What to Do If Everyone Else Has Posted It

Since yesterday when H&M launched their lookbook, preview video and did an international press preview for the Lanvin Hearts H&M, bloggers have latched on to this story generating some 135,000 posts (src: Google Blog Search). Myself included. This time around, H&M has done some smart things to engage with bloggers

    • By creating a story that's accessible to blog readers
    • By issuing blog-friendly material to bloggers exclusive press images, lookbooks with prices, embeddable YouTube videos
    • By inviting bloggers to the press previews so those of us who like to publish in our own ways


      By all means this is a very good thing for both H&M and Lanvin, but what do you do when there are 135,000 other posts going around on the same subject? Do you pass this story up? How do you post when everyone else has already talked about it?


      Be timely

      If you're going to do a fashion news story, be sure to post as quickly as possible. These posts are time sensitive. If I were to post about the Lanvin Hearts H&M story next week, or two weeks from now, it's not news. So unless you have a strong angle (the next point) it's not going to be of much benefit to your readers. The benefit for doing these posts is that if gives your readers a scoop they may not have already known about. Now, your blog friends might be in the loop, but how many of your readers are bloggers? Keep in mind your readers maybe be just that, people who read blogs as a hobby.

      Choose a unique angle

      Original content is key, however original content is not synonymous with original topics. When the 9/11 attacks happened did the LA Times pass up the story because the NY Times already published it? No. Why, because it's news. How do papers keep their readers hooked on the same story? By shedding new light on the story. By choosing an angle.


      Today, I chose to write about the details of the collection. Designer collaborations are often pretty in the lookbooks but in real life they fall short of the image with flimsy fabrics terrible fits and a steep price tag for the poor quality. I wanted to show my readers what I saw to tell them if it was going to be worth it to invest $200 on a party dress from H&M. If you can get an interview,  add a funny personal anecdote, or if you can do a poll, or interview people on the scene to see what they think…use your imagination, the possibilities are endless.


      Blogging is all about finding your unique voice, finding what works for you and your readers. A type of post that works for one blog may not work for another… and it's worth it to experiment. Today I got a couple of complaints from bloggers that they already read about this. But that doesn't mean that I should give up covering events. It's important to try and see what feels comfortable, what's fun and what the readers like. Every blogger has their own path.


      What do you think? Do you post when everyone else has posted? If so, what is your biggest tip?





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      1. Evie

        Good advice! Everyone wants to blog about exciting fashion events like Lanvin/H&M but also everyone wants to read about them too just not the same video/photos posted everywhere (though omg that video is cool!).
        I didn’t blog it because everyone else already had, though I think maybe I could have put my own spin on it like you suggested. I’ll keep this in mind for the future

      2. Treacle

        If I see the same press release on multiple blogs in my niche (or the same item being reviewed on multiple blogs), I usually choose not to post it.

        Though it may benefit the store or brand in question, it brings little (if any) benefit to me. I’d rather use that space to cover a story other people aren’t talking about.

      3. WendyB

        I’ll post something other people are doing from my own perspective, but I won’t regurgitate press releases (real or fake ones ;-P) or cover something obvious in an obvious way. Most bloggers’ takes on runway shows don’t interest me one bit. I’ve already read the New York Times and WWD, so unless a blogger has a unique angle, who cares? I have eyes, I can see the shizz on Style.com just like everyone else. Reposting those pictures is meaningless.

        • Jennine Jacob

          absolutely, perspective is everything… regurgitating press releases is pretty much what is sounds like regurgitating.

          i think i had the hardest time with fashion show coverage this time around for nyfw for the same reason, it’s just not interesting unless i can offer something really different from what style.com and wwd does so well.

        • Jennine Jacob

          oh an thank you for covering versace! i bet wwd wouldn’t talk about murder and terrorism in conjunction with the brand. oh! did i tell you i think i saw donatella yesterday. i’m pretty sure it was her, so someone surguried up to look like her.

          • WendyB

            I’m not sure how much the Versace people really enjoyed my digression on the incompetence of the TSA, but they acted like good sports about it. You see everyone in your hood!

      4. Laura Connell

        I like the idea of getting the fresh angle. It’s a good way to practise more creative ways of presenting a story too rather than re-hashing

      5. Justyna

        As a reader, for big ‘news’ like that, I go sites like Vogue. I visit blogs to see the blogger, and when I’ve subscribed to 100 blogs or so and 75 are about H&M, I generally don’t read any of them. Even if it is 75 different angles… Just my thoughts…. (Not saying don’t report on it, but maybe pick your moment/story)

      6. grechen

        such a great opportunity to leave a comment LOL 😉

        honestly, if i see something posted on another blog, i won’t post it myself. if i do end up posting it, i do usually “credit” the first blog i saw it on. and i really get irritated when i see the same posts on multiple blogs (which happens EVERY DAY)…especially when they don’t include some original content.

        with regard to “news” like the lanvin X H&M i really prefer to see posts featuring bloggers wearing pieces from the collection after it’s out or original pics of some of the pieces, like you did – something original – vs. just announcing that it’s coming. i feel like i have WWD for that…but then again, not everyone does….

        • Ashe Mischief

          “with regard to “news” like the lanvin X H&M i really prefer to see posts featuring bloggers wearing pieces from the collection after it’s out or original pics of some of the pieces, like you did – something original – vs. just announcing that it’s coming.”

          Yes, this! For the most part, I’m really lucky NOT to see the same thing over and over on my blog…mostly because I choose to follow bloggers who do offer fresh perspectives, new angles, etc. So if there are duplicates, then that’s okay.

      7. Cris

        I will admit that when the news broke out a couple months ago, I was very reluctant to post any news about it because I felt that everyone would have it on their blog. BUT when I saw the video and read tweets from followers I have about the talk of Lanvin, I caved in and posted the video of it on my blog.

      8. sirdorian

        i´ve seen it yesterday spread on facebook by our beloved blogger and thought that it makes no sense to blog it too. it´s out, massive amounts of blogger covering the story, so why should i jump on this wagon. it´s also because we aren´t so much into posting news about retail stores and collaborations because most of them are out on hundrets+ blogs.

        it´s about to create original content, as you said. and i think that is what we do since a long time. 🙂 however, it is a good advice from you, and time to talk about:)

      9. fuyume

        i’m in a fairly unique position in that i have developed a kinda niche for myself as i only cover japanese fashion, brands and designers. ive yet to come across a blog that covers what i do. there are japanese streetsnap blogs or lolita or ‘gyaru’ fashion blogs but not a well known one that covers what i do. so this isnt a problem i come across. and tbh i have skimmed past all h&m lanvin posts as elle and vogue etc cover it pretty well.

      10. Angeline

        I don’t really cover runway fashion or brands anyway, but as a reader, I usually just skim or skip the posts that do. I’ll stop and read the ones that a) interpret it into their own outfit in an original way or b) offer up some extra commentary other than “look what’s new and cute!” If I notice after some time that those kinds of posts are what I’m usually getting from a specific blog, I’ll unsubscribe.

        If it is something of interest to me (for example, if I think the Lanvin for H&M line has a lot of workwear options–don’t know if it does because I haven’t checked it out yet), I might include it in my weekly links, but would definitely not dedicate a whole post to it.

      11. Previously Owned

        I completely understand this. I was very hesitant to blog about it at first. But, then I reminded myself who my readers are. Usually, (if not MOST) are from Puerto Rico. This is where I live, and to be quite honest we don’t have local sites like a “Daily Candy” or blog like “The Coveted” to show us whats happening, or what’s about to happen.

        *In fact, even silly things like starbucks pumpkin spice coffee gets “revealed” over here about two months later.

        With that said, I focus more on bringing a local view in everything I blog about because in the end, I aspire to become THAT site that people over here can go to for fashion news. So, I definitely felt the need to expose the video (BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING) and RANT! haha Rant about the fact that we don’t even have an H&M.

        I believe that one should definitely keep in mind to who we’re writing for. That way even stuff that could end up in every single fashion site, can have a different take.

      12. @chicspace

        Your blogpost was great because you focused literally on the feel of the collection, something H&M often falls short on. I felt that it was very personal and not as much a PR post like the other blogs. It’s the one that stuck with me.

      13. Emily Belleau

        Loved your blog post, as well. I do think it’s very important to be able to have a creative angle if your going to tell your readers about something they’ve maybe already heard about.


      14. ChiqueChic

        I agree. I think if you’re going to post about something like Lanvin hearts h&m then you need to do it ASAP. I’ve been really trying to stay away from posting about mass topics like that, but if I do then I make sure I keep it short and sweet. Obviously you don’t need to re-post all of the photos because chances are your readers have already seen them elsewhere. I think original content is definitely key when writing about popular topics.

      15. Doni W.

        When I relaunched the blog I promised to have original content and to stick to our unique posting schedule and topics. I didn’t want to bother with “chasing the news” because as we see, the same stories appear EVERYWHERE! I just don’t believe that my site will get to the place I want it to be, and have the engagement I would like it to have if I simply report what’s new and what pr reps send me.

        We do like to stay relevent and current, but I don’t want to be a site full of press releases and block quotes.

        There are a lot of fashion sites that don’t report on the news at all and are widely successful in their niche. I.E.- StreetEtiquette.com and The Sartorialist.

      16. Eva

        I usually don’t post it if everyone else has posted it already. However, Lanvin for H&M was an exception because I found the collection disappointing and wrote about that. But compared to most other reviews it’s a completely different angle, so it works.

      17. Nikkia

        Amazing post! I absolutely adore this site and its informative information. Though I’m not a fashion blogger this article ties so well with my blogging niche(beauty). I don’t like to see regurgitated press releases and I do my best to put my own spin on them to get the information out to my readers because even though I read hundreds of blogs that doesn’t mean my readers do as well. So my information/perspective may be helpful or informative. Thanks so much for sharing 😉

      18. jenna pearle

        if i feel that i’ve waited too late to post about a topic or if its something that i’m not inspired about but think maybe my followers might want to read about, i simply link to other articles or posts on the topic on twitter or fb. however, if i really feel like i have something important to say on the subject, i will post about it no matter what. my niche is inclusive beauty which is discussed a lot lately. yet, its still an issue and so i’ll keep posting…xo

      19. Isamar Avery

        Wow! Such a helpful post! I was late on writing a blog for Lanvin’s collaboration with H&M and i felt everyone had already beat me to the chase. This post helped me create a unique write up.


      20. Svitlana

        Yes, I could re-write a story on something I read in Russian Vogue since not many speak Russian, but it makes me feel like I’m not adding anything new.

      21. Diana

        I’m working on getting more timely posts up, but sometimes life doesn’t work that way. I’ve found that rather than posting a press release, using that as a starting point (journalism school taught me something useful!) and try to find a different angle on the piece. For instance, when the Glamour Lizzie Miller spread went gangbusters, I chose to link it to several mainstream mags drawing on larger models all at that time.

      22. andrea

        This post gives me the opportunity to say that we had the honor to shoot the men’s wear collection a couple of days before the press launch in Milan, we would love to share our work with you, go to our blog and get it!

      23. andrea

        Your post gives me the opportunity to say that Flamboyant Magazine Blog, had the honor to shoot the man’s wear collection, a couple of days before the press day in Milan, i’d love to share with you our vision, so please go to our blog and get it

      24. Afrosaxon

        It depends if I feel like im just adding to some corporate communication strategy then its not really interesting….H&M case in point….. but if im passionate or intrigued then yes. As the saying goes nothings original.

      25. Kate

        Great post. I already try to do what I can with my limited resources and I try to post differently than everyone else. I can’t do the style blogging so I add some business sense and a critical view with my thoughts. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. My biggest issue is original content though because I don’t have invites or anything to things people want to read about, but I do try hopefully eventually I will get to events and such that will add new light to different aspects of the fashion industry.

      26. Marissa

        I, too, posted about Lanvin for H&M, but only sort of. In addition to noting how much I liked the jewelry, I chose to focus on H&M’s laughable “how to shop” guidelines. The hype machine is in full effect. You won’t see me in line.

      27. Uraraa

        honestly, sometimes i try not to read other fashion sites so i won’t get caught up in trying to ‘copy’ their posts etc. think it’s important that you do write about what you want to write about, after it is your blog too!.. agree though, that you should bring a different perspective to the post, that’s why your readers follow you!
        hell, if i had a H&M nearby (i’m in Singapore), i’d probably try to do a post about it too!

      28. crosby

        So I’m a bit late on this, (ah but not on covering the H&M Lanvin thing – though I covered the brand strategy specifically regarding their fashion blogger outreach – http://www.prcouture.com/2010/09/16/fashion-pr-hm-entice-bloggers-with-lanvin-video-exclusive/) but this is also a real challenge from a PR perspective. Brands want a ton of coverage, bloggers don’t want to be covering the same old stuff – I think there are several ways to work this out, primarily by distributing unique bits of content to specific bloggers, and then letting there be organic run-off from those original posts. Without that highly targeted approach however, much of the fun comes from seeing exactly what angles and stories come from a similar pitch – it often informs content and opportunities moving forward.

      29. Jessu

        I think the key is to not post what everyone else is posting. Instead of following mainstream brands like H&M or Chanel, post about some other brand you purchase. That’s what I did when I posted about MNG for JCPenney, since MNG is not well known in the US.

      30. Julie

        Excellent advice !! I get tired of seeing the same thing every where but at the same time I want ot post about it ’cause it’s news ! So sometimws I’m puzzled by it !

      31. jamie-lee

        I find with things like this if I keep seeing it on other peoples blogs I won’t reshare it – I don’t see the point when it is likely that my readers are getting the same information from another source. This is the main reason why I didn’t post my thoughts on Fashion Week and precisely why I didn’t share any of the press on the Lanvin x H&M collab. But, that’s just me!