Skimlinks: One Stop Affiliate Advertising

This post is by Ashe Mischief


One late night on Twitter, I was complaining about Commission Junction, an affiliate program who hosts 1/3 of my affiliate programs.  My account was sitting at $32 in earnings, and the minimum payout was $50. I had recently discovered that each month my account was losing $10– a policy they had implemented earlier this year for blogs who don’t have sales through their affiliate accounts for 6 months or more.


Affiliate links are a passive income stream, and they often require a lot of work.  I try to build them organically in to my content, and utilize them on products I’d otherwise be linking to. Generating the $50 minimum payout on a site my size isn’t easy without constantly and actively adding links in to my content.


The next day I received a personalized, detailed email from Skimlinks inviting me to join their network.  They mentioned several fashion bloggers who were already in their network, and I decided to join. I thought–what is there to lose?

Skimlinks is a one-stop program that gives you access to all of the affiliate networks without having to individually join.  This was always  a problem for me: remembering which affiliate program had which shop, remembering my login names & passwords, and then hunting down each product or building the link for it.


Skimlinks is easy to install– they generate code and you install it on to your blog or website. It doesn’t alter the html of your links but, rather, if you link to a page in an affiliated company, you can generate revenue off of it.  This is particularly awesome if (like me) you’ve been denied memberships to companies you’d like to be an affiliate with.  I can still earn income on Zappos purchases, even though I’m not a Zappos affiliate through another affiliate company.

It also gives you nicely detailed reports– below you can see some of the most clicked links on my site, how many times they were clicked, and whether it’s a monetized site or not.  I’ve earned income from Target and eBay sales, and Amazon is a clicked through often as you can see below.  

Skimlinks does have some downsides though– the rates you earn per sale aren’t quite as high as through the affiliate company (whether Commission Junction, Google Affiliates, Share a Sale, etc) because Skimlinks keeps a percentage.  They say that they are able to negotiate a higher rate from the affiliate programs in the first place, so the difference is negligible.  To be honest though, I don’t know what my earned rate is.


For a passive income stream though, it’s been decent. In the 3 weeks its been on my site, I’ve earned $6 without having to do any work.  It’s a nice initiation for those who are curious about affiliate advertising or for those who may not often use affiliate links (like I do).  For a heavy duty shopping blog, it could be a great way to supplement the income you’re earning with your other affiliate programs– because it can be used in conjunction with them.


Is anyone else using Skimlinks?  If so, what is your opinion on it?

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  1. Shebelle

    Is there also earning policy like the one with CJ in case no sale is generated for a certain period?

  2. Christy L.

    Thanks for writing about this! I’ve heard of skimlinks but had no idea what it was. I get overwhelmed with affiliate programs and have never tried them but this seems like a manageable alternative.

  3. Doni W.

    I have the same problem with my affiliate programs. I joined google, commission junction, and linkshare in the past and I just can’t keep track. I’m going to look into this program immediately! Seems like it’ll make life a lot easier.

  4. Piper (DailyDivaDish)

    Thanks so much for this info Ashe. I’ve heard of Skimlinks and have been curious to learn more. From your post, it really sounds like this may be what I’ve been looking for in terms of affiliate ads. Like you, I’ve grown so tired of trying to remember what program has the shops I’m trying to link to. To be honest, I’d kind of given up on affiliate links all together…but this is causing me to rethink them. Thank you!
    XO Piper

  5. Stylenuggets

    Thanks for the intro to Skimlinks. With so many affiliate networks to choose from it’s great to have get a tip like this.

    • Cameron

      How tiny is a 1-point? 😛

      That said, with 6 bucks, I could buy… umm… soap. Or six things off a dollar menu. Or a magazine. Oui.

  6. Amy

    Like the others, Commission Junction has been a bust for me. Skimlinks seems like it will actually work!

    Thanks for the post!

  7. Mimi

    Thanks for posting this. I didn’t know about it and want to check out Skim Links. How many hits are you getting per day? (Just curious based on your earnings thus far).

  8. No Guilt Fashion

    I am currently trying to figure out how I want to monetize my blog, and as of this afternoon I decided I need to take down Google ads, and I also will be stopping commission junction after reading this. I think I will give this a shot. Thanks for writing this post.

  9. Alterations Needed

    Excellent intro to Skimlinks. I used it for almost a year on my sites and made way more with it than I ever did trying to pull affiliate links and join affiliate programs. What a hassle! I’m now trying Viglink, which is a similar platform, but has a few more affiliate programs whose products I write about a lot. So far, I made more off Skimlinks, and might switch back if I don’t start seeing results off Viglink.

  10. Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels

    Thank you for sharing this! It can get so confusing when you have accounts with several affiliate programs, and not all of them are user-friendly. I stopped using all of them except Amazon/Endless and Linkshare, but that really limits the programs I can originate links for.

    I will definitely check out Skimlinks!

  11. Melody Lesser

    Thanks for the info. My frustration with Google Adsense knows no bounds and I had been looking into other programs. I hadn’t heard of Skimlinks, but will check it out. Thanks so much!

  12. Retro Chick

    I LOVE Skimlinks.

    I first installed it in June. It took a while for the funds it said I was earning to actually clear, but I’m getting my first cleared £50 payment at the end of this month with another £70 still uncleared.

    If it stays consistent I can proabably expect to reach payout threshold every other month.

    I also love how it takes the “responsibility” for thinking about affiliates away from me. I just write about whatever I want without considering affiliate links which makes me much happier!

  13. Alterations Needed

    I just thought of another pro for Skimlinks…you can affiliate your RSS feed too! This is great if you have a good chunk of your readers tuning in and clicking by RSS.

  14. Sonja

    I’m so tired of trying to keep up with all the affiliate programs so this looks really helpful. Thanks for the great info!

  15. Kelly

    I just installed Skimlinks a few days ago. I’ve only made 11 cents BUT I really like it just because I don’t have to think about it. I don’t have to do anything. It just happens.

    I tried Skimlinking my RSS feed (I use feedburner) but I still didn’t see my blog post pop up in my own reader several hours after it went up, so I got nervous that it wasn’t working correctly and switched my RSS back to the old feed. Alterations Needed, did you find that there was a delay on your RSS feed when you linked them? I guess I can experiment but I don’t like the idea of half my audience missing a post during the time I’m experimenting.

  16. Bethany

    Thanks for this! I was concidering trying affiliates, but I was really unsure about it! I’ve tried in the past and made no money and really struggled! So thanks for this I’ll go give it a look!


  17. Fimisavings

    I started using it about a month ago on my website. I agree it saves a lot of time and i get to promote advertisers that would otherwise not accept me in their programs. I haven’t earned anything yet. So I’m hoping this is worth the while.

  18. Henway

    Sounds like a decent affiliate network.. it’s a win-win. You get to promote retailers that won’t let u become an affiliate, and get a % of the commission. It might be lower than the actual rate, but hey.. it’s better than 0% commission.

  19. Desire

    Thanks a lot for the information. Im a new blogger and a part-time one at that. Wasnt really looking forward to monetizing until I read ur post. Just tried it. I think its gonna be a nice experience. Thanks again.