Product Review: Libertine Libertine x Pantherman USB Drive

A syndicated post by Ron Simms Jr. of M.I.S.S. Omni Media


Usually when you buy a USB drive all you get is a boring piece of plastic containing nothing but vast swaths of virtual space.  That’s all well and good…if you’re idea of having a good time is watching paint dry.  But for the rest of us who could use a little more pizzazz in our  lives there’s this collaborative USB drive from headphone brand AIAIAI, fashion brand Libertine Libertine, and Swedish musician Pantherman.  For one thing it’s made out of wood, and if there’s anything I’ve learned from all the rap music I’ve listened to over the years, wood makes everything better.  And because it’s made from genuine wood, no two USB drives are alike.  It’s also got the debut anthem from Pantherman, Ghosts + Colour TV, pre-loaded on the drive.  Who in blue blazes is Pantherman?  Just imagine hazy, electro trip hop from around the mid 90s and you’ll have a good idea.  The 2GB drive can be purchased here at AIAIAI’s online store for around $38.


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