IFB Chic Reads : September 28th

    In Blogging:

    In Tech:

    • Maker of Blackberry Releases Tablet: NYT
      Look out iPad, Blackberry's tablet, Playbook, is geared more for business.
    • Blogger Support Resources: Chris Brogan
      If you need help finding professional quality WordPress Themes, moving your blog, and finding someone to help with your blog's design, this post points you to a few great resources.
    • Best Firefox Add-ons: Firebug: Daily Blog Tips
      Firebug can take a lot of the guesswork out of finding your CSS, figuring out how to change it. I've used the Firebug plugin to design IFB, and it made a job that used to take three weeks happen in three days. It's brilliant.

    Image by Sherry's Rose Cottage

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    1. Bella Q

      oh, IFB, i love you so. whenever i see new content added to you, i make a bee-line to read…things that interest me, that i can learn from, people i can cheer on and root for, people i can relate to.