Professional Blogger Spotlight: FASHIONmeGREEN

In our new series Professional Blogger Spotlight, we talk with bloggers who have made their own careers out of blogging. This week we're going to feature Greta Eagan from FASHIONmeGreen. In a world of greenwashing, Greta really walks the talk and lives by bridging the gap between eco and mainstream. Here she shares how she started her blog, and how she made it into a sustainable source of income.


Tell us a little bit about FASHIONmeGREEN.

FASHIONmeGREEN is a sustainable fashion awareness project and style site. I launched FMG to help bridge the gap between mainstream and eco-fashion by showing eco-fashion in editorial spreads with style influencers who are active and respected in the fashion industry. For each photo shoot, we keep the style standards as high as the eco ones and thus create content that acts as a source for style inspiration, but has an added eco- bonus.

How did you monetize FASHIONmeGREEN?

I operate in a really niche area, where eco and fashion collide. It is a great place to be because I am able to work with brands on both sides to either help them with eco-initiatives or to develop their brand presence in a very fashion forward way. I started monetizing FMG through brand sponsorships from the various ‘projects' (ie photo shoots) we were producing. They could sponsor the photo shoot itself, or buy the ad space at the beginning of the webisode or advertise on the site. Doing the projects really built up my reputation and credibility and as my network grew, I began consulting for brands that are either startups or more established and want to supplement content production. That is the space I have been most financially successful.

How has blogging affected your career?

Over two years ago a friend and I had a conversation about what I wanted to do in life. I confidently answered that I wanted to write a book. He suggested that I start a blog (a very successful blogger himself) to grow my audience and develop my voice. So I did. I am happy to report that I am in talks with a publisher to publish my dissertation, which I wrote on Sustainable Fashion, as a textbook, and am working with a literary agent to develop the commercial version for the general public. Beyond the doors that have opened to my book writing, I had real and already published work to show for myself when speaking with potential sponsors, clients and employers. Having a blog is like having a malleable portfolio that not only displays your character, but puts you in a place of ownership of your own work and self worth. It has been a huge factor in allowing the people in my network and industry to see what I am capable of and get a better sense of who I am. I really believe that having a blog of any kind is the best thing high schoolers and college students can do to contribute to their attractiveness to a future school, employer, client or network of people.

What are you working on now?

Right now I am just wrapping up the London Project, which was the last eco-fashion makeover I was working on. It was a great shoot and along with the editorial spread, we produce a Shop the Shoot section, behind the scenes webisode and an eco-city guide. After that wraps up I will be concentrating on transforming FMG from an awareness project into an eco-fashion integration creative agency. It feels like a really natural and necessary step that excites me. Running the sustainable fashion awareness project allowed me to create a larger and stronger network within the industry and also identify what is needed or missing from that space. Now, I feel equipped with experience and expertise to create an agency that services both the mainstream fashion world and eco-fashion industry, and I am moving forward full steam to provide the people and tools to bridge the gap.

What is the most important piece advice would you give aspiring bloggers?

It sounds cliche at this point, but I would tell bloggers to be authentic. Human beings are, well, human. We like to connect with one another and feel the validity of that connection. When you share yourself on a blog, you have the control and therefore can create whatever you set your mind to. When I launched FASHIONmeGREEN, I was still writing my dissertation and needed a creative outlet where all the information I was bringing in didn't have to be spit back out in quantitative/ qualitative data form. When I graduated, I thought to myself, ‘I really have something here that no one else is doing. What if I just focused on developing this?' And that is what I have been doing ever since. People respond to my project and to me, because they know I am authentically doing what I love and they can see that. So, I would say be authentic and GO BIG- you never know what you can accomplish until you try.
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  1. Ashe Mischief

    For me, not only is this a great introduction to Greta’s site, but also a great, honest post about how she’s hustled to make something she was already passionate about in to something that has become a rewarding job!

  2. Laura Connell

    Very inspiring advice. Just like Gala Darling said at the IFB conference: Be Authentic! People want to know YOU and you will be rewarded for honesty. It’s also a simple way to get a new angle on an over-used topic.