The Comment Challenge Revisited: How Did You Do?

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In November I challenged bloggers to take up The Comment Challenge.  The premise was simple: Wolf Whistle had given herself a numerical goal each month when leaving comments.  After hearing about her challenge, I took it on my for myself.  And then I shared it with the IFB community.


Many of you took up the challenge too– and now I want to know:

How did it go?  Was it more challenging than you expected?

Did you find many new blogs to visit? Build up any new friendships, find a lot of duds, or something in between?

Did you sustain the momentum and keep going? Have you built up new blogging habits from doing the comment challenge?  Are you more or less active at commenting now?


The hardest part, for me, is keeping the momentum going during the harder weeks.  I revisit this topic now, when in the past week, I've repeatedly hit “Mark All As Read” in my Google Reader without reading a post.  When real life has sucked the life and energy out of me.  When for weeks I've scarcely left more than 5 comments.  While I may have rocked November, December and January steadily decreased my commenting, and February has been no laughing matter.


One question I have, that may impact how you feel about the Comment Challenge– is why did you participate?  Did you want to grow your blog, and you hoped that leaving comments would result in a little traffic trickling in?  Did you participate because, like me, you felt that you lost touch with communicating with other bloggers?  That you want to show appreciation for their hard work?


The incoming traffic was negligible on my site.  But that wasn't why I did it.  The satisfaction I felt after leaving all of those comments was what mattered.  I was leaving a mark on the blogging community.  I was giving another blogger the satisfaction of knowing someone read and was moved enough to respond.


The Comment Challenge has a great purpose though– doing it is a constant reminder of the value of commenting.  By doing it once, I'm incredibly conscious of what it means when I don't make the time to read and visit other blogs. I remember what it means to be isolated from the blogging community.  It doesn't mean I should guilt myself when I need a break from blogging, but it serves as a reminder that other sites are what make the blogging community great.

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  1. vanessa

    I comment because I know when someone leaves a good comment on my blog it makes me feel good. I follow over 60 blogs, and I pretty much comment on them all. Unless I truly have nothing to say. I have noticed writing more is good for me. Sometimes whole post ideas come from reading so many blogs, and leaving tons of comments. It’s like the more you write, read, and join in, the easier it gets.
    My Heart Blogged

  2. Chelsea Rae

    I started the comment challenge after reading your post. I don’t particularly remember what my goal in terms of my blog was, but I do know I had fallen off the commenting bandwagon and liked the idea of participating in the community again.

    I didn’t ever set a fixed number to measure whether I was succeeding or not, but I did set up cocomment and kept track of the places I’d commented and if bloggers would respond. I found that simply knowing bloggers appreciated my comments made me want to comment more often. Also, this helped me learn how to comment better. Now, I will never leave a comment like, “nice dress,” I actually read posts and provide some sort of commentary. I think that comes as a shock to other bloggers, making them visit my blog.

    I’ve definitely seen and increase in activity on my blog, which is nice, but the comment challenge made me like reading blogs again. And, that’s what I like best about it.

  3. Strawberries and Champagne

    This is a great idea. I’d tasked myself with this a few weeks ago, and I’m finding it easy to stick to, and most of all, enjoyable.

    Although the traffic to my blog is OK, I don’t get many comments, I love the feeling that I get when someone takes the time to write something about one of my posts. I just want to pass that feeling onto other bloggers.

  4. Madeleine Gallay

    I’ve been thinking a LOT about comments. As it turns out, I regularly read about 40 blogs and a little less frequently check in on many others. While I want to acknowledge the work and effort of each post, realistically I’m not. I’ve sent little messages to several bloggers I adore to let them know that while I read them daily, I’m absolutely racing through the day and may not leave a comment every time. Invariably, they cam back saying they have the same problem.

    I’m not really the only one?

    I “follow” the blogs I love and again follow on bloglovin.

    As we all get into following more and more blogs, maybe there has to be more than a comment count. Some of my favorite blogs receive maybe 7-10 comments but amongst them are some of the blogs that receive over 300,000 page views a month.


  5. Samantha

    I find myself agreeing with some of the other commentors here. I’m still a newbie so I can really understand the power of having someone leave a comment on a post. Knowing that someone actually took the time to read and leave their opinion really makes my day. I read about 20 blogs and I try to comment on most new posts, at least leaving a couple comments during the week. Page views are something to strive for too, but they don’t always say anything about the readers. Comments allow you to really connect with readers, even if they’re not followers of the blog.

  6. Kiwi

    Having just read this post I will consciously make an effort now to comment on the blogs I read. I think since falling off the blogging bandwagon I’d neglected leaving any commentary. But now that I am back, and with direction, I really do feel like I can offer an opinion as well as truly show my support for those doing such a great job. Who doesn’t love hearing a few lovely words every now and then!

  7. Tali

    When I started commenting on blogs, I think the hardest for me was to come out and say what I think. I’m an introvert unless in a company of people I know well. So it happens often that I think – WOW I love what she did here, the look, of the DIY, or I enjoy reading the post. But it took me this extra something to realize I should actually *tell* people I love what they do, even if I don’t know them in person. Because it gives such a great feeling to know someone appretiates what you do.

  8. ladyinlycra

    Great idea. I try to always comment and try to remember that not everyone cares what I think…lol.

  9. Anna

    I read your post too and although I didn’t set up a challenge for myself I tried to comment more.

    But sometimes I simply don’t have something to comment on!I like the blog, the pictures, the writing, but words do not come out of your mouth!! so in this case I follow the blog and when something truly interesting comes up, I leave a comment.

    I am all about commenting, but I try to make meaningful comments (like all of us I guess), instead of leaving the odd “I love your blog” comment!

  10. SJP

    Very interesting comments and the original challenge article you posted back in November – even though I’m only reading it all now I think this is a great idea and will challenge myself this month.

    Even though I’ve been blogging for nearly two years now, for so long I was in my own little bubble and as I wasn’t receiving many comments I wouldn’t leave any either. Now I love the buzz off reading comments and also leaving constructive/appreciative comments that I may previously have only voiced in my head.

    I look forward to hearing how those who took up the challenge back in November got on : )

  11. Laura Connell

    Often when I’m commenting it plants the seed for an idea for a blog post (which I credit, of course!). Commenting is an integral part of my blogging career. I spend more time commenting on other blogs than I do working on my own blog and that seems right to me.

  12. Jaclyn

    I didn’t do the challenge, but I wish I had. This year I’ve tried to leave more comments on the blogs I read everyday as well as browse through people’s blogrolls to find new sites. I feel more connected to the whole community when I am more active with my reading and commenting.

    I definitely agree that when my schedule gets busy I slack off and don’t read as much, but the moment I get back into it, I find myself discovering so many new great blogs.

  13. Rocquelle

    I am raher new to IFB, so I had not heard of the Comment Challenge, but I comment on blogs for a couple of reasons. I want the blogger to have the satisfaction and good vibes I feel when I receive a comment; I am interested in building a relationship with the blogger, and some posts are so good, that I can’t help but share my thoughts. As bloggers, I think we should comment on other blogs more than others, because we all know how good it feels to read the comments of others.


    I didn’t know about this challenge until yesterday, but after reading both posts, it’s a challenge I would like to give myself. I need to think about my target bc once that target is set, then it needs to be met. I’m a little apprehensive to go too high to begin with though. We shall see…thinking cap is on.

    On another note, one thing I have always committed myself to doing is to leave comments with content when I do leave a comment. Even it means only two sentences, it should most certainly go beyond, ‘nice post.’ I know the feeling I get when someone posts a comment on my blog so to give back that feeling to someone is my pleasure! We all work hard!

  15. sagemag

    I was just going to write a post about this on my blog! I like to browse blogs but I feel weird not leaving my mark because I know how it feels to have a surge in views on my blog, but no comments. I want to know not just what people thought of my posts, but also that someone took the time to read my posts. I’m always looking for ways to improve my blog but if I don’t get any feedback, it’s difficult to do.

  16. Kate

    I try to comment as much as possible, but sometimes I just need to rest even from commenting.

  17. Sabina

    I just want to say I thought the comment challenge was brilliant. I was inspired after reading that article and got started right away. At first my goal was to drive more traffic to my blog but once I started reaching out more, I found that I was much happier just becoming more immersed in the blogging community, especially being able to interact with others that had blogs similar to mine (devoted mostly to illustrations).

    Being the devoted commenter that I have become (I don’t keep count, but I do try to comment on everything I follow and then some) has had its ups and downs. While I did start to get more comments myself, I did find that a lot of them were self-serving and that’s a letdown. (“Great post–come check out my giveaway and follow me please.“)

    Additionally since I have made it a point to give people genuine feedback with some thought behind it, I admit it can also be frustrating when you leave feedback for others frequently, and they don’t even have any interest in even looking at your site. But I realize this is just something I need to get over. Everyone has a life and there’s no reason people should feel compelled to make commenting on others’ blogs priority. So for now I just do it to let others know there work is appreciated and because I have found that blogging is a lot more fun with a bit of interaction.

  18. leotajane

    I have had a blog for sometime however had not really made anything of it until a couple of months ago and now I blog or think of things I want to say and show others alike. We have very few communities left in society. I have dog park and bloggers. It’s a place I go to be apart of something and I am a big comment person. I like to tell others Im jealous, no, that they have epic style it’s good karma

  19. Pasta Maker

    I have to say it really feels good to know when someone read our blog and post a comment. Usually I read blogs without commenting, but now I’m trying to build up the habit of commenting on other people’s blogs.

  20. Ana

    As I mentioned here:, on your first post, commenting for me is about thanking the author for his time and energy spent on creating content I enjoyed.

    When I see a blog with a high hit count, but no comments, I envision a tumbleweed being blown across the desert.
    I think more of blogs with less hits but more comments, and even more of those blogs whose authors take the time to respond to their readers’ responses 🙂 .