Setting Blog Resolutions for the New Year

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Many people who don't think much of New Year's Resolutions, but I love them.  What better time to sit back, reflect on the year behind you and get excited about the year ahead?


Whether you're a new blogger or a seasoned one, the new year is a great time to look back on blogging in 2010– how did you feel about it? How do you feel about the community? What about your role in it? What areas did you think you fell short on?  Where did you exceed your goals and expectations? (Tell us, I want to know!)


When thinking about my blogging resolutions for the upcoming year, I try to break them down like this:


  • Focus on Quantitative Goals, not Qualitative Goals.  Set yourself distinct goals like, I will leave 500 comments this month, I will finish the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog workbook, and I will host a bitchin' event celebrating my blog.  It can be as simple as “I will increase my blog posting by 1 post per week.” Tangible short-term goals are easier to work your way through, leaving you with improvements on your site and a great feeling of accomplishment.
  • Maybe focus a little bit on Qualitative Goals. Maybe you want to improve your writing or your blog design– how do you quantify that?  While there are markers that can help you determine if you are, ultimately you're going to feel whether or not you've done it.
  • Make your resolutions time specific.  Set yourself smaller, short term goals.  Leave 200 blog comments in a month. Email 5 readers a week.  Find 50 new blogs that you really love by March.
  • Get back to the heart of blogging & why you blog.  Maybe it's self-inspirational, because you have to shop your closet. Maybe you love hunting for a great bargain.  Maybe you love high fashion– no matter what reason you got in to blogging, take some time to reconnect to it.
  • Look to the stars, but keep your feet on the ground. It's great to have ambition in your writing, but don't forget to be realistic.  Maybe you set yourself a goal of increasing your subscriber base from 30– to 30,000.  That may not happen in 2 months.  It could happen in 2 years though.  Give yourself a smaller, more realistic goal– from 30 to 300 to reach first.
  • Don't compare your success and failures against other bloggers– they're YOUR resolutions, not theirs.  It's really easy as a blogger to compare your successes and failures against another blogger.  But they aren't you.  When setting resolutions and goals for the new year, don't account other bloggers in there…. just think about what you want to accomplish.  Whatever it may be and for whatever reasons.  Don't feel like you have to have advertisers because another blog does. Don't feel like you have lowball your site because a bigger blog slashed their ad rates.


It's all great and fine to talk about great ways to set yourself up to succeed in your resolutions, but what about your own resolutions?  What are they?  For great suggestions, check out The Style Sample's 13 Tips for Keeping Your Blogging Resolutions.


Over at Dramatis Personae, my goals are to:

  • Step back from EVERYTHING else– and focus on creating great content. 3.5 years in to blogging, it's easy to lose site of why I blog.  So I want to step back from advertising, step back from stats, step back from outreach, and focus on my site and what brings people to it: the content.
  • Let go of dispassionate resources. I know a lot of the pro-blogger sites recommend using things like forums to increase your readership… but those can quickly become a drain on time.  I'd rather focus on doing 2 or 3 things well, then stretching myself too thin.
  • Reconnect with what makes blogging so great— the community, my passion for fashion & style, my love of self-improvement, media, and art.


What are your goals for this upcoming year? Do you believe setting goals & resolutions for the New Year would be beneficial for your site's growth?


For the new year, I'd love to write posts about what YOU have questions on. Email me at mischiefmydear at gmail or tweet me @AsheMischief with any questions or suggestions you have!

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49 Responses

  1. birdie

    Such a good article! You knocked it out of the park. 🙂

    I, myself, need to just get back to it.

  2. Doni W.

    I’ve already started to work on my goals. So glad you mentioned not looking at other bloggers. That’s been my problem in the past.

    Great Post!

  3. Kristina


    thank you for posting- Not compare to other bloggers seems to be difficile. I really try to increse my amount of readers and don’t know what I’m doining wrong when I se, how easily others grow. I really try to do my own stuff and not to copy, but it seems like not to be enough…

    well, have a nivce rest of 2010 an the a successfull start in 2011!!


  4. Franca

    I loved this post!

    I’m not making any development resoluations for the blog this year, because I know I won’t be able to keep them. I am returning to study from February, as well as working full time, so I will have less time. My resoluation is to maintain, to keep producing meaningful content and interact with others, to keep the blog alive and well while other projects are taking over my life. I’ll have to become more efficient!

  5. matita

    Great post! Thanks for the advice.
    I enjoy the whole New Year´s resolutions process. It helps meto keep focused on what is important.

  6. alaina

    I actually just started writing down my blogging resolutions today. My main goal is to never stop… It’s a little disheartening when you put your heart into a post, but you don’t get any comments. My goal is to push through that and write for ME and not worry about comments.

  7. WendyB

    My goal was to move off the malware-magnet that is GoDaddy, and I’ve been doing the transfer to HostGator this week so…maybe for 2011 I’ll just take it easy!

  8. Cara

    My first goal is to connect with more bloggers and have a nice fat group of blogger friends.
    My second is to try and get my stats up to around 500-1000 a day. That would be great. It might seem a small number to some bloggers but it’s loads to me.

  9. Sheena

    This is really great advice. I think blog resolutions for the new year are always great because it forces you to step back and focus on setting goals for growth.

    I haven’t begun setting my resolutions, but I’ve been doing lots of thinking of where I want to pick up on my blog again.

  10. Jaclyn

    Love this! I completed one year of blogging – and i now can look back and realize what worked for me and didn’t – what sort of posts I was passionate about and others that I did because maybe “someone” with more followers was doing.

    Cheers to 2011 and being YOURSELF! 😉

  11. Christy L.

    Solid advice as usual. My goal is to only put effort into things that have personal meaning for me, trying to get off my butt and take more pictures myself. I’d also like to real effort into a custom template for my blog instead of relying on cheesy premade ones. Doubling my monthly page views by 2012 wouldn’t suck either.

  12. Kristine Consador

    Such a wonderful post. I just started blogging seriously in November, and I feel like I have so much to improve on for the new year! Great suggestions – I especially love the one about not comparing against other bloggers.

  13. the clothing menu

    this is great. my new year’s resolution is to got more involved with my blog, build traffic, engage more with my readers, so it’s great to hear that other people are doing the same thing.

  14. Gemma

    I’m going to concentrate on layout and creating a more professional look for my blog. I already spend a lot of time responding to comments and trying to build links with my readers. Thank you for bringing my attention to the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog I’m currently on the problogger archives taking all the ideas in.

  15. lisa

    Truthfully I haven’t given this much thought yet, and with starting a new job in January, my focus will be on maintaining what I’m doing now on top of learning the ropes of my new job: posting 3-5 times a week and commenting on blogs.

  16. Mary

    My goals are to get back into the swing of blogging at least 3X per week, buy a cool theme and do a blitz of advertising to get more like minded readers.

  17. Vogue & Vintage

    Just when I think I’m doing WAY too much for my blog, IFB steps in and confirm that I am moving in the right direction. I have started my resolutions and am putting everything thing in place. I am starting to treat my 2 year old blog like a part time job, because I love the enjoyment and conversation that it brings from fashion lovers all around the world that!

  18. Helen

    Thank you for this! I have been thinking of setting blog new year’s resolutions for the past week now and i think the point you make about making quantative goals1 I also think its important to not it let take over your life so i plan on being a lot more organised so actually invest some time into my degree haha.

  19. natasha

    Thanks for this segment. What most resonates is the last point on reconnecting with what makes blogging so great.

    That is a reward in itself <3

  20. Intrinsically Florrie

    I’m going to be a more organised blogger so that if I’m ill again (I’ve been hit by two nasty viruses in recent weeks) I won’t have to panick so or neglect my blog.
    I’ve bought a really cute calendar to write everything down including my work for other websites such as editing the Links a la Mode here and my column at British Style Bloggers.

    Florrie x

  21. Paulina

    It is really hard to not compare yourself to other bloggers. Why do they get x? Why do they do z?

    But in the end, you gotta stay true to yourself and make it in your own way.

    Great post!

  22. MJ

    These were great tips! One of my biggest goals is to focus on creating better content. I’m actually stepping back from the quantity (I was posting quite often) and devoting more time to the quality.

  23. Fi Phillilps

    Great post. My plans for 2011 are to keep to my writing post of 5 mornings a week, and to write my blog posts in advance (with the flexibility of unexpected topics/blog subjects that may fall across my path).

  24. de la Pen

    Thank you for this awesome post! I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to improve the blog this year and my main thing is to reach 1000 views per day, update readers on old posts, get into more shows this fashion week, and consistently post the way I am supposed to. I also want to bring my 1st blog back. So many goals, so little time, smh

  25. Beka

    This was a great article! Something I definitely needed to read. I started my blog in 2008, but by fall of 2009, I kind of let it fall by the wayside. Most of 2010 was spent mourning my blog, but not finding any time or inspiration to write. So, now, I’m trying to get back to it, and this post helps so much! Thanks!!!

  26. Rosa

    Good stuff! I think you are right about not only forget about other bloggers but also in keeping it real and not expect anything crazy!

  27. Elsie

    Right on!

    This is exactly what I did. New Years I asked myself what do I want to improve in my life this year..the answer, my blog. So I decided to finally get serious about it, and it’s really exciting. The possibilities are endless if you work hard.

  28. Sarah

    To echo many others, thank you for the advice on not comparing one to others…I know it’s obvious but that’s such a problem for me. I’m terrible about beating myself up or setting ridiculously unattainable goals and it’s always nice to know I’m not alone in that. Great piece! Thank you!