Small Town, Big Blog: 5 Ways to show Local Love


The Internet has made the world the one giant locale. While we all live in distinct cities and countries, we buy from the same international chains, read the same news sites and discuss the same pop culture events. In finding a point of differentiation and trying to make your blog stand out from the crowd, a blogger needs only to start at home.


Be it Miami or Moscow, your place of residence has a lot to offer and a lot to blog about. From local boutiques, deals, artists, festivals and events there is a wealth of material that will make your blog stand out. Covering local events and becoming a “My City blogger” helps you to generate unique content and gives you a boost with the search engines, who are crazy about local content.


1) Reach out to a local fashion icon: Is there someone in your city or town that is known for their style? Reach out to them and interview them. So many blogs cover celebrity style, what about the homegrown style icons? Get them some recognition.


2) Go to your local boutiques: Fashion starts at home and your city or town has small boutiques and designers in need of press. If you shop local, write about the great shops and styles your local stores have to offer. Tamia of the Style Sample covered her hometown of Cincinnati with a local style tour.


3) Take Street Style photos: NY, London, Paris and Milan have covered street style 10 ways from Sunday. Why not show the amazing style of people walking the streets of your neighborhood? It’s refreshing to see “real” people, ie non models/fashion people that are stylish and it’s a great way to meet new people.


4) Become local press: There are tons of events; art openings, fashion shows and parties that are looking for online media coverage. Email the organizer telling them about your blog and how you’d love to write about their event as press. But only do this if you really want to write about it, not as a free ride!


5) Blog for local sites: Your local paper has a blog? Write for them. Having already covered local fashion you can become the go-to blogger for what’s hot in your city.


Adding a local spin to your blog will not only make you stand out but provide a wealth of information and outlet for local businesses. Just because you don’t live in one of the major fashion cities, there is still a wealth of style to write about right in your backyard.


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  1. kimmiepooh

    While I don’t live in a small town (Memphis), our fashion industry is relatively small & weirdly divided. Unless you run in the circle of the people who are throwing said event, you may not find out about it until weeks after the fact. I loved the shopping guide that Tamia created in conjunction with Dress for Success and would love to do something similar. Hopefully our community will come together soon-the tips listed here gave me a few ideas to try out. Thanks!

  2. Camille

    This is just what I’ve been looking for! I’ve just started as an intern in Tokyo. I’m planning to cover some events and exhibitions from Japan Fashion Week. I’m a bit nervous about approaching a fashion icon or local site. I wonder how to go about that since I just started.

  3. Christina

    Awesome advice! It’s funny how those of us who don’t live in NY, London and Milan look to their fashion trends, street style, etc. While I think it is important to cover these areas, we should bring recognition to our hometowns as well. I have been involved in a few local fashion events, but not nearly as much as I’d like. Great post!

  4. Christy

    This is EXACTLY what I do with my blog Slow Southern Style. I cover New Orleans events and fashion designers from all over the South. I’ve attended quite a few events as a member of the press and have started to pick up local and nonlocal freelance writing gigs as a result. It is definitely advantageous to make connections in your city, no matter how big or small.

  5. Sofie

    I love this post! I live in the 4th biggest city in sweden and it’s a really underestimated city even though there’s always fun things to do.

  6. skylove

    so very cool!
    Committee can find interesting things to my blog now/

  7. Lara

    Great post!
    I live in Brazil, in a town that is everything but small (like 2 million habitants), but it has a lot of growing potential in terms of fashion. My father always says to me that everything is right here, and your words gave me a route to follow. Thanks!!

  8. Robin

    Getting married soon and with your advice I an going to do somemore searching for a wedding dress. Thanks

  9. Teri

    This is exactly my intent with my blog. Since I’ve started following other blogs, I’ve been wondering why others aren’t taking advantage of what their city has to offer in terms of content. Standing in your yard and taking photos of yourself could be made more interesting if you were in front of a great city landmark, or at your local favorite coffee place, so then you could talk about your area along w/showing your outfit. It’s more interesting and adds a unique perspective.

    • Ria

      DEAD ON TERI! I look at other blogs and I’m like sure your outfit is great but what are you doing, did you go out in it or did you just put it on for the purpose of taking these photos in your backyard. I think it’s kind of dull. Going out provides something to do/talk about.

  10. Ria

    I do this is Miami. This is always the same advice I give to other people asking how I run my blog etc. It’s so much fun doing things locally and learning about new designers and boutiques.

  11. Bella Q

    Well YOU know I love this post- I do all of the above and then some. And it has been a great part of what makes blogging rewarding for me. I hope other bloggers follow suit.

  12. Debbie Baker Burns

    I love living in a small town and I appreciated this post about bringing together your town and your blog. I could see blogging about some of the great locally owned thrift stores in my area. Thanks for the ideas!

  13. Rosanna

    Manila wouldn’t be the first city in mind when you think of fashionable places, I love how our local blogs are able to change that!!! 🙂

  14. Lou Jones

    Totally agree with point no.3 – I couldn’t find a street style blog for my city, so made my own! At the end of the day, fashion doesn’t start and then stop in the likes of London, New York, Paris etc! Bring your own town to the fashion map & write about it with pride 🙂