Setting Twitter Goals: Keeping Your Followers Happy & Potentially Gaining More

by Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee of MISS Omni Media


The dust has settled, the speculation has ceased – Twitter is here to stay.  So, now that you've got your blog going and your tweeting away, it's important to stay on top of the relationships you're building on Twitter.  People can unfollow as quickly as they can follow and like any relationship worth having, it takes a little work.  Here are some tips on keeping your followers happy and ways to potentially (fingers crossed!) gain more…



Twitter has lots of tools to interact with other Tweeters – from @replies to DMs, be sure to stay on top of who is getting in touch with you and always get back to everyone that reaches out to you.  On the flip side, you should also @reply when it's relevant and build on the conversation.


Follow Back

When people follow you, they want to keep up with your tweets.  The best way to say thank you is to follow back.  If you don't want to clog up your timeline by following lots of tweeters, then an @reply thanking them for the follow is also good.



If you have your own brand or partner with a brand to get some promo product, running a contest on Twitter is a great way to get followers.  You can have people enter the contest by following you and retweeting a post.



A great way to get a conversation going is to ask a question.  Don't ask anything that can't be answered in less than 140 characters though!


Uploading Pics

People respond to visuals so keep your followers interested with some eye candy.  Upload interesting pics to break up the monotony of text.



Start your own or use hashtags that are trending.  Searching hashtags and tweeting about topics that are trending are good ways to jump in on conversations and interact with other tweeters.


Peak Times

Like all things, there are good times and bad times to reach your audience.  As a general rule, the morning, lunch and end of workday are good times because people who have day jobs tend to check their email/Twitter/etc. at those times.  For something more tailored to your particular audience, there are many tools to help you figure out what the ideal time to reach them is.  One free web app is Tweriod.


Twitter Tools

There are many Twitter tools to help keep you organized from url shorteners (my favorite is, to automatically tweeting new blog posts (Twitterfeed,  Some tools help you manage more than one Twitter account and schedule tweets (Hootsuite), while some Facebook Apps automatically post your tweets on your wall.  Then of course there are the mobile apps so that you can do all of the above from your mobile device!  There are so many Twitter tools to help you make the most of Twitter that I could probably devote a whole post to this topic (mental note…).  Whether you tweet blog posts, or syndicate your tweets to Facebook, these are all different ways of engaging your audience across different platforms.


Always Promote!

Don't forget to include your Twitter handle where you put your contact info like email signatures and business cards.


That should keep you busy for a little while.  Not all of the suggestions above will work for everyone – try stuff out and do what feels comfortable for you. Happy Tweeting!  Oh, and you can follow me at @missgdk, @missomnimedia, @lilmissblog and @mllechanel 🙂



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23 Responses

  1. Ashe Mischief

    “If you don’t want to clog up your timeline by following lots of tweeters, then an @reply thanking them for the follow is also good.”

    You know, I’m super guilty of this–rather, not wanting to clog my timeline, but not interacting in any other way either. But I love it, so thank you!

  2. Ryan

    Re: Clogging up the timeline.

    If you want to be nice and follow everyone back, I highly suggest you consider learning more about Twitter lists.

    This function allows you to create lists that allow you to easily keep track of certain groups of people that you are interested in. For example, you could have lists like Friends, Fashion People, Bloggers, etc.

    If you have a specific question about creating lists feel free to reach out directly, [email protected].


  3. Allie

    I like the @reply option as well. HATE the form-letter DMs thanking for following, this is a nice personal option!

  4. Gabriella


    Ryan, yes, thanks for bringing that up! Lists are a great option for keeping your timeline organized.


  5. Madeleine Gallay

    Some of the classiest, hello Wendy Brandes, bloggers and tweeters do follow people back. In Wendy’s case, she has a special space to include your twitter name so she can follow you right back.

    Following someone is a courtesy, I think. It doesn’t mean you need to interact with each person.

    But sending a blog out and retweeting other blogs that you genuinely care about is a very nice thing to do.

  6. Sandy

    Thanks so much for the post. I just opened a twitter account a few days ago and these are some really useful tips!

    The only problem is that I live in a different time zone from where most of my followers are (12-13 hour difference). In terms of twitter world, that could be disadvantageous. My audience are all sleeping when I’m tweeting.

  7. Leo Widrich

    Very good advice here indeed! Your #1 point of interacting is certainly the most important part.
    As for twitter tools I believe Hootsuite doesn’t do a very good job for scheduling tweets. I use Buffer (it is for it. All you do is put tweets in your Buffer and they are scheduled for you. Super simple, no hassle of time setting.

    Great post – I will be back for sure 🙂
    oh and let me Buffer this!

    • MizzJ

      I’d have to politely disagree, I’ve found Hootsuite to be an excellent tool for scheduling and managing my 2 Twitter accounts.

      Also, re: the follow thanks, I think that’s a nice idea, but not always manageable and you don’t want to fall into the trap of setting up an automated thank-you which is a very very popular #1 Don’t Do! on most people’s lists.

  8. Tymbre Armstead

    Great Advice! i make sure I follow back everyone as soon as I can. However, some bloggers are too .. I guess “important” that they cannot follow back or respond to an @ reply .. but I respond to and interact with everyone who reaches out to me, there’s not many but i do.


  9. Rhoda

    Excellent tips. I haven’t been on Twitter in a while. I will keep these tips in mind. Thanks for sharing

  10. Calvin

    That Tweriod sounds like a great idea! I know at the conference someone mentioned posting around lunch time but this works just as well! Cheers!

  11. Tali

    I follow back every true follower I get and try to get to know people who interact with me.
    But there’re 3 sorts of tweeties I don’t follow back – shops I will never shop at, spammers and those who care only about the numbers – they only follow you so you follow them. The last type usually follows tens of thousands of people.. and there’s no chance to have any true interaction with them.
    I also don’t get those who don’t answer questions but do re-tweet praises of themselves at the same time – I guess they’re too important))

  12. Poppy Gets a Life

    Isn’t Twitter the best?! I remember venturing into it with some hesitation, but it’s been the best way to connect with other like-minded individuals. Great tips – another would be to add your favourite Twitter contacts into lists. It’s flattering for people to see that you’ve included them, and it also helps manage following lots of people.

    Poppy xox

  13. Christy

    I’d also like to throw in follow fridays of #ff. Making lists for #ff is a great way to show appreciation for your followers as well as gain new ones when the people you mention retweet your original message. I like to make lists of favs- from favorite bloggers, boutiques, or just IRL friends it is a great way to let people (or brands!) know you are thinking about them.

  14. Lelia

    Thanks for this post! I originally created my twitter account as a class “networking” assignment a couple of years ago, but never actually got into it until I attended my first IFB conference last fall. Since then I’ve sung its praises, but have used it more recreationally than as a blog building tool. Apparently I need to step up my game and interact more.

  15. Helen

    this is brilliant, thanks for sharing. its really important to utilize social media platforms in the right way, to your advantage.

    Helen, X

  16. Gabriella

    Thanks for the excellent feedback! 🙂

    Sandy – If you are in a different time zone then you may want to try a tool that lets you schedule posts like Hootsuite. That way, you can schedule an @reply or a thank you in your readers’ time zone.

    Leo – I haven’t tried Buffer but I will definitely look into it. Thanks for the tip!

    Christy – #FF is awesome. Thanks for bringing that up!

    Calvin – Yes, lunch is definitely a good time but it different audiences can vary – especially if you have readers in many timezones. I was happy with my Tweriod report and still have more analysis to do!


  17. Debbie Baker Burns

    My twitter account had lain dormant for some time before I started blogging. I use the Facebook app to automatically tweet my posts but I feel like I’m not understanding the importance of twitter so I appreciate these comments and this post. I understand building community within the blogging community but I am a newbie with twitter and Facebook. Thanks for the tips!

  18. Andrew

    Is there a good tool to repost pictures from a Tumblr blog to your Twitter account? The messages come through, but not the photos.