He Gives Tips for a Fashion Blog


He gets a lot of emails asking for design and blog help. So He decided to put together a mini how to guide on building a fashion blog. You can follow all the tips below or just pick and choose, it is most important that your blog be a representation of yourself and not just a copy of another blog you like. Make it your own!


Blog Design/Layout

    • Pick a Template: Keep it simple, too many colors and designs can be distracting to the readers. Don't go wild on color choices, pick at most 2 colors and try and stick with them throughout the blog.
    • Add Gadgets to your site: About Me, Followers, Archives, RSS Feed, Search this Blog.
    • Join BlogLovin: Add Widget and counter widget to your sidebar (Join the ArmHe).
    • Followers: Name your followers – Make the readers feel more attached to your blog.
    • Link Exchanges: Do not go crazy with link exchanges. Even though having more might initially bring you more traffic, in the long run it will work against you in page rank and google ranking. Pick the top sites that you want to link exchange with and go with them.
    • Add LinkWithin: 3 posts views is enough. This is a great way to increase hits to other pages on your sites, and encourages to read deeper into your blog.
    • Pictures: Make sure your pictures are clear! Your first picture should be a good one, as it will be picked up by feeds (rss), Bloglovin and will be the “face” of that post.

      Fashion Social Networks

        • Join Lookbook.nu/Chictopia/Chicismo/Weardrobe: Join and post outfits, it’ll take a while to start seeing followers, but they will come. Post outfits at 2pm (EST), seems to be the best time.. Post a Lookbook widget on your blog. Do not place outfit widgets from every site you join, your sidebar will become over saturated with them, and look cluttered.
        • Heart IFB: Independent Fashion Blogger Network – Join, add some people as friends, be active (FbyHe).
        • Stylecaster/StyledOn: Join, Post Daily Outfits, Be an Active Member of the community.
        • 20 something bloggers (30 something bloggers), Fashion Industry Network, Fashion Envy: Join, add people as friends, link your blog, join groups.

          Popular Social Networks

            • Join Twitter: Post a Follow me on Twitter button in sidebar, be active, tweet at people/brands, connect to all social networks, but most importantly, interact with people. Just having your twitter account update your new posts is a waste. (@Fashionbyhe).
            • Create a Facebook Fan Page: Invite all your Facebook friends to become fans of you and your blog, interact with your fans, but don't overally interact. 1-3 posts a week is more then enough.. Ask your friends to invite their friends. Add a link on sidebar.


                • Adsense: It is great that you want to make money, but with adsense you are not going to make a lot unless you have a lot of ads posted throughout the site. Having a lot of ads throughout the site as you start to build a readership is going to be a turnoff. Keep ads to a minimum.
                • Affiliate sales:  cj.com you can place ads on your website, you will only make money if a reader clicks the ad, and then makes a purchase on that ads website.

                  Get More followers:

                    • Leave comments on other blogs: It's a huge HUGE pain, but people usually go back and comment on your blog. This will be your biggest source of getting new followers.
                    • Get featured: Email magazines, websites, etc with an email asking them to consider you for their next feature, include a link to your website.

                      With these tips you should be on your way to your very own fashion/style blog.

                      Best of luck,


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                      40 Responses

                      1. MARLEY SIMONE

                        This is a great article and I’m sure an area of interest for many bloggers on this site. I never thought that posting too much info on FB could be a turn off. I’m always updating and trying to interact with my fans on the page. I particularly appreciate the suggestions on how to connect better with others and garner traction and ultimately followers. Great tips!

                      2. Christy

                        There are some great tips in here, thanks for sharing! I’m glad that you brought up keeping light on the ads. If I see a blog with tons of ads it is really a turnoff because I expect that there will be a lot of sponsored posts, something that I have mixed feelings about.

                        I also know about Chictopia, etc… but have never used them. I may have to check them out.

                      3. Robin Oliver

                        Hi – I’m in the process of setting up my fashion blog. I’m a complete newbie, so I found this post extremely useful. There are many tips in here that I will be implementing on my own site. Thanks for the information – I’ll come back again to read more of your posts!

                      4. Kimmiepooh

                        Wonderful tips that all bloggers should follw. Today I actually made changes to my blog’s template. It was fine but the colors where a little dark and I wanted it to be brighter and sleeker. I kept it simple and I’m really happy with it.

                        • He


                          Glad you enjoyed reading the post! He tries to let all the secrets out so that everyone can get ahead in this fashion blogging world

                      5. Maria

                        I think it’s a bit bizarre, counter-intuitive, and vaguely disrespectful that He says commenting on other blogs is a huge pain…if you’re not a fan of blogs why blog yourself?

                        Don’t expect other bloggers to follow or comment on your blog if you don’t show an interest in any blogs outside yourself.
                        Making friends and having relationships with others within the blogging community is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your blog.

                        If you’re not interested in the blogging community/seeing new blogs/seeing blogs develop why would you have a blog yourself or let alone, presume to tell others how to blog/network?

                        • He


                          a lot of people start blogs just for the hell of it, take He for example. He started the blog fashion by he and for the first couple of months, he didnt care that no one read it…many other fashion bloggers blog just to blog and if the readers come they come…in many instances the readers to come if the content is good enough

                          He is simply stating that if you watn your blog to see much increased traffic you need to leave a LOT of comments on other blogs. For many people this is time consuming work. Not ever blog He is telling you to comment on is a good blog, or worth reading, but in turn by leaving the comment, you can gain a new reader…You dont have to be interested in other blogs to use other blogs to gain traffic for your site

                          Not all of He’s suggestions were ways to make friends with other ppl, just a simple way to increase traffic

                          • zamri a.

                            Somehow I agree with He that some people blog just to blog. people like me for example. though i’ve been blogging almost three years now, to me if the readers come then they will come. if not.. it doesn’t matter. what is the most important is to publish things, coz that itself is a great sense of accomplishment.
                            Still, I think my blog is better than what I see out there, ha! =P

                      6. Jessica

                        Is there such a word as “overally”? I don’t think so. Overall, I think this post was not very helpful, since the info it contains is painfully obvious and easy to find out on your own. ALso you are probaly not going to make any real money other than pennies by using AdSense or CJ.com. I know from experience, and I’ve been blogging for 5 years.

                      7. Michelle Christina of Tchaikovsky Darling

                        So true about over-saturating the facebook. I got overzealous once and posted too often, and someone actually called me out on it. 😡 It’s important to find the balance between giving enough info/inspiration, and holding back so people are waiting eagerly for your next post.

                      8. StacyHP

                        Thanks for the tips! I am still trying to ‘build’ my blog up. Not easy. At least I know the basics now. Thanks again!

                      9. Milly

                        You have mentioned networks that I wasn’t even aware of. Brilliant! Off to find me some 30-something blogs to follow 🙂

                      10. Freya GB

                        great tips but i’m not secure if add advertising in my blog is the best choice because it’s new.

                      11. Camille

                        Interesting. I’m still a bit scared of using lookbook. I never know if they would like what outfit I have. IFB is probably the best thing for a blogger.

                      12. Amanne @ UrbanBedouGirl.com

                        This is a great post, thank you. I know it is a few months old now but I’m a new blogger and I just came across it.

                        I’m loving blogging so far – perfect creative outlet no matter how many readers/followers you have. I think your point about being active within the blogging community is great. I just got on IFB. 🙂

                      13. Dolly Dahl

                        These are super helpful tips and I’ve already started doing a few just now! Great motivation for those of us that need it. 😉

                      14. Aziza

                        This article is juste great. My case is a little bit special, I have the first fashion blog of my country (I live in Tunisia) avec fashion in not the n°1 interest here. I try to do my best to attract the local readers, but it’s not that evident.

                        Thank you again for your tips, they’re very inspiring !