Professional Blogger Spotlight: The Curvy Fashionista


This is our new series Professional Blogger Spotlight, where we talk with bloggers who have made their own careers out of blogging. Today, we visit with Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista, who has become a valuable resource for the plus size community writing about new designers, plus size sample sales, as well as event coverage like FFFashionWeek(end). Marie is active in her community as well as IFB (as a Links à la Mode editor) and always with so much enthusiasm!


Tell us a little bit about Curvy Fashionista.

The Curvy Fashionista is a fashion blog from a plus perspective for the discerning Curvy.Confident.Chic. woman. I wanted to create a resource from a contemporary and forward point of view- showing the fashion forward plus size woman AND the world, that fashion exists beyond a size 12!

In my journey, through my past retail experiences and life as a discerning plus size woman, I knew my frustrations were not singular! In school, I had the advantage of researching, scouring, and unearthing the jewels of plus size fashion. Over time, my blog has evolved into a lifestyle site, as I have learned to share more and more of myself!


How did you monetize Curvy Fashionista?

Deciding to monetize my site was a carefully thought out plan. I mean, I had to be careful so that the ads did not distract from my content! I was extremely particular and choosy with the ads I did have, making sure that they reflected the look and feel of my site.

I first started out with Google Ads, and as I did research and educated myself, I started joining selected affiliate companies as well as finding out which brands that I loved had affiliate programs. In addition to affiliate companies, I researched some ad revenue sharing programs: Sugar, BlogHer, and a few others. After trial and error, I have joined an ad revenue sharing program that allowed me to incorporate my own affiliates!

Just a few months ago, I started offering advertising options for sale on my site. This decision was a hard one, as figuring out what to charge, what spaces I wanted to give up, and which advertisers I was willing to work with was a feat!


How has blogging affected your career?

Blogging has allowed me an amazing blessing to help others and share my passion for fashion and to be an advocate for fashion with a plus perspective! I have been extremely humbled and honored to be amongst such amazing people who share their perspectives and ideals respectively!

Blogging has also allowed me the opportunities to go through doors I may not have necessarily had, to share with others the fabulous world of plus size fashion.

I have been very fortunate to have met some amazing people- especially the readers of my blog! I feel like I have a purpose and feel extremely grateful to pursue my dreams and goals!


What are you working on now?

I just finished wrapping up Full Figured Fashion Week(end)™LA, in which I was the Los Angeles producer under Gwen DeVoe. Currently, I am extending my personal imaging and wardrobing services as well as consulting! Also, over the next few weeks, I have a MAJOR project I am working on, so you have to stay tuned!


What is the most important piece advice would you give aspiring bloggers?

I would have to say that the most important piece of information would be to find your voice, stay true to you, and do your research! It is easy to be taken off your own track by looking to others, trying to imitate, or by trying to “become famous”. If you produce original content, know your stuff, and create your own voice- you are on the right track!


Visit Marie at

If you are a professional blogger or know someone who is email jennine (at) with a blurb describing the site and a little about how they made their career as a blogger.

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13 Responses

  1. L of avid accents

    I love this highlight! I follow her on twitter and I always get tons of information. I love it that the fashion wormd is recognizing Plus Size bloggers like myself (although my primary focus is frugal and thrifting and styling). Keep up the good work Marie and IFB feature more plus size & everyday wear bloggers on your link list. Everyone is not meant to dress like the runway all the time.

    L of AvidAccents

  2. Stel

    Thanks for this, really interesting piece. “find your voice, stay true to you, and do your research” is such a good piece of advice and she has def found her voice, but it is nice to see her expand more to share more of herself.


  3. Eli

    Now that Im getting into the spectrum of monetizing my blog, this series will be very helpful, thank you!!

  4. Laura Connell

    Although I am not plus-sized myself, I have a goal of opening a plus boutique in Toronto because there is such a gap in the market. So many women larger than size 12 have money to spend but cannot find chic clothes they desire. The more we talk about plus fashion the better it will get I hope!

  5. Bella Q

    Great spotlight! Especially the advice rings true: find your voice, stay true, and do your own research.” She shows how excellent her advice is by being a voice of integrity and excellence in the fashion community.

  6. Tashrin

    This was a wonderful and very very inspiring post. I especially liked the part where you said that you have to go about it carefully and really think hard before you monetize your blog by ads. 🙂

    Wish you all the best on your project.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  7. bambilarue

    I love the issue of women with curves in the Fashion industry and addressing this often under valued consumer!!!! Coming from a family where big fabulous boned women was often the norm i applaud you please keep up the good work !!!!!!!!
    We will cover this issue at some point in Berlin!!!!
    Hugs Bambilarue

  8. claire

    Absolutely love her blog and follow her on Twitter. I am a plus size fashion blogger myself and she is a real inspiration to me