Simple SEO Tips for Beginners: Building a Better Blog

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With the new year, I see many blog resolutions wanting to grow traffic and optimize search engine traffic. I'm sure for many of you, you're not quite sure HOW to do that. Some sites, like WordPress, claim to be optimized better than others for SEO (search-engine optimization).  But within all the platforms, there are ways to optimize your site to build up more traffic.  Mind you– I'm no SEO expert, but I put all of these tips in to effect and find that they substantially help drive traffic to my site.


Know Your SEO Vocabulary:

SEO: Search Engine Optimization
Pagerank: A 1-10 scale determined by Google.  Algorithms determine your page rank, and it's Google's way of determining where you show up in search results.  The higher the score, the better.
Keywords: keywords are descriptive clusters and phrases within the body of your posts. 
META Tags: WordPress and Blogger should both have areas within set up where you can enter META tags.  META Tags are HTML codes that give search engines information on the site & its contents.  So yours might include the city you live in if you're regional, fashion, shopping, eco-friendly clothing, etc.
Anchor Text: The words that appear in a clickable link.


Simple SEO Tips:

Make sure that your Permalink is rich with keywords.  Unless you go in and edit it, your permalink typically takes on the title that you give the blog post.  Which, if you give your posts artistic titles, musical titles, etc., it won't really do much good for you in search engines. (See below)


Bold, Italicize, & Link.  Google places more emphasis on words that are in bold, linked, or italicized.  When you link to another blog post, make sure to use keywords–descriptive phrases indicating what the post is about.  It's better to write “See Jamie's post on how to curl your hair” than “This post by Jamie is awesome!” because search engines will pick up both the keywords and the linking (called anchor text).  See how I've made bold the important first line of each point?  That's deliberate, as well as being useful for readers scanning the text.


Use your Alt Tags when posting images.  If you post an image through Blogger or WordPress' tools functions, there is typically a box that says Alt Text/Alternate Text.  In HTML it would look like alt=”words words”.  This allows you to insert keywords in to your image, making it pull up in image searches on those keywords.  An image of Kim Kardashian may have something like alt=”Kim Kardashian, The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian style, Kim Kardashian butt”.  Separate each keyword by a comma.  This will pull your images up in image searches on all the search engines.


Break up content with headers/headings. Like bold, italics, and links, Google gives more weight to the text within header scripts.  So make sure to load them up with descriptive information!


Seek out plugins which help make SEO easier.  WordPress has the free All-In-One-SEO, and many templates have built in SEO optimizing.  Unfortunately, there are no plugins for those using Blogspot (it seems). These plugins typically give you a few categories: like a META Title (which is how your post shows up in search results–like renaming the post title but only in search engines), META description (most of the time the first few lines of your content will come up, but you can change it to make it SEO rich. Google only uses the first 150 characters), and keywords (a way to put in more diverse keywords and synonyms than your post may actually use in the post).


Don't disable any SEO plugins you have & have been utilizing, without looking up some way to transfer or export/import the data.  I did this once and lost my page rank entirely.  My search engine results for 2 years worth of blogging were lost.  And I had no idea.  Once I figured out the cause and started to repair it, it still took over 5 months to bring my page rank back to half of what it was.


There are whole sites, e-books, and businesses dedicated to SEO, so covering it all in just one post would be impossible.  Here are some great additional resources for you to check out– and if you have questions, or would like me to dedicate a whole post to one area of SEO, please let me know!

Copyblogger's How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines (a free e-book)
Stylish Thought's Guide to Search Engine Optimization (a MUST read!!!)
Fashion & SEO: How Sponsored Content Works

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  1. Jennine Jacob

    great tips ashe! i know it’s hard to think about SEO but once you get into it it really helps. i didn’t give SEO the time of day until starting working on eat sleep denim, and it really helps build traffic, by a lot.

  2. Kristina

    Thank you so much for this article – I’m new to SEO and really want to work with that. But do you know how I can rebuilt the permanent-link in blogger? Or does anyone know a website which shows how to do SEO especially in blogger?


    • AsheMischief

      It’s possible that, since Google owns Blogger, that maybe that’s why so many of the tips aren’t applicable? Because they’ve build the site to be optimized with Google? I’ll try and check my work blogger account to see if there is a way to restructure Blogger permalinks.

  3. Christina

    Great post! I happy to know that I am doing most of these, except optimizing the permalinks. I would also add including keywords in the title of your posts. It helps out tremendously. I read about SEO EVERYDAY, and have found all of these tips to be very useful. The All-in-One-SEO pack is a must! I have seen my traffic double since I started using it.

  4. Nhuc Tran

    This is a great, easy to understand overview of on-site optimisation.

    Off-site optimisation is just as important.
    You should aim to get as many relevent incoming links AKA backlinks to your site. This is the number of website pages which link into yours. If many sites are linking to yours, search engines will see your “important” and will rank you higher. I find swapping blogroll links is the easiest way to build backlinks.

    Also, if you can, make sure the anchor text, in the incoming link, is the keyword you are targetting. EG if I wanted to rank really well for “fashion blog” then I would swap blogroll links and request my anchor text says “nhuc tran – fashion blog”.

  5. Nnenna

    Wow, these are great tips! I’m still a bit confused though about how to add alt text to images in blogger..?

    • AsheMischief

      Nnenna, if you’re in Blogger and go to HTML view, you’ll see something like so what you would do is add it in, so it reads

      Does that make sense?

    • AsheMischief

      ahh. It took out my html.

      In HTML View, you’d see the following code with < *> around it. (No *)

      so it’d say img src=”link link*” inside the arrows. you’d add the alt text so it’d read img src=”link link*” alt=”words words*”

  6. Christy L.

    Great tips, I’m really bad (read: never)consider SEO. This article really got me thinking about ways I can incorporate it.


    Hmmm… certainly things to consider. unfortunatly I still find HTML confusing, I know its got to be fairly simple but I just can’t get into it. my loss I guess! One day!

  8. Estava Morioka

    Great post! Its so rich with info I don’t even know where to start. You helped me a lot with the Alt tag and seo plugin info. I had no idea that deleting a plugin could affect your blog that way. So glad I learned it now.

  9. vanessa

    Thank you for sharing all the info with us. I’m so new to blogging anything really helps. Thanks for the links to the other sites as well!

  10. turisuna

    SEO is something mysterious for me, for all this time I was only counting on content and backlinks, I’m not a technical person. But it’s nice and simple tips anyway 🙂

  11. Tamra


    Here is another simple SEO strategy for beginners. Create back links through commenting on other blogs.

    When commenting, first make sure that you are allowed to leave your website url. Find sites that you do not have to be logged in.

    Write a comment that is relevant to the post, add value and do not spam by leaving one liners like “Great Post!” Those that moderate their comments will just delete the spam.

    Thanks for the additional tips.


  12. Ashley

    I never realized what SEO really was until this post. Its not something I had ever heard before and I am glad it was brought to my attention. Key words, phrases,tag backs none of the those things crossed my mind. I plan on going through this post a few times in hopes that I may understand it more. Thanks for the tips!

  13. Scott Parker

    Also putting your keywords in the and tags are a bit of help with SEO if you can do it and still keep the flow of the site. There are tons of plugins that can help you with the on page, or on article seo,practice makes perfect.

  14. break up books

    Thanks for such a great post. For newbies you have set everything out really well and explained some complex terms. SEO is always changing in an attempt to keep up with the increase in social media and Google changes. I usually use Ezine articles for increased page rank, with their threat to change all of their links to nofollow I think that this will change the whole article marketing arena substantially. It is great to have blogs like this that teach online marketers simple to use strategies that work.

  15. Abipo Web Design Northern Ireland

    Thanks for the info. I use the following SEO plugins in WordPress which may add some value: Robots Meta: This allows you to add robots meta tags to your pages and feeds, disable unused archives and nofollow unnecessary links. External Links: With one click mark outbound links as such, with various effects (e.g. NoFollow) that are configurable under Settings / External Links.



  16. Faisal Qureshi

    Its really nice SEO tips that you have mentioned in your post which I agree helps alot in getting a good ranked blog in search engines eye.

  17. webdesignpatna

    The goal is to make a site easy to find, easy to follow, and easy to read for search spiders and live-visitors, with well written topical content and relevant incoming links. While basic SEO can be time consuming in the early stages, the results are worth the effort and set the stage for more advanced future work.

  18. [email protected] expert

    This post abut Simple SEO Tips for Beginners: Building a Better Blog is quite informative. I for one am a beginner and this is very helpful.

    Thank you for sharing this post! All the best!

  19. Harry Mae

    The use of SEO tips and techniques by SEO experts that helps to develop the online business effectively. London SEO experts uses different tips that can help to get effective results.

  20. Alex Gold

    Even though bolding words is a good idea for seo purposes don’t over do it because it could make you look bad in front of the search engines, at least that’s what I’ve heard.

  21. search engine optimization

    We know how to make your website search engine friendly and have the search spiders access the your web pages easily using seo techniques that work. Search engine optimization requirements for page one results are changing so be ready to adjust to the new seo world waiting around the corner. Call us to find out the seo tools required to compete in natural search for optimization search engine optimisation.

  22. J. Ramirez

    These are great tips for new bloggers about SEO. I became familiar with these ideas and strategies using a service called Majon International. Majon taught me how to optimize my results by learning how target an audience to draw in more viewers and even offered services like permanent links and banner advertising. I highly recommend these kinds of tools if you’re looking to direct more traffic and find more followers.

  23. Hemen

    thanks for the great SEO tips. I have learned quite a few useful tips. Is there anyone who has used Seopressor. I have heard that it is great plugin for on-page SEO. Can anyone throw some light on this plugin.

  24. Peter Zmijewski - Founder of Keywordspy

    Thank you so much for giving out this helpful information. I was doing a project and for that I was searching for relevant information. Several of the points are very useful. Do share some more content if you have on this topic.

  25. Vanessa Almeida

    Awesome post! So much info that I didn’t knew… Wow, learned a lot! Specially about that “alt-image” thing, I have heard of it before but it wasn’t very clear.
    I’m definitly going to put all of this in practice!

  26. Ethel Christofferso

    Piece of advise, don’t leave the keyword/phrase hanging without other text before or after it. It will look spammy and may be deleted by moderators when you do blog commenting. I think Google will disregard those kind of links too.