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One of the questions I usually get from men, is “Are there any fashion blogs for men?” These days, men are just as concerned about fashion as women are, yet, the major fashion blogs that people talk about in the news (aside from the Sartorialist) are for women. Even in IFB, it's hard to get the men to speak up about themselves. So this week, I've chosen one of my favorite menswear blogs: Style Salvage. Written by Steve and EJ, Style Salvage isn't just a couple of people shooting off their opinions on how men should dress, they do an excellent job of engaging the menswear community, posing interesting questions, interviewing experts, doing fun features. They also get a lot of original content, Steve's photos are amazing (you may recognize them occasionally on Style Bubble). If you are looking for a menswear blog to suggest to your fellow, stop by Style Salvage!

Why did you start blogging?

Whenever the student loan came in, we always made a dash to the shops. EJ is such a great shopping partner, she has a great eye and always discovers the best items. While I was working in London and she in Manchester, we spent far too much of our time sending each other procrastinating emails containing everything from bargain finds to high street releases, Fred Astaire's style tips to Stockholm street style snaps. The dialogue on and around men's style has always been there for us and one day, we just thought..why not make a blog together and in June 2007 we did! When we started blogging there were very few blogs dedicated to men's style/fashion but thankfully over the last few years more and more are being launched. We've always wanted the blog to be a discussion, not just between the two of us but to hear from the readers as well and it's great that we have quite a few regular readers who comment and express their ideas.

What is most inspirational for you when blogging?

We only feature things that interest, excite and inspire us and we hunt these out wherever and whenever we can. Over the last three and a bit years we have built up strong links with the designers we love and we try and feature them in a new way each season. We like nothing more than hearing about a designers inspiration and following their creative processes right through to the finished pieces. As for the resources we use, we obviously spend a great deal of time online but we still consume magazines and try and look in all areas, be that film, literature or just walking around the streets outside in London, Manchester or anywhere we find ourselves. Inspiration is everywhere and all it takes is a little effort to look.

Describe the type of person who would love Style Salvage…

A man of indistinguishable age sitting at his computer in nothing but his underpants trying to decide what to wear for the day ahead. Ha! In truth, both of us hope there isn't really a type of person who loves the blog, we cover a breadth of subjects and a myriad of styles so hopefully it appeals to most people.

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  1. madia

    Whenever the student loan came in, we always made a dash to the shops
    Haha, I remember those days. Great interview and great blog 🙂