups in the American Express Skybox with Alison Brie and Mickey Boardman, it took a while to get the recap of the Evolving Influence conference. I just want to say thank you all for coming out, we had over 330 people attend throughout the day, and if you were following on  #IFBcon on Twitter, the day was full of helpful insight to all fashion bloggers alike. Thanks to our sponsors American Express, Shopbop, TheFind, Jeff Silverman, Bloglovin‘, theFashionSpot, Lookbook.nu,  and Syndicate Media without them the event wouldn't be possible.

If you missed the day's conference, you can always view the Evolving Influence live stream for $3, we'll keep it up for a few more weeks or you can check out the live blog posts Sponsored by Shopbop.com:

The party!

After the conference, we had a party to meet, greet and relax. It was a lot of fun!

The Goodies!

Goodies are always fun, I can't say how much a SWAG bag can finish off the day. Without these lovely companies who donated the goods, we'd be sending the conference goers off in the cold with nothing but a good time in hand. Well, a good time, that's pretty good!

The Links!

We can't say enough here about the conference, and well, that's why we're sharing the love with those of you who wrote about what they learned that day:

If I missed you, please let me know!


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  1. Joanne Faith

    Thank you SO MUCH for putting it on (and everyone who made it happen!). 🙂 I really do hope to attend one day, so please keep doing it. I’ll make it to New York (if not the US in general) one day! xo