How to Pitch a Guest Blog

by Sasha Wilkins of LibertyLondonGirl


Guest posting is a great way to get your name out there, advertising your blog, as well as building bridges and links within our brilliant blogging community.


Identify a few favourite blogs you’d love to write for, & try to come up with a post pitch that fits with the general themes of each blog. (Don’t forget to do a search to check that they haven’t already posted something similar.)


Your introductory email to the blogger should then include the following:

A very brief introduction saying you would like to guest post, along with a short description of you and your blog (with embedded links), and why you think you would be a great guest poster. Maybe you have some specialist knowledge, passion for a subject, or insider access? Maybe something the blogger you are pitching wrote something that resonated with you, and you’d like to contribute more in the same vein.


Explain next that you have a pitch ready to go on subject X, and ask if you can send it through. I like this approach because all it requires is a simple yes, please or a sorry, not taking external contributors at this time response. That way no one is wasting their time, and you can concentrate on getting your ideas to the best people.


This is a good point to add that some bloggers do not accept pitches for guest posts. The major reason why not is because they do not want to get in a war with someone who has pitched an idea that later appears on the blog as a regular post. It’s happened to me: I had a draft waiting to go pre-guest blogger pitch and the unsolicited emailer then later accused me of stealing her idea. So check your target blog’s FAQs before reaching out.


Then if you get the nod to go ahead, send in your killer elevator pitch for a guest post, along with an estimated word count and the time frame in which you could deliver. Don’t forget to put on your picture editor’s hat and think of how the post could be illustrated. Ideally, by supplying a suitable image yourself.


If the answer at any point is no, please do not be discouraged or take it personally. Maybe the blogger is too busy to edit a guest post, maybe your idea is great but just isn’t quite right, (so pitch it to a similar blog elsewhere) or maybe the blogger wants to write about that subject herself (in which case, well done you for hitting the nail on the head.)


if you do get the go ahead, act like a professional writer. Don’t ever exceed a promised word count or file later than promised. And, if you are supplying images, choose a few of the best. (You can always supply more if asked.)


And finally: be prepared to be edited. Not all bloggers will want to wield the virtual red pen, but many will want to make a few revisions. (Believe me, every pro writer in the world gets edited before publication!)



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18 Responses

  1. SJP

    Some great tips here – I have often thought of how guest posts could benefit my relationships with other bloggers – both writing for other sites or hosting some guest spots myself. Quite a comprehensive guide for pitching though : )

  2. nicolette

    Fantastic tips, Sasha. I always appreciate your real-life/real-experience approach to fashion writing and blogging, (and interning, for that matter… the comments killed me!)

  3. Fajr | Stylish Thought

    Guest blogging really is a great method to get your blog out to new audiences. Love these tips. I would also add have the guest post written before you pitch, in the instance the site says yes, send it today! Also that way you know you can get it done on time.

  4. Christina

    Great tips! I have been wanted to break into guest blogging, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I will definitely use this advice to get started.


  5. Rhoda

    Fantastic post! I would love to pitch a guest blog for anyone but I can’t find anyone wanting to. If you’re out there and want a guest blogger. Am all yours 🙂

  6. Steff Metal

    Excellent tips – I never thought about having problems accepting pitches because of plagiarism accusations. Sometimes, you never think of these things till they actually happen to you!

    Guest posting has definitely, for me, being the best source of new traffic.

  7. Kirsten

    Great tips! I have been thinking about trying to do some guest blogging myself recently so this has provided me with the perfect place to start.


  8. Castle Fashion

    I get all my blogging advice from this website <3

    I actually pitched an idea to a blogger once and just never got a response. I never tried it after that but I guess I shouldn't get too down about it 😛

  9. Liza

    Would love to guest blog for someone but wasn’t sure how. Thanks so much for writing this-great tips! I’m still not sure who to ask though since I’ve never seen guest posts on any of my favorite blogs. Someone is guest posting for me though so I’m excited about that:)

  10. Mattie

    I love this! Pitching a guest post is just like pitching a query to a magazine, especially depending on the caliber of the blog. Whether big or small, Sasha had great points. An introductory email is best – especially if there is no relationship. But best case scenario: get on the radar of the blog you want to guest post for!

  11. Juan Vender Desde Casa

    Great article. It has enlightened me a lot. I have printed this out if you don’t mind. I’ve just started my own blog on worpress and I was researching on different ways to get it started with a bang. This article is perfect for my quest.

    Thanks a lot!