Best Uses for the iPad During Fashion Week

by Vyqué White of Fasshonaburu

Fashion week is probably one of the most hectic times of the year for a fashion blogger! You’re running all over Manhattan, trying to make as many shows as possible, meeting up with equally frantically busy friends and then staying up late in a desperate attempt to get up coverage in a timely manner so people don’t just go to instead.


While it is full of rushing about, there’s also a significant amount of down time. I probably spent a good three hours every day waiting for shows to begin. This is a perfect time to get so much done! Now you could try to drag around a 5 lb laptop all day, but believe me when I say it will feel more like 500 lbs by 9PM. Thankfully this season I had my uber-light-weight, 1.6 lb iPad! Able to fit easily in my bag, I could whip it out whenever I had a few minutes and start blogging. And if I wasn’t planning on taking my own pictures, I could use it to live blog immediately from the show! Live blogging is great, it really gives your readers immediate gratification and the sense of being right there!


Not only can you catch up on your blogging, but it’s great to stream and check out pics from shows you didn’t manage to make. I probably will never get a coveted invite to most of the big name shows, but at least I can see the clothes almost as quickly and probably in more detail than some of the people there! This recent season was streaming many shows, but I also used the and Fashion Network Original apps.


Finally, it never hurts to have a little inspiration when dressing every morning. What passes for chic on an average day is just plain common during fashion week! Each day I checked out my Chicfeed app, which aggregates photos from sites like The Satorialist, Face Hunter, Jak and Jil, Lookbook and more.


Overall I wouldn’t recommend replacing your computer with an iPad – at least not until the new version with an SD slot comes out! But it’s definitely a handy gadget to have during one of the craziest and fun weeks of the year!

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    Thank you so much for this post! At IFB Con, I only had my iPhone (and was glad I chose not to lug my laptop with me). But I realized how fantastic an iPad would have been.

    I’ve been on the fence about whether to get an iPad or a PC-based tablet, but this post and my own research confirm my decision: when the iPad 2 drops tomorrow, I’m in!


  2. notes from a stylist

    I used mine too but found i couldn’t upload images to my blog – which is kinda crucial for a fashion blog…then found the BlogPress app which sort of helped – still ended up using my MacBook Air in the end…maybe next season I’ll be more confident with the iPad…

  3. kendallerica

    no doubt there are some issues with the current ipad – but the new version will hopefully help us bloggers out – I couldn’t believe the mass amount of people clicking away on their laptops & ipads as the conference went on – as much as I loved the unity – the noise of the clicks were annoying – but the ipad came in handy to prevent such irritation!

    can not wait til the next conference!

  4. Hayles

    I *love* my iPad, and have actually replaced my netbook with it (although I still have a desktop for my main computer) I took it with me on holiday recently, and it was perfect for the long flight and blogging wasn’t too difficult (I have the camera connection kit, so I could get photos, edit them and post them)
    I’d like to see a better blogging app though – the official WordPress one isn’t really good enough.

  5. The Greyest Ghost

    This makes me really want an ipad! I don’t think it will be as useful to me during nyfw, or at least not until the SD slot version is out. But if I could upload photos immediately after a show, that would be amazing!


    What was the world like without the ipad? I mean, seriously? It is by far one of the coolest invention thus far of the century! Thank goodness for technology!

    This statement in your article is what makes fashion week that much more cooler! “What passes for chic on an average day is just plain common during fashion week!” What may not work in the ‘real world’ is totally what works during fashion week! WERK the sidewalk like it’s your own runway 🙂

  7. Ondo Lady

    I really did not need telling, the iPad rocks and as you mentioned the lightweight size makes it perfect to take with you when you are on the go. This post adds even more reason to the fact that I need one in my life.

  8. de la Pen

    Awesome tips! I think these suggestions could be used for both the iPad and a PC based tablet. I wanted the iPad but it’s out of the budget range so I’m looking at the Blackberry Playbook and I believe Motorola has a tablet too. All I know is I will have someone’s tablet before Sept. ’12 fashion week. I can’t take it!

  9. Rebekka

    I love the iPad so much. I feel I have enough reasons to already get one, and now I have another reason to buy it (or more like convince my parents why I “need” the iPad, especially since they are pretty supportive of my blogging.)