But I’m Big in Japan!

by Vyque White of Fasshonaburu


I’ve been fashion blogging for over five years, and lately I’ve been really happy with my growth. I’ve made some outstanding friends in the fashion blogging community, have begun to focus more on original content, have been getting cool invites and free stuff, and was actually seated front row at a show of consequence last season!!


But a few weeks ago I got dropped back to reality. Hard. Perusing Twitter, I saw one of my fellow DC fashion bloggers discussing a three day fashion event kickoff panel. I was miffed I had heard nothing about this fashion extravaganza, but it was located in an upscale shopping mall (yes they exist!) about five minutes from my house, so I decided to drag myself over there the next day. I quickly dashed off a media request to the PR people, but, with just 24 hours to go, I figured they were all running around like crazy, “Kell on Earth” style and wouldn’t get back to me.


Needless to say, when I got there I got a lot of “you are NOT on the list” side eye. I managed to contain my urge to howl, “But don’t you know who I AM??” and politely waited until they needed to fill seats. But since that moment I’ve opened my eyes. Just because I don’t have any invites to fashion events in DC does not mean there are none going on! In fact, now that I’m looking I see there’s something going on constantly. And while there’s no way I could make it up to NYC three nights a week, these are events I could actually attend. More importantly, these are events I SHOULD be attending.


For why? My reasoning is threefold!


  • One. You may think no one cares about a small town fashion show, but how many people are already covering NY Fashion Week? This is your chance to get unique content which, in turn, helps to build readership! And if someone big does happen to show up, well you’ll be right there in the thick of it and maybe have more access than at a star-studded gala.
  • Two. You may feel like you live in fashion exile, but have you asked yourself, “What have I done to help fix that?” lately? By giving some local fashion events more press, you help the industry grow in your area, resulting in more, better events to attend! It’s a win-win.
  • Three. In the age of social media you may think that the location of your fellow industry people does not matter. While this is partially true, it’s still important to network with influential people in your area. How else will you get invites to the local events I’m recommending you attend? And maybe you’ll find yourself a roommate to share hotel costs with when you head to NYC!


Not everyone can live in a fashion capital, but everyone can be queen (or king) of their own personal fashion world!

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  1. Sheryl Blasnik

    I could not agree with you more. You are right. There is so much competition in NYC and in LA that not covering events in those two cities could prove to be a true advantage.

  2. cca.

    This post is so true. I live in dc and have recently discovered lots of fashion related events. Not the same energy as NY but nice nonetheless

  3. de la Pen

    I agree with this post wholeheartedly! Thank you so much for writing this! I live in NYC, but since the NY market is so competitive I’m always looking for the other angle. A lot of bloggers have branded themselves behind NYC and NY street style, but, I decided to take the international/multicultural approach because no one’s really hitting that market. In essence, to stand out as a blogger you have to find unique stories and cover that.

    I went to Uzebekistan back in October and covered Style.uz Art Week which is the Uzbek fashion week, it was an amazing experience and best of all, I had no competition! Again, awesome post!

  4. Debbie Baker Burns

    I love this way of looking at things. Besides blogging, I write a column for my small local newspaper. It’s nice to be locally famous, because it doesn’t change your whole life. I had never thought about encouraging fashion events in my small town. Thanks for giving me ideas!

  5. Nikkia

    This post was so on point As a beauty blogger living in DC. I find it very hard to tap into the DC scene and the NYC scene for that matter. I would love to whisk away to NYC weekly for events, exclusives etc, but I also think that the local information is just as important, needs to be shared and last local. Sadly I just have no way of finding out about what there is out there to offer here in the DMV. It’s as if i need to be apart of a secret beauty/fashion society to find out about industry events /going-ons. How would one find out about local gathers etc.? Thanks for sharing this post.

  6. grechen

    this is perfect! i’m a firm believer in attend what you can, and also make your own events! since moving to austin, i’ve started a local fashion blogger group and in a week my co-organizer and i are throwing a fun/networking/learning conference for fashion/style bloggers.

    better to carve out your own niche – cover what no one else is, and interact locally, i think!

  7. Christy

    My site, Slow Southern Style, is all about local and regional fashion. I’ve made some really nice local connections from it, working with local designers and shops on events in addition to fellow bloggers. Ultimately it really makes me feel good to contribute back to the community in some small way.

  8. Bella Q

    Great advice! I sort of did that, and made arrangement to attend my town’s “Fashion Week.” With my blogger knowledge (many of it thanks to IFB) I know how to post a very timely and easy to find post. So pleasure is mine- when you want to search “Sac Fashion Week,” my articles turn up on top. That means I get quoted in the big city blog about our little city show. -Bella Q
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  9. Ria

    Living in Miami there’s so much going on and blogging isn’t a huge deal here there are other bloggers but not many and we all are very different. I definitely blog in a way that no one else does down here so I’ve been lucky not to experience that “you’re not on the list” experience. Almost though, but I gave them my card and told them what I do and they let me in haha.

  10. Mallory

    Totally agree! I’m all about trying to make local connections and participate in local events of all shapes and sizes as much as possible. Building an online community is great, but in many ways building a local community can be even more fulfilling!

  11. Retro Chick

    That’s what I’ve been trying to do with my local area. I’ve even started a new site, Vintage Norwich, to cover more events.

    Last night I was invited to a private view of a local exhibition on vintage fashion so it’s really worth it!

  12. Sarah G

    You are so right. I’m reading this post at the perfest time. I’m volunteering for a fashion show in my town. I was going to bring my camera and take a few shots, but now I can’t wait to “cover” the entire event.

  13. Kimmiepooh

    This post is sooo true! The community here (from the looks of it) it so small-or there’s a tightknit group I’ve yet to learn about. At any rate, I made the decision to do profiles on local boutiques. Style does live here-we just have to show it!

  14. Vogue & Vintage

    This post is so true! Being a DC native the fashion scene is untapped but once you get into it its not so bad. In comparison its not like NYC, having worked in the industry there a big different but now that i am back in my hometown of DC i find myself looking for any and everything fashion in DC! I even promote events that i do find because coverage and support is always a plus! All my DC fashion lovers please drop me a line we should do a blogger meet!!!