My Anna Moment at #MILKFW

Anna Wintour

A couple of days ago, I had my first Anna sighting at Alexander Wang. I tried to get a shot of her, but it was blurry… because I was too scared! Who knew when or even if, I’d get the opportunity again… But low and behold, today as I was sending emails frantically on my iPhone behind the scenes at Milk Studios, I look up and two inches away from me is that unmistakable lush hair in a long animal print fur. I’m to be in the presence of Anna yet again!


Going into the show, it was the time to get the shot, but still afraid from the death-stare at Alexander Wang, I circled the periphery. Kind of nervous, and feeling like a little kid meeting a new stranger. You know how they like to hide, but make themselves known. Ann from Holier Than Now, talked me into going up and asking for a photo… I wanted to ask her a question, but I’m not there yet. So I walked up to her.


Me: “Can please take your photo?”

Anna: “Sure.”


She posed with a smile, I fumbled, but this was two seconds later. I love the photo actually… wishing I had a bit more light.

I shook like a leaf for a bit, but proud I had the guts to walk up to Anna Wintour.

After the show on the way out, she smiled at me.

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  1. the clothing menu

    That’s great! Kudos to you for having the guts to go up to her and I’m kind of surprised she was cool with it.

  2. Joanne Faith

    Thank you for sharing this… it’s always refreshing that other people feel nervy in situations lie this too. I am very inspired by the fact that you had the courage ignore any of those silly feelings and go for the shot!

  3. Safiyyah

    I agree with Joanne. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who gets shaky during moments like these. Kudos to you for getting the photo in the end. She looks as fabulous as ever.

  4. Khola

    Awesome! Glad you got the photo and yes I like it as well. Its expressive, not just a regular grin, something a bit different.

  5. Mona Lisa

    The most interesting in Sweden seems to be Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair. Feels like their style stands out from the rest of the crowd. However, I suppose it is that acne is best known abroad? I think so anyway.

  6. Denise

    Hi Jennine – I have known who Anna Wintour was for decades and yes she is a fashion celebrity! However what’s weird is that you have actually influenced me more than she has. (Pardon me for sounding kissy-gushy!) Although maybe I’m just not aware of how a fashion editor has influenced someone like me. I’ve enjoyed your contributions to eatsleepdenim — you taught me how to successfully buy denim on the internet!

  7. de la Pen

    That’s so cool! I would definitely love to meet Anna. It’s funny b/c when you come across your fashion idols you find yourself at a loss of words even though you practiced your speech a million times! LOL. I met Jourdan Dunn and Edward Enninful from Vogue and I was in shock! They were so nice and I even got a chance to tell them about the blog and give them card. Gotta love fashion week!

  8. CHUCK

    I love it too much.But I live in China can’t get this chance like u.Anna Wintour she is my idol

  9. tessa

    Haha! Awesome 🙂 Sometimes you just have the shoo away the nerves and go for it! Glad it paid off, she looks gorgeous!